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Goodbye President Corazon Cory Aquino

Today, the Filipino nation paid their last respect to one great Filipino President — Corazon Cojuangco Aquino.   From 8am in the morning till 8pm we are tuned in to our TV watching the necrological services for her at the Manila Cathedral.   I couldn’t help but cry and I am sure there are more other Filipinos out there who shed their tears as we send the people’s President to her last destination.


At this point I am very proud to be a Filipino.  It also allowed me to reflect on how selfless she is.  Her story will always be an inspiration to all of us.  A true example of a leader who was never greedy of the power vested in her hands.   President Cory we will miss you.  Your advocacy will remain in every Filipinos heart…i hope not just in memory but in deed as well.  The Filipino nation love you!