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With a Smile — DL Photo

In the next two days my Driver’s License (DL) will be expired, I just realized that it will expire on April 4, 2008.  Here in the Philippines if you drive, your birthdate will serve as your reminder if there is a need to renew license.  Yes! I don’t know if this is only in the Philippines, but indeed regardless of the time you applied for it, you will be issued with a DL with 3 years expiration and the exact date of expiration will be on your birthday and not the date when your license is granted.   At first I thought it was a ridiculous idea but later on it served its purpose whenever my birthday is nearing, I normally check on my license if its expiring this year. 

Five years ago, renewing your DL is such a nightmare.  Just imagine going to LTO nearest your location and finding your self queuing at least 3 times at the minumum every step of the way.  Now, its a lot easier when you are renewing within Metro Manila and some key areas because they have satellite offices that processes renewal of DL and Students Permit 1000% faster than what it used to be.  This year I got my renewal for less than an hour.  I personally think it could have been just 15 minutes.  Why?  removing the unecessary steps will surely cut the crap process.   There are non value adding requirements, the concept is good but the execution sucks.  Take the case of medical examination aside from taking my weight nothing else seems to have been done properly… there wasn’t any blood pressure checking, the eye exam seems like a rubber stamp and no physical checking has been done.  I am not a doctor but I have been through several medical examinations, the LTO medical exams seem to be substandard.  If there is one thing that can be appreciated its the fast results of urine exam. That’s it.

This is my 3rd renewed license and this is the second time that I am able to smile in my DL photo.  My friends at the office kept on saying its not appropriate to smile but how can I resist when the LTO officer just told me SMILE! 🙂  My first license which was lost few weeks after getting the printed card bears my sweetest DL smile hehehe suceeding DL bears my horrible look.   I just wish my new DL spells magic to the traffic enforcer… the killer smile should at least pardon me from getting violation ticket.