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Korean VISA

I am finally set to go to Seoul in South Korea.  My Tourist VISA has been released today.  I got it from our travel agency including the tickets  and hotel vouchers.  I am too excited on this vacation.  I couldn’t get enough of Korea 😀  I better start packing things and do a checklist.  I don’t want to miss something important of course the camera is on top of the list, my iPod, the printed hotel’s address written in Hangul, lonely planet Korea book, oh too many to mention.  I might end up forgetting the basics hahahaha like toiletries or worst underwears…

I have to check if still need to rent for a handset because there is 3G roaming in South Korea maybe my nokia E61i will work there.  Too bad 진명 친구 has not replied on my mail yet.  I have a feeling I won’t be meeting this email buddy. Nevertheless we will enjoy this trip. 

소을에 봐요!