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Hana Yori Dango Korean Version

When news started spreading on this drama having a Korean version, I was so excited.  I love this drama.  This got me started on watching Asian Dramas and Meteor Garden (as titled in the Taiwan version) remains to be one of the best Taiwanese dramas for me.  Who can ever forget the fame that it brought to F4, conquering Asia by storm. 

I also had the chance to watch the equally good Japan version which is just a little less than the beautiful faces of F4 boys in Taiwan.   I love the Japanese version for the pacing that they employed in the development of the story.  There was never a dragging scene for both seasons 1 and 2 contrary to Meteor Garden  which became too slow on season 2.  I also noticed how the Japan version seem to be more elegant, extravagant and near ‘rich-like’ in their production design.

For some reasons I have high regards on the way Korean make their dramas so my expectations are likewise high on their version of Hana Yori Dango.  As news on the Korean  drama version of this famous manga heats up, the casting has been finalized.  Honestly I was a bit disappointed with it but nevertheless Hana Yori Dango is one hell of a story for a drama.   

  • Doumyouji Tsukasa – lead F4 member, the character that I love most of the four will be played by Lee Min Ho (K) originally played by Jerry Yan named as Dao Ming Sz (T) in Taiwan and Jun Matsumoto (J) from Japan version
  • Hanazawa Rui – the gentle character played by Shun Oguri (J) and Vic Zhou (T) went to Kim Hyun Joong of the boyband group SS501.
  • Nishikado Soujiro – this tea ceremony master cum playboy character is played by Shota Matsuda  (J) and as Ximen in the Taiwan version by Ken Chu (T).  Kim Bum will play this role in the Korean version
  • Mimasaka Akira – another gentle playboy character is played by Tsuyoshi Abe (J) and American-bred Vaness Wu (T).  Mei Zuo in Meteor Garden will be played by Kim Joon in Korea.
Comparison of My Cast versus the Original Korean Production Cast

Comparison of My Cast versus the Original Korean Production Cast

So why am I disappointed with the casting?  I was expecting for each Korean actor to surpass their Taiwan and Japan counterparts in terms of the looks and acting.  Well anybody who would play the role in this drama will surely become big… if there are criteria for selection of the character the looks will probably be more important than the acting.  Not that I am expecting for poor quality actors but the roles are simply easy and not complicated to portray, i just feel it does not really require too much effort.   So i think the looks will play a major part in portraying the character along with some acting skills.  
I have nothing against Min Ho really… i think his acting skills cannot be undermined as a soon to rise star it’s just that i think Top (탑) of Big Bang suits the role more having that bad boy look and image but at the same time could carry on a stylish look.   He  also played his role in I am Sam well so in terms of the acting skills he is not that bad.   Hyun Joong seems the only cast that I have no question of but this will surely post a lot of challenges to his acting skills as the Rui role has been played well by Shun (bravo!) and Vic
The two other chosen actors for the Akira and Soujiro seem to be okay except that given the chance to hand pick, i am choosing Ki Bum of Super Junior to play Suijiro and Seungri of Big Bang as Akira.    I think having them in the cast would draw more power to the casting of this exciting drama. 
The Korean Cinderella for Hana Yori Dango - Goo Hye Sun

The Korean Cinderella for Hana Yori Dango - Goo Hye Sun

Although I must admit that I like Mao Inoue as Makino more than the role played as Shanchai by Barbie Hsu in the Taiwan version, i think choosing Goo Hye Sun is a good idea.  She became famous with her role in the hit drama Pure Heart. 
Despite falling short on my expectations towards the cast…knowing its going to be Koreanized,  I am still looking forward to this drama.  I just hope these actors will turn out bright during their performance so the whole sweet success from its Taiwan and Japan counterpart can be equalled if not surpassed.  At the end of the day its still Hana Yori Dango plot.

Big Bang is on Top (Again!) and Wears Marc Jacobs

It’s been 3 weeks since Big Bang released their 3rd mini album entitled Stand-up  The boys shed off their cute pop image in their MVs in exchange with a more mature one and edgy style.  Honestly, I didn’t feel like listening to the songs over and over compared to their previous song but when I saw them perform in their comeback… i just have to give credits to these guys who worked hard to give their fans a something fresh.

하루 하루 (Haru Haru or Day by Day) is their carrier single. The beat is not something new and their style of singing is very Big Bang but what got my attention is the live performance of Stand-up.  I love the beat and tempo, very catchy for an intro song.  I am glad they have this as opening piece when they performed.  After watching their live performances, I begin to get used to 하루 하루  it wasn’t bad but it’s not really far from their previous songs.  I heard they are number 1 now for 2 consecutive weeks from the time they launched their album.  빅뱅 축하해요!

Big Bang in Marc Jacobs (from left Top, Taeyang and GD)

Big Bang in Marc Jacobs (from left Top, Taeyang and GD)

With their more of a ‘rock image’ I am still surprised how they can always pull neat looks and style, just like when they participated in Marc Jacobs new collection show.  Three of the ‘Big’ guys from Big Bang came in style.  Taeyang definitely looks cool with that outfit.

Sandara Park is Back + Gummy’s New Album

I was reading popseoul’s recent posts and found out that Gummy has made a comeback with her new album.  Surprisingly the first song released features Sandara Park (former Star Circle Quest winner of ABS CBN) partnered with TOP one of Big Bang (빅뱅 ) members.   The song was entitled Mianhaeyo – 미안해요 (I’m Sorry).  Sandara is back in the limelight but not in the Philippine Entertainment arena, she is back in her home town but I am glad she looks prettier there. 

I quickly searched on the MV via You Tube.  It was a good comeback song for Gummy.  It was a little upbeat R&B with of course Top doing some rap.  I was curious to see the video because for a long time I have not seen Sandara Park, I have read about her training in YG but this is the first time I am seeing her work with some of the known artist in South Korea.  I saw the video and it only features Top and Sandara, something about parting.  Top looks like some kinda bad boy with a rough image in the MV.  He seem to be chasing her loved one who is Sandara (who is actually saying Mianhae -미안해 to Top for leaving him).  Top’s apprearance is striking — his eyes are way too expressive.  Sandara on the other hand looked like soft and lady like.  I like her in the video.  I was reading the You Tube comment thread and it seems fans have mixed emotions, in fact the comments are more concentrated on Top and Sandara rather than Gummy.  Some Big Bag fans are sad of Top having to kiss Sandara in the MV but I find chemistry in their pairing.


*photo credit to popseoul

See the full MV here:

I was expecting Gummy would comeback with some soul-type R&B but her debut song was not bad at all. I got to appreaciate it more when I watched her in YDH Love Letter than listening to the music from her MV.  Watching the MV will make you focus on Top and Sandara.   I like Gummy’s voice its so crystal clear.  ‘I’m sorry’ was a pretty easy song for her, its something you can listen just to groove and not really dance.  Top did a great rap, I think somehow he look a little more mature now.  Check out their performance.  I couldn’t help but notice how hot Top has become and Gummy makes me imagine her performance with Wheesung way back:-P