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만화 Manwha…Manhwa

I think I created another addiction and that is when I purchased my first manhwa.  I got 2 volumes of Cynical Orange it just took me 2 hours to read the two books.  I don’t know if I had to be sorry with my one thousand pesos.  I don’t know if I can be serious collecting manhwa and manga books.  It’s too expensive but I guess one should just think of it as buying a work of art.

Now I am itching to buy volume 3 and it will take less than an hour to finish that.  Definitely that will be my next target and to look for another one to read. Whew!

Part 2 Addiction – Wheesung (휘성)+Manhwa (만화)

I know how volumes 3 to 5 of Wheesung’s album. I am getting addicted to his songs.  There are so many songs to like in his album.  ‘Like this Poem’ and 사랑 한 장 (Sarang Han Jang) are two of my favorites. The beat music is something that I prefer listening while driving. 

He also sound so R&B not to mention sexy and soulful.  Especially if you listen to Love Hero, 일연이면, With Me and 7 Days, his rapping is also good.  He can also throw some really smooth falsetto.  커다란 너무 커다란 (Kodaran Neomoo Kodaran) and Can’t We Be sound melancholic but smootly sung by Wheesung.

I don’t know how long the CD that I burned will last.  I have been playing it constantly while driving back and forth the office.  I love Wheesung!

Yesterday I made a major decision (on a very personal note) to do something that I sense will make me spend more moving forward. I bought my very first Manhwa (만화).  It Korean version for manga. The book is titled Cynical Orange written by Yun JiUn.  I bought volume 1 and 2.  I just read a brief background of the story and it seems a nice pick. I’ll post my review about it…

I am so full of extra curricular activities… I’ll never be bored in this life hahaha.