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Post Christmas Marathon

This post wraps up all the thing that i wanted to say from Christmas eve to date.   This is the first Christmas that my kids asked for something from Santa Klaus.  They made some cute letter to Santa posted it along with their socks.



They even used an old socks hihihi.  Wanting these wishes to be granted really motivated them to behave nicely.

December 24, a few hours until early hours of Dec 25, connecting to Friendster is so intermittent.   If you get lucky enough to log in you will experience the longest page loading ever or will get that cute little message Friendster is experiencing problems right now try refresshing your page or re-logging in later.  Talking about social networking on a Christmas eve Facebook  just made my net greetings perfect.

Having to watch fancam videos of the recently concluded Soul Concert made my holiday net surfing fulfilling.   There were clips posted in You tube featuring  Wheesung’s performance in the concert but a lot has been that of Park Hyoshin. 

Hyoshin along with Wheesung and Jeongyeop gave 나만 바라봐 (Naman Parabwa – Look Only at Me) a twist.  It was a bit far from Taeyang’s well choreographed performance but the voices of these 3 great singers made it worth listening too.   For those who heard Hyoshin sing this song , which is not really his genre, it was refreshing.  To me it sounded like bit of a soul ballad rather than R&B.  Wheesung made it sound Soul/R&B, he was also the best dancer of the 3 performer.  It just goes natural the way he mimicked Taeyang’s moves.   Jeongyeop’s part was so right for him.  This was the bridge portion when Taeyangs voice is thin and crsytal clear.  Jeongyeop was perfect for it.  Wanting to see it?  See video below from kkrap22 of You Tube:

나만 바라봐 is a song that marked Taeyang as a successful solo artist.  Of course having these 3 guys sing this song is just too much of an honor for Taeyang who is a lot younger in age and career-wise.  I am just not in agreement that the 3 other guys collaboration is better than the one-man performance of Taeyang.  It was good in a different perspective but people should not undermine how good Taeyang was in singing this song.  Overall, the way he danced and sang the song was just perfect for its original genre –R&B that is.  He sounded like Chris Brown to me, a good singer who has distinct voice that characterize him from the rest.  That is how i view Taeyang.

Christmas passed just like that… despite the financial difficulties, Filipinos in the tradition of gift giving during this season continued with such cheer.  At the end of the day its not really how small or big the gift is but its how you managed to remember the person.   One observation that I had is that, there are lesser kids who went house to house to ask for Christmas presents.   I just hope this tradition won’t die the natural death.

Facebook and Friendster

For the longest time I have been maintaining a single web social network account and that is Friendster.  Friendster is so popular in the Philippines aside from getting your friends mobile number next to email is probably friendster account.

I have been actively updating my friendster account and refuses to sign-up for any other social networking website until i tried facebook.  I really wanted to have just one since social networking is all about sharing your self with your friends.  Soon after joining facebook, i realized that I have more friends in this site.  I also find myself enjoying those fun applications, I am in fact a fan of SuperPoke 🙂  But what get me started is the friends you may know portion.  After sending my first friend invite,  this application started suggesting for names of people whom I may know.  That was very convenient.

For once, my loyalty over my friendster account vanished on an instant.  I ate all those words that I would like to stick with friendster period.  I am enjoying facebook not just because you can share stuff with friends but you can virtually be closer to them by sending them not just words but gifts that can be posted on their wall.  You can share coffee with an officemate, send havaianas to your friends or send an LV or Gucci to your BFF.  Great isn’t it?

Since i don’t want to forsake my friendster account which I have been religiously updating before, now i had to maintain 2 social network accounts but honestly i frequent facebook more than friendster these days.  It’s so interactive!