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Missing a No-Snow Winter

The hot and humid weather is making me miss the no-snow winter in Melbourne.  I miss the long walk wearing layered clothes and never have to sweat. 

Side by side a cute little creature called Koala

Side by side a cute little creature called Koala

I got to practice taking pictures in Melbourne.  When we visited the suburbs there are a lot of nice subject for shooting, one of which is the nice coastline along the Great Ocean Drive.  We had to stop over Lorne’s Pier to check it out. 

The signature pose with the 'Japan' hand sign =)

The signature pose with the "Japan" hand sign

Birds are almost everywhere.  Even on the city center of Melbourne, birds fly inside Mc Donalds.  They are such a perfect subject for pictures.

Birds make a good subject...

Birds make a good subject


Like a model in a candid pose...

Like a model in a candid pose...

I am sitting while writing this post and I feel like exercising with all the sweat…when will I ever experince winter again hmmm.

Back from Melbourne

Finally back to Manila last Sunday. For the first time my ear hurted so bad when we are about to land.  If there is one thing that I miss from Australia… specifically Melbourne — its the cool air.  Being in Melbourne was like being in London.  The British influence is so evident in Australia not just by the names of places and streets but the structures as well. 

This is where we stayed... The Windsor Hotel.  Does it reminds you of London?

This is where we stayed... The Windsor Hotel. Does it reminds you of London?

So what did I like from Melbourne Australia?

  • The thought of experiencing winter is really something new so I enjoyed it but not the occasional rains during winter.
  • Structures are so European very gothic… these are so pleasing to the eyes.
  • City tram is such a big help for newbies in Australia not to mention its free.
  • I simply like how they are preserving their natural resources and treasures may it be forest or animals.
My favorite city link red tram. Who cares if its old? Its FREE anyway.

My favorite city link red tram. Who cares if it's old? It's FREE anyway.

There are also lots of things that surprised me while staying  in Melbourne

  • Mall closes at 6pm except on a Friday when it extends up to 9pm.  I wonder how some shop-a-holic Pinoys could endure living in this place with this.  Even restaurants closes at 6pm.
  • Sign warning that there might be kangaroo or wombat crossing in the next few kilometers.
  • Unbelievably slow internet connection… Jinmyung was so right in ranting about how bad their internet connection is considering its ‘broadband’ quality.
  • Airport is not so comparable with that of Hongkong and Singapore…its not so first world.

Melbourne…Big Bang Comeback… and TKA – Marathon Post

So many things happened yesterday.  First of all after all, 2 days from now I am off to Melbourne Australia to attend the eTOM Business Process Framework Training.  I am a excited as usual as this is a travel and learning opportunity for me. Well after the hustle and bustle of picking between Le Meridien Westin, Holiday Inn and Gateway Apartments… We are checking in instead at the Windsor Hotel.  Hmmm so who doesn’t want to be temporarily cribbing (new term hehehe) to this 5-star hotel?

This is where we are staying in Melbourne...talking about 5-star!

This is where we are staying in Melbourne...talking about 5-star!

Tomorrow is a date that some people maybe looking forward to 08.08.08 (August 8, 2008), some believes its a lucky date because its 888. I think YG is inclined to believe in this as their bread and butter 빅뱅 (Big Bang) will be doing a comeback with their new album ‘Stand Up’. I am pretty excited with this… what does Big Bang have this time for their fans out there.  The teaser that they released seems to have shed the cute boys image from them.  Are they going sexy just like how Taeyang did in his solo act?  Hmmm must be a good idea but not for 승리 막내 (read: Seungri Maknae – younger Seungri).

3rd Mini Album from Big Bang -- Go Big Bang!

3rd Mini Album from Big Bang -- who is not loving Taeyang (center) these days? would you not mind looking at Top (farthest right) too? Seungri and GD sporting that pose hehe. What's with Daesung?

Am i staring too much at 태양 (Taeyang) ?  Yes I am he surely deserve the crown after his successful 1st mini album launch.  My eyes could not help but look at Top (탑) too… effortlessly projecting.  Funny how 승리 (Seungri) wants to look cool with such pose… I couldn’t help but think he is still in his teens 😀  Is 대성 (Daesung) trying to do something? Like showing off some bod like Taeyang Hyung…

Lastly, I just made my 3rd addition to my Drama-roll.  I have finished watching They Kiss Again few weeks ago and promised my self to do a post about this drama.  Finally I am posting about this infatuation I have for TKA and the Joe Cheng- Ariel Lin tandem.   I love this drama both season 1 and 2 — it has all the ingredients of a nice to watch tv hilarious and will make you feel good after. Didn’t I mention I love feel good movies and dramas?

They Kiss Again... sequel to It Started with a Kiss from the Japanese Manga 'Itazurana Kiss' by Kaoru Tada

They Kiss Again... sequel to It Started with a Kiss from the Japanese Manga 'Itazurana Kiss' by Kaoru Tada

Seems to be a marathon post for me lots of things happening and to look forward to this week.  Oh my August barely started but looks like time is flying fast, the next thing you’ll know is its 2009 already.

Counting Days to Melbourne

Seems like just yesterday when I was informed by the big boss to prepare for the training in Australia.  Now I’m just counting days and I’ll be off to Melbourne.  Time flies so fast…. so fast that i thought everything is alright and well taken cared off.  Surprsingly only our VISAs were done the tickets and the hotels are yet to be arranged. Geez…had I not followed up the hotel recommendations from TMForum I will not be able to forward such info to our travel coordinator and eventually knew that out tickets are not yet arranged.

Good thing it was not really too late. More good thing… I am travelling busines class YAHOOOOOOO! Wow i just love the thought of getting some air comfort while travelling not to mention the mileage credit.

The classy Le Meridiend's Hotel in Melbourne...talking about luxury

The classy Le Meridien's Westin Hotel in Melbourne...talking about luxury

TMForum recommended 3 hotels near the training site.  The nearest of them all is Le Meridien’s Westin Melbourne Hotel, it’s just across Regus where the training will be conducted.   It’s a 5-star hotel… well getting booked on this hotel is a splurge and something that i wouldn’t mind 😛

Fairly decent and comfortable Clarion Suites...not bad at all!

Fairly decent and comfortable Clarion Suites...not bad at all!

The second recommended accomodation is the Clarion Suites Gateway Apartments.  It’s a few meters away from the training site. I am more inclined to be booked here, it feels like home.  The one bedroom apartment is good enough.  It’s more practical compared to Westin.  I saw their room rates it’s not cheap but definitely far from hotel rates. 

The third and the farthest (but not really that far) is Holiday Inn at Flinders.  The hotel is reasonably proced compared to Westin.  I also wouldn’t mind getting booled in this hotel although the company may not save from the transportation cost as it doesn’t look like just walking distance from the training site.

The first and second accomodation options are the better ones to take.  It saves on time and transportation.  Although I feel that Westin is too expensive and I wouldn’t mind staying in a typical business or 3-star hotel. 

Well if taking is a cab is not that hard and expensive then Holiday Inn is also worth it.  I have not heard of any bad traffic moment in Australia so its probably non-sense to talk about timing and transportation  problems.   We might be spending time to travel anyway (but at least very short distance) when we meet with Telstra counterparts… side trip –isn’t bad maximizes the opportunity to benchmark with a world class telco operator in Australia.

Maybe I should start packing this weekend because the next week will surely become a busy one.  Since I will be leaving for a week I had to turn over some tasks to ensure continuity of my team’s operation. UAT of our CRM-Billing system has just started and this is going to keep me restless while out of country.  I guess physical comfort will not be maximed with mind floating back to the Philippines hoping everything turns out well.

Holiday Inn...looks nice too

Holiday Inn...looks nice too

Hmmm its just timing to do some packing list, i tend to be forgetful these days and the least thing that I  would like to do is finding convenience store at night to buy last minute essentials.

Yahoo! Australian VISA is Out

It’s out! Alhough I have no doubt of not getting one…I am still happy to see my Australian VISA today.  Time flies and few weeks from now I will be stepping for the first time in Melbourne.  It was really unexpected of me to be visiting this country thanks to eTOM and my boss for the opportunity of course. 

I am really loving this once in a while travel and to learn industry standards is such a big opportunity for me.  On top of everything, my warm clothes will have its use again as August is considered winter in Melbourne.  There isn’t any snow but they say its freezing cold.  Temperature is already high at 15 degrees celsius and lowest at 7 degrees celsius.

I am pretty excited to visit Melbourne aside from the workshop on eTOM we will be meeting with Telstra for some sort of benchmarking activity on their business processes.  Our week in Melbourne is fully loaded, hope to have sometime wandering around — talking about maximizing opportunity available 🙂  Melbourne here I come!

Australia Unexpected

Just when I thought my next and last out of the country travel this year will be in Hong Kong, another surprise knocked on my window.  I received two howls this month.  It wasn’t really a bad howl but it somehow brought some sadness to me… maybe because this area of the business has been close to my heart despite a lot of other assignments.

The second howl is somehow related to what is planned to happen in the future.   Regardless if this is less of what I wanted to do, I am still thankful of the opportunity to learn and to be able to travel which I admit I am enjoying.  Few weeks ago i was looking at a series of mid sized bill boards in EDSA on winning for a trip to Australia, although I had no intention of looking at the details, it was quite amusing to see such ad.  Now I don’t even have to read that ad.

I was seriously reading CBAP related stuff and I still would want to push through with it but luck says I had to focus on another area that the business will most likely benefit at the moment.  They say strike while the iron is hot.  Like when most people suddenly think of the quality of the processes that they are doing, it’s probably good timing to push for some industry standard practice.