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3rd World Symptoms

Gasoline price has been going up every every week.  Today I heard it’s going to be up again at around Php 58.00 to 59.00 per liter.  Hardly imagineable as it may seem… according to some, oil companies will be raising fuel prices every week to hit a high of Php 80.00.  What does this translate to?  This is shorter blanket for Juan who already had a short blanket–not even enough to cover his arms.

Cost of living is getting higher each day in the Philippines.  The minimum wage earner is probably having a hard time keeping both ends meet.  I have a little dream, i say it’s little because I might not be able to enjoy it at the prime of my life.  I always dream that my home country will be as progressive as our other neighboring Asian countries. A status when people will no longer complain of poor service but push for further enhancement of services may it be government or private.  As it is right now the symptoms of being a 3rd world is everywhere around the corners of my Philippines…

Last Sunday, while doing our usual market activities the small path way to the vegetable section of the market seemed to be extra crowded.  People seem not to move at all standing along the way.  Market are usually crowded during Sundays but today it’s extra crowded in this area.  Apparently the queue is to purchase National Food Authority’s Rice (aka NFA Rice).   The price of rice drastically increased for the past month, it being staple in every Filipino home, those who are having a hard time budgetting their money find themselves waiting to get the Php18.25 per kilo rice. 

Not so far away from the NFA rice queue there is even a longer one near Mercury Drugstore.  Eavesdropping to those who are on standby, the queue is for exchanging some product wrappers for a GO BINGO card, a game show aired in GMA-7.   Filipinos are now relying on their luck from Lotto to Wowowee to Go Bingo.

In the midst of this crisis that we are facing, the government came up with a bright idea of giving away Php500 pesos to indigent families to help them in paying their electric bills. Very sustainable isn’t it?

Worst than relying on pure luck are people who have opted to use more drastic and evil ways to gain money instantly, that is through kidnapping or robbery.  The series of bank incidents (unfortunately involving killings) and the recent Ces Drilon and staff kidnap for ransom proves the existence of such greed.

Now its getting hard for me to think If my little deeds will be able to make a difference for this country.  We have tried to make drastic changes and we end up swimming in the fruits of corruption of this government.  And if now is the time to make a difference by doing the right ways on even little things we do…could we still see the fruits of such efforts? 

2008 is really far from 1978 or even from what used to be in 1988 but have we really progressed that far?  Have we benchmarked ourselves from the outside.  All the signs of a Third World still linger in this poor nation of ours.  People are migrating, people kill, people resort to cheapskate activities to have money, people die in vain… either because they feel miserable or they are already miserable living in this country.

Maybe we are waiting for some miracles to happen… i don’t know if we could ever start to aim high, of at least erasing these third world symptoms.  We are not the poorest but I hope we don’t intend to be happy running our country just this way.  How can we start a change revolution in being good if not best in everything we do?  Should we really do it in our own little way?  What can we offer to make a difference for our Philippines?  I am tired but I don’t want to lose hope that I may NOT have to die in a Third World nation.

Every Filipinos just got to learn how to truly LOVE our Philippines.  Love Philippines with all honesty.