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East Knocked Down West

East did meet West yesterday over one of the biggest boxing fight of the year.  Our very own Manny Pacquiao hailed as the ‘best pound for pound’ boxer at this period of time made another mark in the history for climbing up the boxing weight level and reaping the titles.   Yesterday, Pacquio made me and the whole Filipino nation proud of their blood and race.


Prior to this fight there were a lot of analysis that Hatton will be the Hitman who will stop Pacquiao from his glorious boxing career.  The Englishmen were all trash talking Pacquiao underestimating him.  There are even harsh comments on how third world the Philippines is but look at what happened to Hatton… Pacquiao knocked him down at round 2.  Yes, at round 2 the best English figther laid flat on his back on the ring after a left crossover punch from Pacquiao.   It was a great move from Pacquiao faking Hatton with a right jab only to hit him hard with his left.

The crowd in MGM was I guess 70% cheering for Hatton and they were all silenced by how Manny knocked their bet down.   Shame on all the Brits who had to trash talk Manny and even the Filipinos and it’s culture in general.  So what if your skin is as white as snow and if your English is the best in this world… matter of fact, it did nothing on the fight.   I hope their arrogance humble them, don’t look down on other race.    Color or Language is not a determining factor of who is superior than the others. 

Congratulations Manny Pacquiao — YOU MADE ME FEEL VERY PROUD!

Pacquio Makes Filipinos Proud… Again

Manny Pacquiao brings home the bacon after gloriously winning in the ‘Dream Fight’ with the Mexican Legend Oscar Dela Hoya.  He just made December feel so right and victorious winning all the rounds in their 8-round fight.   On the 9th round the Golden Boy No More just raised the white flag and conceeded.

Pacquio dims light of Golden Boy's boxing career

Pacquiao dims light of Golden Boy's boxing career

Congratulations Manny you truly made us proud being a Filipino.  You deserve to be called the best pound for pound boxer.