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Wheesung Is Back and So is Taeyang

Although a little earlier than Taeyang, Wheesung is back in the Korean Music scene with his 6th full album Vocolate.  Another album worth every single won of its price.   The album features 주르륵 (Chureureuk – Trickling) as its carrier single.

It  was really good to see Wheesung comes back in his polished and stylish look.  I just love the drama of the orchestra in the later part of the performance.  Not my 1st favorite amongst the 12 songs but this song started to grew on me.

What makes this October even more special is the come back of another Korean artist that I like…Taeyang!  He is performing his digital single Where U At which will also form part of his 2nd album.

Youngbae exudes hotness and great performance as expected. Very polished dancing while singing. Love it!

Credits to urasianpop for the Wheesung video and CodeMonmonSeason3 for the Taeyang performance.

Wheesung is Back… Was a Bit Soon.

Unexpectedly, my favorite Korean artist Wheesung did a comeback with a new single entitled Insomnia, a song orginally performed by Craig David..  This song is keeping my ears glued on my iPOD. 


It was so soon for Wheesung to comeback but it was one of those pleasant surprises.   He just launched his mini album last October and finished when 2008 ended.  A little over a month he is back with a blast.   I love that he is back with his polished style and the hair is just so nice.   I suddenly think that Wheesung is going after that Idol image after seeing his MV.

Wheesung gave this song a new lyrics and a little twist vocally and music wise.  It was totally refreshing to see him this way.  I must say i am now certified addicted to this new song of him.

A Good Thing Landed in My Hands

Finally after so much planning on how to get hold of this album, it has landed in my hand like a surprise.  Not less than Wheesung’s 6th Album – With All My Heart and Soul is added in my Korean CD collections.  Well I only collect his CD 😛

Cover of 6th Album from Wheesung (his first mini)

Cover of 6th Album from Wheesung (his first mini)

I just love the crystal music from the CD. It’s odd that the song when played in my car using the iPOD sounds old when you hear the CD play. Must have been the downloading and file sharing –duh…

TGIF… i can do romanization and translation of the songs.  I want to start with Perfect Man, my favorite amongst the 5 songs in the album.  너무 해복해요!  중원씨, 선물을 아주 고마워요

Post Christmas Marathon

This post wraps up all the thing that i wanted to say from Christmas eve to date.   This is the first Christmas that my kids asked for something from Santa Klaus.  They made some cute letter to Santa posted it along with their socks.



They even used an old socks hihihi.  Wanting these wishes to be granted really motivated them to behave nicely.

December 24, a few hours until early hours of Dec 25, connecting to Friendster is so intermittent.   If you get lucky enough to log in you will experience the longest page loading ever or will get that cute little message Friendster is experiencing problems right now try refresshing your page or re-logging in later.  Talking about social networking on a Christmas eve Facebook  just made my net greetings perfect.

Having to watch fancam videos of the recently concluded Soul Concert made my holiday net surfing fulfilling.   There were clips posted in You tube featuring  Wheesung’s performance in the concert but a lot has been that of Park Hyoshin. 

Hyoshin along with Wheesung and Jeongyeop gave 나만 바라봐 (Naman Parabwa – Look Only at Me) a twist.  It was a bit far from Taeyang’s well choreographed performance but the voices of these 3 great singers made it worth listening too.   For those who heard Hyoshin sing this song , which is not really his genre, it was refreshing.  To me it sounded like bit of a soul ballad rather than R&B.  Wheesung made it sound Soul/R&B, he was also the best dancer of the 3 performer.  It just goes natural the way he mimicked Taeyang’s moves.   Jeongyeop’s part was so right for him.  This was the bridge portion when Taeyangs voice is thin and crsytal clear.  Jeongyeop was perfect for it.  Wanting to see it?  See video below from kkrap22 of You Tube:

나만 바라봐 is a song that marked Taeyang as a successful solo artist.  Of course having these 3 guys sing this song is just too much of an honor for Taeyang who is a lot younger in age and career-wise.  I am just not in agreement that the 3 other guys collaboration is better than the one-man performance of Taeyang.  It was good in a different perspective but people should not undermine how good Taeyang was in singing this song.  Overall, the way he danced and sang the song was just perfect for its original genre –R&B that is.  He sounded like Chris Brown to me, a good singer who has distinct voice that characterize him from the rest.  That is how i view Taeyang.

Christmas passed just like that… despite the financial difficulties, Filipinos in the tradition of gift giving during this season continued with such cheer.  At the end of the day its not really how small or big the gift is but its how you managed to remember the person.   One observation that I had is that, there are lesser kids who went house to house to ask for Christmas presents.   I just hope this tradition won’t die the natural death.

Big Bang Makes Your Day Glow

I am not sure if i would be happy of Big Bang’s return.   I have mixed emotions.  Why?  Because this will give Wheesung less chance of hitting number 1 on charts.  I love them both.  I love Wheesung truly but I also love Big Bang.  They cannot be compared because they have different music but God knows how infectious Big Bang is.  I saw the Sunset Glow MV few days ago and I was totally enjoying it.  These bunch of young adults always give their fans a pleasant surprise with their style and performances.

I love it how they dance and perform their very own music (and even other’s music too).  Just like the above Music Core number– I couldn’t help but smile on their cuteness and hotness (can you imagine combining these two factors?).  I bet this will sky rocket to the top on charts in a few days time.  Top and Taeyang for me spells hotness in this performance while GD, Seungri and Daesung are ultimate cuties. 

They performed Remember in suit and whoa~ they are really young adults exuding hotness then suddenly turning into bubbly boys next door in Sunset.  No wonder VIPs are getting nuts (and I am a VIP) about them switching gears that way.

Let’s see how this song will match the recently launched ‘Wrong Number’ from DBSK.  Seriously, DBSK is talented but I just don’t know why they don’t appeal to my senses.  I can stand listening to their song but never been addicted to it just as how addicted I am to Big Bang’s.  I would even exchange watching Taeyang alone for the 5 of DBSK performing.  Nothing against DBSK really…  I am not cross-eyed but they oh do not register in my brain’s RAM. 

I am anticipating yet another ‘big’ Big Bang success.  You guys are not a bit merciful to 휘성 형! Coming back like that 😀 i just have to enjoy your new music.  빅뱅 축하해요!

Note: credit goes to BabyBongaholic for the You Tube video post. 고마워요!

Wheesung is Back!!!

My Korean R&B God is back since October 28 and my iPOD has never been the same.  I was too excited for this album but was likewise a bit disappointed not because of anything else but just because its a mini album, so there is less for me to listen to.

Cover of 6th Album from Wheesung (his first mini)

Cover of 6th Album from Wheesung (his first mini)

I am loving this mini album.  Wheesung is back in his R&B roots but this time its more sexier than ever.  No wonder its entitles With All My Heart and Soul.  The album has 6 tracks of which 5 are songs:

  • Real Slow Gotta Go (Intro)
  • 완벽한 남자 (Wanbyeokhan Namja, trans. Perfect Man)
  • 별이 지다 (Byeoli Chida, trans. Fading Star)
  • Interlude with Hyori
  • Choco Luv
  • Prayer for the Soul (feat. Lovelyn)
  • 나락 (Narak, trans. Hell)

I was able to type the list of songs without looking at the album cover… this is how few the songs are =(  I love this album despite  having few songs.

Wheesung Bashing

I am way too excited of Wheesung’s comeback end of this month.  After a year, he is releasing his 6th album from Orange Shock.  I am looking forward to this album, well I am actually looking forward all his forthcoming album. 

Recently, his official website has only this picture:

Initial photo teaser posted on his official website

Initial photo teaser posted on his official website

He earned too many mean comments because of this pic.  One entertainment website even compared him to Tina Turner and the rest have one common coment,  he looks gay in this picture.  I could forgive the stylist for putting that hat on but the photographer should have not taken a shot in that angle making that top (used for layering) looking like a haltered blouse.  Good thing the skin is so flawless… Why can’t people respect his looks? The style may not be the best or even good for some but it wasn’t that bad either. Then this picture replaced the first one:

2nd Picture Teaser

2nd Picture Teaser

And the netizen continued to be so cursing with their comments about Wheesung like comparing him to JYP (damn i wouldn’t post his face here) and even with Rain and Jim Jong Gook.  All these comments are so disgusting.  Everything about his voice and music has been completely forgotten.  All that matters to these people are the image, looks and style.  To hell with such comments. I would always be more happy to wait for his comeback than to stare and listen to JYP, Rain or Kim Jong Gook.  Blah!

Mobile Skin

I think I will have another addiction.  I have discovered this website on creating mobile skins.  I have long been wanting to create one for Wheesung, my favorite Korean artist. Thanks to
Sexy Wheesung on Standby mode

Sexy Wheesung on Standby mode Wheesung-full icon on your phone


Wheesung-full icon on your phone

Wheesung-full icon on your phone

You can download via this site:′