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Merry Christmas =)

Merry Christmas everyone!

여러분 성탄절 잘 보내요!

Note For You

The person who is suppose read this knows what I am talking about.  Before I list down my 3 wishes for you, I want you to know that I wish we will be friends until we both grow older .   Thank you for making life in the office better with good people like you around.

I got these 3 wishes for you…

  • I hope you stay healthy that you won’t need to avoid booze and your favorite food.
  • I wish that you enjoy every day spent with people around you.
  • I earnestly wish for you happiness that even if ties may have to be cut for one reason or another, we still can face each other like we always do and exchange a good laugh.

I also wanted to say i enjoy talking sensible and non-sense stuff with you.  Stay cool.

저 너에게 한상 친구를 되고 있어요. 만나서 행복해요…그래서 정말 고마워요 =)

Christmas is in the Air and so is Starbucks

It’s nearing mid November.  In the Philippine culture Christmas celebration starts when the month ends in -ber, so Christmas spirit is here as early as September.  These past days, nights are getting longer and mornings are getting colder… these are signs of Christmas.  Too bad economies world wide are in not so good state and people can feel how challenging it is for their day to day.

take a sip of coffee goodness...

take a sip of coffee goodness...

But despite all the gloomy outlook for the coming 2009, Filipinos are naturally happy people (they smile a lot) and they can be crazy over so many things…just like having a Starbucks coffee everyday.  The coffee card is back and people are likewise back patronizing holiday beverages from Starbucks.  Despite the financial crisis… a Php 150 (around 3USD) for a cup of coffee is not a problem to shell out, and this is all for the planner craze.  Believe it or not I won’t be part of it without the planner 😛

I love dosing my self with caffeine but it’s never good to get it from Starbucks if not this time of the year.  Go get your self a cup now! …and don’t forget the sticker.