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Sandara Park is Back + Gummy’s New Album

I was reading popseoul’s recent posts and found out that Gummy has made a comeback with her new album.  Surprisingly the first song released features Sandara Park (former Star Circle Quest winner of ABS CBN) partnered with TOP one of Big Bang (빅뱅 ) members.   The song was entitled Mianhaeyo – 미안해요 (I’m Sorry).  Sandara is back in the limelight but not in the Philippine Entertainment arena, she is back in her home town but I am glad she looks prettier there. 

I quickly searched on the MV via You Tube.  It was a good comeback song for Gummy.  It was a little upbeat R&B with of course Top doing some rap.  I was curious to see the video because for a long time I have not seen Sandara Park, I have read about her training in YG but this is the first time I am seeing her work with some of the known artist in South Korea.  I saw the video and it only features Top and Sandara, something about parting.  Top looks like some kinda bad boy with a rough image in the MV.  He seem to be chasing her loved one who is Sandara (who is actually saying Mianhae -미안해 to Top for leaving him).  Top’s apprearance is striking — his eyes are way too expressive.  Sandara on the other hand looked like soft and lady like.  I like her in the video.  I was reading the You Tube comment thread and it seems fans have mixed emotions, in fact the comments are more concentrated on Top and Sandara rather than Gummy.  Some Big Bag fans are sad of Top having to kiss Sandara in the MV but I find chemistry in their pairing.


*photo credit to popseoul

See the full MV here:

I was expecting Gummy would comeback with some soul-type R&B but her debut song was not bad at all. I got to appreaciate it more when I watched her in YDH Love Letter than listening to the music from her MV.  Watching the MV will make you focus on Top and Sandara.   I like Gummy’s voice its so crystal clear.  ‘I’m sorry’ was a pretty easy song for her, its something you can listen just to groove and not really dance.  Top did a great rap, I think somehow he look a little more mature now.  Check out their performance.  I couldn’t help but notice how hot Top has become and Gummy makes me imagine her performance with Wheesung way back:-P