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Moments in Dakak

Today ended my 3 days 2 nights visit at the Dakak Resort in Dipolog, Zamboanga Del Norte.  It was another great experience something worth remembering for the year 2008.  It is my first time to actually stay in Dakak,  when I used to work for a shipping company we went there for a while but never got to see the place in greater detail.

Dakak is probably the most treasured place in Dipolog,  people will probably remember Dakak’s name  more than the name Dipolog.  I remember how famous this resort is,  it used to be one of the most expensive resorts here in the Philippines, I must say the place has been maintained properly but it needs some facelift.  That is if the management of Dakak wants to maintain its share as one of the most desirable places to go in the Philippines.

As expected, Dipolog airport is a small one, similar to that of Boracay and Dumaguete.  The airport service is far from what you normally complain about at the Centennial or even the Manila Domestic Airport.   Dipolog at one glance is not as urbanized as Davao or Cagayan de Oro is.  Heading towards the resort was fast but at this time the roads are undergoing construction towards widening so it was a rough ride going to Dakak. Since we are in a package tour, we had to drop by in an island restaurant. A 20-minute boat ride takes you to a homey restaurant offering all seafoods menu.   It was raining a little but still fun to undergo this side trip.

Dakak is still a naturally gifted place although the facilities of the resort is showing its age, overall it is well kept.  The swimming pool is always clean and is far better than those found in Laguna. The coast line is short but is amazingly calm and delightful to the senses.  The white sand is not as fine as that in Boracay but i think its one of the best.  A lot of tall trees and beautiful flowers cover the resort which gives the place a truly relaxing ambiance.


The room accomodation is still good for the current rate that the resort offers.  The theme is native including the furnitures which may look old but are still in tip top condition.  I specially like the native lazy boy present in all room’s veranda.  The beddings and facilities inside the room are generally in good condition or acceptable.  It’s no longer the ‘classy type’ that you would imagine thinking about Dakak years ago BUT again for the rate that they are currently offering  which is even relatively lower than Boracay, its still value for money.  In case they upgrade their facilities like doing some renovations in the restaurant area, rooms, sauna and bar –Dakak will not be as reachable as it is today.

 Dakak accomodation

The food is reasonably priced, the serving is good enough for two.   They offered Filipino dishes and seafoods are their specialties.  They are serving bicol express which is surprisingly not hot.  Bicol express is a signature dish in the province as the name suggests, it is supposedly super hot but the Dakak chef did not even put a single chili in their bicol express.   I specifically like their lapu lapu provencale — its a grilled fish fillet with a dip.

The staff from Dakak are courteous although you might have an impression that they are impolite with the way they speak Tagalog.  They usually put much stress on their words and may sometimes sound angry or bastos to a customer’s point of view but actually this is just the downside of having that bisaya accent.

We had so much fun in Dakak since almost all the team members from our group joined.   Conducting the MaCoPa awards (our katuwaan awards) and the first ever beach bod competition were all too memorable.