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It was a turbulent the way November started for me.  Aside from the  storms that hit the Philippines… I just became a victim of estafa.  One of our suppliers, AP Clemente Printing did not deliver the goods we ordered from them.  So this leads to messing up 25th Sacerdotal of a Priest in my current town.  I just wish this greedy person get struck by a lighting.

So now we need to refund the order of our own client which is the biggest realization of all the losses that is happening.  The take up of sales last October was really bad.  I can’t help but feel depressed to think that this month is supposedly my little daughter’s 7th birthday and likewise my better half’s birthday too.

My personal finances is now messed up as well…i hope i can go through all of these with little of the hurt.

It’s Been a While

I was pretty busy the past weeks in the office and in forming my new baby.  I almost forgot this blog existed.  Of the 3 blogs I have I only got to update Wheesung stuff…


As I mentioned consuming my time other than my work is this new baby of mine called ‘my vanilla print’.  Yup, I finally fulfilled my dream of owning a business that I am passionate about.   It’s mainly printing and personalized items.   A Chinese friend told me its best to open the business on March 25 or April 15 based on Chinese Calendar.  I really wish this business flies 🙂

I am a little sad because I got small time to read on my Korean book.  I slowed down in my daily update of Hangul a Day.  Just too many stuff to look into even on weekends.  I feel so guilty deserting it for nearlly 2 weeks already 😦

My brain is processing too much and the physical state can no longer support the action needed so I ended up tiring my eyes (good excuse) by watching Boys Over Flowers (Korean Hanayori Dango) in the internet every weekend from midnight to early morning.   Four more episodes to go and I can make a write up on this drama and ultimately make a comparison along with the 2 predecessors.

Oh God give me more strength and power to endure things and be able to be more productive and still be a good 암마 at home.