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Boys Over Flowers Korea

Boys over Flowers of Korea is making waves nowadays.  The Korean version of Hana Yori Dango toppled out East of Eden. Episodes are all over the internet but I am keeping my self from looking at an episode because it know it will just make me want to do a marathon-watch of this  drama.

One of the more agreesive seen in the drama

One of the more agreesive scenes in the drama

While I have a different set of cast in mind, I know this drama will pull through because it has been proven to be a block buster plot from Taiwan days to Japan version.   What will make this version stand out from the two others?  From the picture above I guess this version got the most daring kissing scene.  Taiwan got a conservative kissing scene while Japan’s was just okay.  But this one looks like Lee Minho is gobbling up Goo Hyesun.

For now what is so true for me is that Jerry Yan (Dao Ming Sz) is still the number 1 Domyuji in my heart hahahaha.   It could be tough had it been Top in Korean but I think it is somehow cute to see Minho smile.  It doesn’t look as precious as Jerry’s smile though.

I can’t wait to see the full drama.

Korea, Big Bang (빅뱅) and GD

April is 3 months away from now but I am excited each day looking forward to that trip to Korea.  My collegue-friend whom I will be going with are exchanging questions  on this planned trip.  What should I bring?  What will be our tour plan?  What should I wear.  I am just too excited about this….I am also looking forward January 31.  진명 promised to write me when he arrives in Korea. I just hope he keeps his promise. I am itching to exchange mail with him.  Moreso to tell him I am visiting Korea on April.  I earnestly hope he tours us around.

Big Bang Korea

SeungRi, GD (GDragon or JiYong), TOP, TaeYang and Daesung

Lately, i have Big Bang’s ‘Fools Only Tears’ starting up my day listening to this R&B song on my way to the office while driving.  It heats up everything before the long list of Wheesung starts to play.  I just love this song from this bunch of young guys.  They are like 5 young men blending well with each other.  I first heard of this song while watching the YG Family performs in the SBS Gayo.  Big Bang was first to sing…then I didn’t know it was Tae Yang who opened it up with his dance step and cool voice.  Then from behind comes Daesung blending with Taeyang well.  The rest of Big Bang comes in.  Since then, this song became one of my favorites.  I hate to think this is a bubblegum song for the teen–i love it.

I have watched GD over Ya Shim Man Man episode 235 (via You Tube) where Wheesung is also a guest.  GD is the lead person of the group Big Bang.  The guy is so funny and cute telling stories about his child acting stint, first girlfriend who is older than him, first kiss (happens to be the same girl) and being on a love triangle with a friend.  All the guest seem to have enjoyed listening to GD.  Wheesung even mentioned he is curious to know who his last girlfriend was.  GD mentioned they just broke up 2 years ago so that was 2005 when Wheesung is still under YG.  They were thinking the girl is also training from YG since they were on hostel during that time.  It was so funny… GD trying to say no (안이오..aniyo).    I wish I could find a complete set of this episode with English sub. ㅋㅋㅋ

Korea See You Soon

Incidentally, I received JinMyung’s email as I was planning to go to Korea this April.  It started with a plan to visit Jeju through a travel package which do not require VISA.  After careful thinking,  i decided that it would be better to experience Korea by being in the mainland.

A friend in the office agreed with on this adventure,  it gets pretty more exciting seeing email from JinMyung.  Though I have not officially informed him of my plans to go to Korea this April, I kept his promise in my heart ㅋㅋㅋ.  He told me he’ll be my tour guide when I visit Korea.  It’s never gonna be better without a native friend to look forward to.  In my mind I am already strolling along the streets of Korea.  I am too excited to check this country with my own eyes.  Moreso, meet a friend whose been helping me learn the Hangul.

I was thinking will I be able to communicate in Korean?  I don’t think I have the confidence probably throw some phrases or lines but definitiely English will be my tongue for survival.   I don’t know either if 친구 would be able to confidently speak in English but I think he will be forced… I promise not to laugh at any wrong grammar and I will probably speak slowly. 

I have been day dreaming about this travel.  I am just too happy that 남편 gave his blessings on this trip. It’s probably his gift to me the whole year round.  I really don’t mind receiving gifts on Christmas and anniversary… this is enough probably even more than what I am expecting.

I am finally seeing Korea!