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Lozada and Valentines

Time flies so fast its mid February already, just as everyone is busy preparing for their Valentines date a lot of things are happening on the side specially in this government.  Our dear country is once again drowning in political controversies.  Few weeks ago, Jun Lozada, one of the supposed witness to the ZTE deal became the MOST NEWS WORTHY ITEM.

Mr. Lozano apparently has been taken by pseudo security officers to ‘protect him’.  However,  this uncalled for security caused him much fear that he decided to reveal what he knows in the ZTE broadband scandal.  Again, this government is once again an international item for graft and corruption.  It seems that Mr. Lozada has been very consistent in his statements and I am inclined to believe this man specially that this present government has been tarnished with so much graft and corruption anomalies.

Ironically, when its supposedly the month of love there is so much hate in the hearts of people who are so disgusted with how bad this government has turned out to be.  Every project involves ‘bad money’.  Maybe February 2008 should be a month to commemorate the love for money of these government officials.  

So what’s new this Valentines, nothing to be exact.  I never celebrated Valentines day really. Its not that I am the un-romantic type but I simply believe that the most romantic day can be any day of the year.  I would rather spend a lifetime of little fun and love each day than just have a one big romantic day.