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Taeyang Ended 2008 with Hotness

Last night Korea’s MBC aired their 2008 Gayo Daejeon.  No less than Taeyang was one of the performers and I must say one of the best performers.  What a way to wrap up 2008 singing his 3 hits songs 기도 (Kido – Prayer), My Girl and 나만 바라봐 (Naman Parabwa – Look Only at Me)

Taeyang showcased his great dancing skills.  I always think he is the best dancer in Big bang even with the best of his contemporaries.  Movement is so smooth and detailed.   Although the sounds during the MBC Gayo Daejeon seems to be a little weird, Taeyang pulled it through.  It is difficult to sing while executing complex moves.

Prior to this, he also did well in the Piano Battle with DBSK’s Junsu.   The thread over who won the battle is one of the longest.  Well I am just one of those who thinks Taeyang did win the battle may it be just the Piano battle or overall.   I have always liked Taeyang but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate if there are better performer than him. 

So why do i think he won?

  1. Taeyang played his piece well and sang  Don’t Wanna Try well
  2. Junsu vocals was good, singing You’re My Everything of 98 Degrees almost perfect except for the poor pronunciation of words.  Taeyang wasn’t perfect too in his pronunciation but he was understandable compared to Junsu
  3. Junsu concentrated on the singing, the piano was borderline good going bad.  It was almost staccato.

So if it was purely a piano battle Taeyang wins. Overall i also think Taeyang wins because he made a good rendition of the song while playing the Piano.  A lot of people say Junsu’s voice  better that Taeyang, this is true in terms of hitting the high notes of the song but if it was a competition on singing Junsu will surely be rated low due to his bad pronunciation.  Clearly Junsu’s choice of song is better for a singing competition.  The songs were of different genre so its really hard to compare.

Nevertheless 2008 is Taeyang’s year.  He made a mark and carved his name as a solo performer.  I am actually looking forward his 2nd album this 2009.  태양 파이팅!