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Coffee Prince ala Big Bang

I just come across this video from You Tube, a piece of what Big Bang (빅뱅) has prepared for their fans on their G.R.E.A.T Concert.  One of the highlights was their parody of Coffee Prince, the famous Korean light drama that features Gong Yoo (공유) along with Yoon Eun Hye (윤은혀) as a girl who acted like a boy just to be hired as one of the crew of Coffee Prince Cafe.  GDragon plays the role of Eun Chan (은찬) originally played by Eun Hye while Top played Han Kyul (한귤), the leadman role orginally played by Gung Yoo.  It was so funny…Top was so serious playing his part and GDragon was so cute.

Coffee Prince Parody

If you have watched the original drama you will be able to relate to the spoofed version well specially the kissing scenes and the blowing of hair by Eun Chan.

Coffee Prince Original

They used the actual set from Coffee Prince and even featured some of the noticeable designs of the drama like the sunflower painting and the counter of the cafe.

GDragon as EunChan

Top as HanKyul

The shots were similar to how the Korean drama has been filmed, the slow motion highlights accompanied by the OST of the drama being played as background music were absolutely effective and super hilarious, I couldn’t help but laugh at this parody.  I remember S-Group of Lee Jee Hoon doing a parody of  F4 but this one it totally challenging, GDragon did a good acting as girl turned boy Eun Chan and Top was equally good –looking too serious in most frames. It was awkward to think GDragon kissing Top but it was soooo funny.  I think Super Junior did the same parody I wonder how it turned out.  Oh well regardless, it would be funnier with Big Bang doing the parody.   Watch the full video here: