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Ma Girl by Taeyang Live

Finally a clear video of the controversial Ma Girl performance of Taeyang in his Hot concert last year.  For the longest time this cannot be seen in you tube as the DVD of the concert has just started sales in the market.  Only fancams were available. 

Still the hottest among Big Bang in my opinion hahaha.  Credits to cizzlewentzzz for the video in You Tube.

Taeyang vs. Seungri

Taeyang and Seungri are the two Big Bang members that I get to write on this blog.  First it was Taeyang who made me like Big Bang after watching that YG Christmas performance 2 years ago in SBS.  Seungri on the other hand amazed me with his piano cum song number in their Great Live Concert. 

Although I am biased with liking Taeyang more than Seungri… I will always love them as the ever charming and talented member of Big Bang.   I always enjoy their performances and a week ago I got to watch this MBC dance battle of these two fascinating members of the band.  (Thanks to Babybongaholic for the video)

It was Mastercard… priceless in short.  Getting to see these two hot dancers was just too much to handle.   They wore each others signature style in their solo album promotion, Seungri wearing suit which he has always did when performing Strong Baby and Taeyang in his R&B look that he also sported in the MV of 나만 바라봐 (the hat never leaves his head hehehe).

Honestly I don’t know both songs I can’t be biased by saying who did pick a  better song.   Overall I think Taeyang owns the stage than Seungri that day.  While the station I guess became a bit prudent in showing a 50/50 scoring, I think it’s really Taeyang who danced better.  I love the dorky Seungri and he got some grooves on his body but Taeyang just moves smoothly without that extra ‘clumsiness’.   He moves with precision and grace.  I don’t know if it’s just me but I think there is something awkward with Seungri when he dance… well it’s not off but it has something to do with that precision in movement (timing).  But it’s good that he is slowly showing the man in him by being a bit mature in his performances. 

To me, Seungri’s performance was like showing he is no longer a boy 🙂 just like his Strong Baby performances.  Taeyang on the other hand just leaves that consistency…too hot for everyone.  I saw those controversial dance moves once more when he performed My Girl in his 1st Solo Concert.  Aigoo… Yoona at 2:30 was amazed to see Taeyang in that thrust down dance move.

It was great of MBC to do something like this.  I know this is a speacial show in celebration of the Lunar New Year.  I just love face off performances…artists always give their best in such production number.  Congratulations to Taeyang and Seungri it was a number worth watching.  박스! 박스! Hmm I wish to see someone face off with Top on rapping…guy is the best on his league (including the looks).

Hana Yori Dango ala Big Bang

Big Bang has just released their 2nd Global Warning DVD along with Taeyang’s Hot Concert and guess what?  They made another ultra funny parody of another all time favorite drama based on manga — Hana Yori Dango.

This time its Daesung who gets to be the girl.  Good thing Daesung is a boy — a cute boy because if he was a girl oh my 😛  He got Top’s kiss this time, previously it was Top and Jiyong.

I was never wrong is making Top as my personal choice to play the role of Domyuji (Dao Ming Sz in Taiwan version).  He perfectly fits the role and those eyes can cut.  Taeyang and Seungri are just right to be Akira and Soujiro but with GD hmmm i think he looks too bubbly to be Rui. 

I almost hurt my stomach laughing so hard on this parody.  Daesung looks like a freak teen girl in a uniform looking at  his leg muscles.  Big Bang never fails to entertain me. I got to get hold of that DVD surely worth the 원.

Taeyang Ended 2008 with Hotness

Last night Korea’s MBC aired their 2008 Gayo Daejeon.  No less than Taeyang was one of the performers and I must say one of the best performers.  What a way to wrap up 2008 singing his 3 hits songs 기도 (Kido – Prayer), My Girl and 나만 바라봐 (Naman Parabwa – Look Only at Me)

Taeyang showcased his great dancing skills.  I always think he is the best dancer in Big bang even with the best of his contemporaries.  Movement is so smooth and detailed.   Although the sounds during the MBC Gayo Daejeon seems to be a little weird, Taeyang pulled it through.  It is difficult to sing while executing complex moves.

Prior to this, he also did well in the Piano Battle with DBSK’s Junsu.   The thread over who won the battle is one of the longest.  Well I am just one of those who thinks Taeyang did win the battle may it be just the Piano battle or overall.   I have always liked Taeyang but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate if there are better performer than him. 

So why do i think he won?

  1. Taeyang played his piece well and sang  Don’t Wanna Try well
  2. Junsu vocals was good, singing You’re My Everything of 98 Degrees almost perfect except for the poor pronunciation of words.  Taeyang wasn’t perfect too in his pronunciation but he was understandable compared to Junsu
  3. Junsu concentrated on the singing, the piano was borderline good going bad.  It was almost staccato.

So if it was purely a piano battle Taeyang wins. Overall i also think Taeyang wins because he made a good rendition of the song while playing the Piano.  A lot of people say Junsu’s voice  better that Taeyang, this is true in terms of hitting the high notes of the song but if it was a competition on singing Junsu will surely be rated low due to his bad pronunciation.  Clearly Junsu’s choice of song is better for a singing competition.  The songs were of different genre so its really hard to compare.

Nevertheless 2008 is Taeyang’s year.  He made a mark and carved his name as a solo performer.  I am actually looking forward his 2nd album this 2009.  태양 파이팅!

Met Big Bang Last Night

It was a pleasant surprise to meet every member of  Big Bang last night.  For once I was able to hug Taeyang and feel those muscles *giggling*.  I never thought of meeting them face to face.  I was so surprised to see Daesung followed by Seungri, Taeyang GD and Top.  Daesung was so friendly and even shook my hands. Despite having all of them present at that point in time, I still had the courage to say that it’s really Taeyang that I like the most.  Noona was just too happy to recieve a warm hug from Taeyang.

Big Bang hit it big last MNET Music Awards

Big Bang hit it big last MNET Music Awards

I had to go inside for a while and when I went back, GD and Taeyang were no longer there. I wish to talk to Taeyang still but all these things just happened in my dream. Holy Moly! I must be thingking of Big Bang that much that my subconscious mind thinks of them.  That’s what you get when you listen to their song over and over again 😛

Big Bang and Hyori Explode @ MNET MKMF

The 3 young men of Big Bang performed on special stage for MNET MKMF 2008 along with Korean Pop Diva, Hyori.  The performance got the fans screaming to death as Big Bang’s Taeyang, GDragon and TOP take turns in performing side by side with Hyori.

Taeyang opens it up with Naman Parabwa (나만 바라봐), i missed him performing this song so it’s a bit refreshing to see him on stage.  As expected Taeyang’s dancing skill while singing is just too awesome.  The same song that is GD’s version came next.  GD is really grown up now… young man indeed.  What surprised me most is TOP.  He looks so naughty and that quick kiss to Hyori just put an endless scream until the end of the number. Is it just me?  Did i see Hyori gave out a smile after the kiss?  and why is Top hiding that smile on his face like as if he had won something big?

I bet there will be threads on whose lucky Hyori or TOP?  I am waiting for ridiculous exchanges about this hot performance.  Hyori at 30 playing sexy with these young men in their very early 20s, girl must be lucky…ooops I am no Hyori hater.

*credits to BabyBongaholic for the You Tube video

Big Bang Makes Your Day Glow

I am not sure if i would be happy of Big Bang’s return.   I have mixed emotions.  Why?  Because this will give Wheesung less chance of hitting number 1 on charts.  I love them both.  I love Wheesung truly but I also love Big Bang.  They cannot be compared because they have different music but God knows how infectious Big Bang is.  I saw the Sunset Glow MV few days ago and I was totally enjoying it.  These bunch of young adults always give their fans a pleasant surprise with their style and performances.

I love it how they dance and perform their very own music (and even other’s music too).  Just like the above Music Core number– I couldn’t help but smile on their cuteness and hotness (can you imagine combining these two factors?).  I bet this will sky rocket to the top on charts in a few days time.  Top and Taeyang for me spells hotness in this performance while GD, Seungri and Daesung are ultimate cuties. 

They performed Remember in suit and whoa~ they are really young adults exuding hotness then suddenly turning into bubbly boys next door in Sunset.  No wonder VIPs are getting nuts (and I am a VIP) about them switching gears that way.

Let’s see how this song will match the recently launched ‘Wrong Number’ from DBSK.  Seriously, DBSK is talented but I just don’t know why they don’t appeal to my senses.  I can stand listening to their song but never been addicted to it just as how addicted I am to Big Bang’s.  I would even exchange watching Taeyang alone for the 5 of DBSK performing.  Nothing against DBSK really…  I am not cross-eyed but they oh do not register in my brain’s RAM. 

I am anticipating yet another ‘big’ Big Bang success.  You guys are not a bit merciful to 휘성 형! Coming back like that 😀 i just have to enjoy your new music.  빅뱅 축하해요!

Note: credit goes to BabyBongaholic for the You Tube video post. 고마워요!

Missing Taeyang

Big Bang is very  busy nowadays after the successful launch of their ‘Stand Up’ mini album.  They are currently promoting their Japanese album with carrier single Number 1.  With all these activities, Taeyang is in the limelight not as solo artist but as a Big Bang member. 

I saw these pictures from YGWorld wordpress and I’d like to give them credits (specially the VIP who shared this picture Choco) for posting candid shots of Big Bang members on their site.  I am specifically mesmerized by Taeyang’s cuteness 🙂

Taeyang is sexy with his lips this way... he does that when he sings too!

Taeyang is sexy with his lips this way... he does that when he sings too!

Who will not love Taeyang nowadays, despite his height bashing at 5’7″ he is still very lovable…exuding with cuteness specially on this pic:

Cute isn't it?

Cute isn'nt it?

Even if he can’t open his eyes any wider… it would be special to have those pair of cute eyes stare at you.   

I miss Taeyang and his music!

I miss Taeyang and his music!

For a moment I miss Taeyang and his music, suddenly I want to see him comeback as solo artist.

Big Bang is on Top (Again!) and Wears Marc Jacobs

It’s been 3 weeks since Big Bang released their 3rd mini album entitled Stand-up  The boys shed off their cute pop image in their MVs in exchange with a more mature one and edgy style.  Honestly, I didn’t feel like listening to the songs over and over compared to their previous song but when I saw them perform in their comeback… i just have to give credits to these guys who worked hard to give their fans a something fresh.

하루 하루 (Haru Haru or Day by Day) is their carrier single. The beat is not something new and their style of singing is very Big Bang but what got my attention is the live performance of Stand-up.  I love the beat and tempo, very catchy for an intro song.  I am glad they have this as opening piece when they performed.  After watching their live performances, I begin to get used to 하루 하루  it wasn’t bad but it’s not really far from their previous songs.  I heard they are number 1 now for 2 consecutive weeks from the time they launched their album.  빅뱅 축하해요!

Big Bang in Marc Jacobs (from left Top, Taeyang and GD)

Big Bang in Marc Jacobs (from left Top, Taeyang and GD)

With their more of a ‘rock image’ I am still surprised how they can always pull neat looks and style, just like when they participated in Marc Jacobs new collection show.  Three of the ‘Big’ guys from Big Bang came in style.  Taeyang definitely looks cool with that outfit.

Melbourne…Big Bang Comeback… and TKA – Marathon Post

So many things happened yesterday.  First of all after all, 2 days from now I am off to Melbourne Australia to attend the eTOM Business Process Framework Training.  I am a excited as usual as this is a travel and learning opportunity for me. Well after the hustle and bustle of picking between Le Meridien Westin, Holiday Inn and Gateway Apartments… We are checking in instead at the Windsor Hotel.  Hmmm so who doesn’t want to be temporarily cribbing (new term hehehe) to this 5-star hotel?

This is where we are staying in Melbourne...talking about 5-star!

This is where we are staying in Melbourne...talking about 5-star!

Tomorrow is a date that some people maybe looking forward to 08.08.08 (August 8, 2008), some believes its a lucky date because its 888. I think YG is inclined to believe in this as their bread and butter 빅뱅 (Big Bang) will be doing a comeback with their new album ‘Stand Up’. I am pretty excited with this… what does Big Bang have this time for their fans out there.  The teaser that they released seems to have shed the cute boys image from them.  Are they going sexy just like how Taeyang did in his solo act?  Hmmm must be a good idea but not for 승리 막내 (read: Seungri Maknae – younger Seungri).

3rd Mini Album from Big Bang -- Go Big Bang!

3rd Mini Album from Big Bang -- who is not loving Taeyang (center) these days? would you not mind looking at Top (farthest right) too? Seungri and GD sporting that pose hehe. What's with Daesung?

Am i staring too much at 태양 (Taeyang) ?  Yes I am he surely deserve the crown after his successful 1st mini album launch.  My eyes could not help but look at Top (탑) too… effortlessly projecting.  Funny how 승리 (Seungri) wants to look cool with such pose… I couldn’t help but think he is still in his teens 😀  Is 대성 (Daesung) trying to do something? Like showing off some bod like Taeyang Hyung…

Lastly, I just made my 3rd addition to my Drama-roll.  I have finished watching They Kiss Again few weeks ago and promised my self to do a post about this drama.  Finally I am posting about this infatuation I have for TKA and the Joe Cheng- Ariel Lin tandem.   I love this drama both season 1 and 2 — it has all the ingredients of a nice to watch tv hilarious and will make you feel good after. Didn’t I mention I love feel good movies and dramas?

They Kiss Again... sequel to It Started with a Kiss from the Japanese Manga 'Itazurana Kiss' by Kaoru Tada

They Kiss Again... sequel to It Started with a Kiss from the Japanese Manga 'Itazurana Kiss' by Kaoru Tada

Seems to be a marathon post for me lots of things happening and to look forward to this week.  Oh my August barely started but looks like time is flying fast, the next thing you’ll know is its 2009 already.

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