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Taeyang vs. Seungri

Taeyang and Seungri are the two Big Bang members that I get to write on this blog.  First it was Taeyang who made me like Big Bang after watching that YG Christmas performance 2 years ago in SBS.  Seungri on the other hand amazed me with his piano cum song number in their Great Live Concert. 

Although I am biased with liking Taeyang more than Seungri… I will always love them as the ever charming and talented member of Big Bang.   I always enjoy their performances and a week ago I got to watch this MBC dance battle of these two fascinating members of the band.  (Thanks to Babybongaholic for the video)

It was Mastercard… priceless in short.  Getting to see these two hot dancers was just too much to handle.   They wore each others signature style in their solo album promotion, Seungri wearing suit which he has always did when performing Strong Baby and Taeyang in his R&B look that he also sported in the MV of 나만 바라봐 (the hat never leaves his head hehehe).

Honestly I don’t know both songs I can’t be biased by saying who did pick a  better song.   Overall I think Taeyang owns the stage than Seungri that day.  While the station I guess became a bit prudent in showing a 50/50 scoring, I think it’s really Taeyang who danced better.  I love the dorky Seungri and he got some grooves on his body but Taeyang just moves smoothly without that extra ‘clumsiness’.   He moves with precision and grace.  I don’t know if it’s just me but I think there is something awkward with Seungri when he dance… well it’s not off but it has something to do with that precision in movement (timing).  But it’s good that he is slowly showing the man in him by being a bit mature in his performances. 

To me, Seungri’s performance was like showing he is no longer a boy 🙂 just like his Strong Baby performances.  Taeyang on the other hand just leaves that consistency…too hot for everyone.  I saw those controversial dance moves once more when he performed My Girl in his 1st Solo Concert.  Aigoo… Yoona at 2:30 was amazed to see Taeyang in that thrust down dance move.

It was great of MBC to do something like this.  I know this is a speacial show in celebration of the Lunar New Year.  I just love face off performances…artists always give their best in such production number.  Congratulations to Taeyang and Seungri it was a number worth watching.  박스! 박스! Hmm I wish to see someone face off with Top on rapping…guy is the best on his league (including the looks).

Big Bang Great Live Concert…Seungri

After listening to the Big Bang (빅뱅) Great Live Concert CD vol. 2 the other day, yesterday the songs landed on my iTunes and of course on my iPod.  I have played it over and over in the car driving my way back and forth the office, while working and even during coffee break.   I am just too overwhelmed with Big Bang’s performance in this recorded concert.  I suddenly felt I should have bought the DVD as well so naturally… the next thing I did is to search over you tube their performances.

I am really so impressed with these boys.  Everybody is so talented and distinct but the bottomline is their collaboration is so great.  I mentioned in my previous entry and I will say it again…they are one of the best sounding boy band who can actually sing and perform well LIVE.  I don’t want to even think they are just a boy band may be i’ll stop calling them one.

For today I am so LSS-ed (last song syndrome) with 다음날 (Daum Nal) or ‘The Next Day’ as translated in English could be The Day After also well I don’t know which one is being used as the official English title). For the longest time I only have Fool’s Only Tears as my most played Big Bang song but I guess this will soon be next.  This youngest member of Big Bang will surely go a long way.  In one special episode of Arirang where their group was featured.  I remember they were asked which is the most memorable song of Big Bang. Seungri was first to answer and he said its Daum Nal then everybody teased him. One of the member said it’s because its his solo.  Now I think I have to agree on that.  First and foremost the beat and rhythm of the song captured my heart.  I am just so into R&B and I guess this song is very R&B. 

Daesung performed the drum intro for the song.  Seungri played the piano while singing and that really impressed me a lot.  I know playing the piano may not be an extra ordinary skill but for someone who sings like Seungri there is no other word to describe it… simply TALENT. 

I was listening to every line of the song and try to feel each word.  I am not familiar with most of the words and may probably need to read the actual script/lyrics to understand but one thing is definite –Seungri made me feel what the song is all about with his good rendition of the song…or i should say excellent rendition of the song.  Seungri’s voice may not be the best but it is certainly more than just good. I never heard him cracked in fact he did curl his voice perfectly where needed.  I bet Wheesung did a good job on training Big Bang.

So after extremely liking the song then I started looking at this boy.  The first time I saw Big Bang, i told my self they look sloppy and will not compete with the other boy bands around but witnessing their performance and looking (at least for now) at Seungri, more than appreaciating his facial features, he is earning my respect as an artist.  Seungri is a certified artist –real talent.

No wonder the girls are going goo-goo with him just see how he looks at the audience as he teasingly smiled at them.  I guess I have said so much about Seungri just see him perform…check the You Tube link below or play it here:

Seungri Sings 다음날 (Daum Nal)