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Trick or Treat

Its Halloween… Trick or Treat time. A lot of kids may have gotten treats today. I had a fair share of what Halloween has instored for everyone.  I had a few tricks received and some treats as well.

The biggest trick I had was to wait for the traffic to subside but in the end it took me nearly two hours to reach the toll gate going North Luzon Express Way.  There were too much cars on the road. 

Good thing I had a treat by watching Fun Fun Radio Show of MBC.  One way to get a treat is to be able to watch Taeyang on that show.  He was together with fellow Big Bang members. The show is different from the radio shows they had.  They were required to act as boyfriends to lucky callers and talk like one.  Taeyang was too nervous about it.  Being single till now its difficult for him to act as namja chingu to a girl fan.  He was cute and funny at the same time.  Watching that show I was laughing so hard with Daesung, Seungri and GD.  Overall, seeing Taeyang in his usual shy self was a treat!

Happy Halloween! Boooooooooo….