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No Packed Food – Day 4

Today I did not packed food.  Its my no car day so I had to rush early in the morning.  It is a little hard to buy food specially if that there are seldom who uses olive or canola oil here when cooking food. 

Breakfast – I had ham and cheese omellet from Country Style, I did not ate the bread.  I had brewed coffe as usual.  Few hours from breakfast, I had 3 packs of sugo peanuts (21 grams)

Lunch – I bought 2 sticks of barbeque from our canteen, I did not ate the fatty portion of the pork, i bought along with it beans sprout which was sauteed but I just had 2 spoons.  It was terrible.  I can cook bean sprout better than the canteen huh! Good thing I bought Pepsi Max (no sugar).  This afternoon I had 3 packs again of sugo peanuts

Dinner – I had some bean sprout stir fried in olive oil and a little sesame oil and a chicken breast fillet patty. I also had a handful of unshelled roasted peanuts and a cup of Pepsi max. 

Temptations in Day 3

I forgot to update for yesterday which is Day 3.  My meals are already packed which I prepared the night before.  Day 3 was full of temptation we had a lunch meeting and there was a lunch sponsor but what was served were Yello Cab Pizza.  I was like so sad… I won’t be able to eat lunch but I am hungry and we will be sitting together for the next 3 hours.  What made it more worst is the Coke it not even lite 😦 So i just scooped for ice and waited it to melt.

Breakfast – I had the usual egg omellet and 4 pcs hotdog balls.  I had brewed coffee with Equal of course.  I had 2 packs of Sugo Peanuts as am snacks.

Lunch – I had no choice but to eat half slice of the pizza (sin! sin! sin!)  so for that i just had caesar salad later in the afternoon and iced tea lite.

Dinner – I finally ate my packed lunch which is string beans adobo.  I also munched some dry roasted peanuts.

Battling the Urge for Carbs – Day 2

It’s my Day 2 for Phase 1 of my ongoing South Beach diet.  I nearly changed my mind specially after smelling freshly baked pandesal from pan de manila.  It’s useless to withraw now — I successfully did it yesterday so I will be able to do it again today.

Breakfast – I am late today to while driving I ate a pack of peanuts (less greased one) about 7 grams.  Then I had omellet with nearly 2 tablespoon of corned beef.  As usual I cooked it using olive oil.  I finished eating this by nearly 11pm while doing my work at the office.  My morning will not be complete without brewed coffee with artificial sweetners.

Lunch – We had a meeting and there was a lunch sponsor good thing salad is available in the restaurant of their choice.  I had Caesar salad from Wendy’s but i did not eat the crutons.  I also had my stir fried veggie in olive oil (sayote) and for my drinks I had Iced tea lite from Wendy’s too.

After the long meeting I had 3 packs of my roasted peanuts and Low Fat milk from Magnolia ( I never thought it’s delicious — I am really not a milk drinker)

Dinner – I am just on my way home i’ll update this later.