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On-line Appointment Saves DFA

After successfully logging my yobo’s appointment for passport renewal via internet, I was just so happy that they came up with such brilliant idea.  Not having to queue outside that office with heavy people traffic gives much needed convenience to tax payers like me.  I should have been very happy with this development because its the only saving grace that DFA has.

My last visit to DFA was like 2001 when i first applied for a passport and the place did not change – only more people, fixers and unneccessary people (let me call them AP short for annoying people) pulling you to their stalls for application form or picture.  Such a mess still.  These APs are even scarier than the actual guards of DFA.  They have Harry Potter like wand as if checking your bags and giving false instruction to queue on their photo area.

I was able to go inside along with yobo but going outside seems to be a wrong decision because when i tried to enter again… there goes the uneccessary talks with these powerful guards.  My yobo did not have the wallet with him and I was just concerned on giving him the money. The guard told me that yobo should go out… how stupid!  After queueing for life there (because in an appointment there are like more than 10 people having the same schedule) how can it be cool to say that the applicant should go out… and miss the queue?!

I have no energy to waste talking nonsense to this power tripping guards who seems to guard DFA like hell… oh well who would want to be inside swampped with so many non-applicant (whom they say are not allowed by the way) and stand right behind the gates with all the heat of the sun touching your skin.  So I went out pissed off. Good thing yobo has money with him.

Just when I thought DFA has improved with such online service it did not change at all.  It’s the same government office that you would hate to walk in because the strictness it projects doesn’t match the service and facilities inside the office.  Why can’t they wipe out these APs outside whom I am pretty sure has victimized a lot of people already.  They act as if they are part of the DFA office.  I really wouldn’t mind the strictness when there is politeness and quality services to look forward to.  But it just disgusts me when guards acting like they are the DFA officials stand on your way not being reasonable enough and answering back like they are so mighty. Shut the fuck up you can only guard the gates and act like an asshole.   The tandem between these APs and DFA guards is really something… something that can easily TURN YOU OFF–so i then forgot how cool the online appointment is.

This Time its Marian!

It’s another tough Monday morning.  EDSA is as usually heavy but moving… so here is my chance to spot billboards again.  Thank God Faith is gone, oh i mean her poster has been removed.  I just see usual faces like Judy Ann, Kris Aquino, Maja Salvador, Sam Milby and some namei starlets models whose face have been there for the longest time. Guess who is conquering the billboard arena these days… Marian Rivera.

the next billboard queen?

A lot of companies are loving her face now. She also has an album, a dance album to be exact, which i think is good because I don’t remember watching her sing or maybe she should not sing 😛   Telecommunications giant PLDT got her as an image model for their Prepaid Landline Plus…that poster approaching Guadalupe is not the ‘Faith Cuneta’ type of poster which you can easily strip down in less than an hour.  It’s definitely…certified billboard.  So what is the catch?

Have you noticed her legs in that BillBoard? I think the printing is messed up.  I was looking at it closely as i traverse EDSA along Boni.  I thought it was just the framing but the thigh seems to have discoloration.  Very far from the thigh above. It is a nightmare if those thighs have that tone.

Could she be the next bill board queen? will her face stand the test of time? or will she be just like the others who are nowhere to be found now? i’d like to drop names but i’ll save that on my next post.

*namei – no name; unknown; not so popular

Faith Loses Her Faith

Driving in EDSA is such an experience, there are a lot of surprises on this highway that awaits you from traffic jam, accidents, j-walkers to MMDA encounters.  One thing I love though in driving at Highway 54 (EDSA’s old name), is looking at the colorful billboards.  I find it amusing to guess who the featured celebrity/model is.  A lot of billboards are also tastefully done.

Few weeks ago I have noticed one extra large poster landscaped billboard south bound lane of EDSA going to Camp Crame.   I really couldn’t believe this ad but it keeps on catching my eyes everytime I pass by Cubao going to Camp Crame.  Moreso, the said poster now in portrait print has been neatly tucked at the corner of Mandarin Oriental Hotel and it seems to be this one:

Billboard WTF

(credits to

I have been haunted by this billboard, I almost tried taking a picture of the actual stuff but it’s difficult to park along EDSA not to mention the disgusting traffic.   Luckily her website has this image.  For the past days, looking at it from Cubao underpass, you’ll just notice her face full of eyes then everything else looks luminous until you see the purple and pink writings  “FAITH SINGS SINATRA”.  What the hell (WTH) happened to her face? 

 Faith Original

I have nothing against this talented singer but seeing the billboard in Camp Crame specifically,  makes me wonder was it:

  • The magic of Adobe Photoshop?
  • Product of a skillfull theater make-up artist or
  • Plastic Fantastic?

Definitely there is something wrong with the nose… the poster in EDSA makes it appear that only the nostrils exist and the big eyes.  I don’t know if the airbrush made it that ‘pointed’ but seeing articles on her recently concluded concert where Dr. Calayan was the ‘guest performer’,  could it be that she is now a certified plastic fantastic?  And the lips should suppose to look like that?  This time, I think the theater make up artist needs scolding.  

Maybe another picture will give a better image of Faith Cuneta but as for the ad above, I am — distracted.  In fact its very annoying, she looks nice originally.   Did Faith lose her name over her talent? 

Lozada and Valentines

Time flies so fast its mid February already, just as everyone is busy preparing for their Valentines date a lot of things are happening on the side specially in this government.  Our dear country is once again drowning in political controversies.  Few weeks ago, Jun Lozada, one of the supposed witness to the ZTE deal became the MOST NEWS WORTHY ITEM.

Mr. Lozano apparently has been taken by pseudo security officers to ‘protect him’.  However,  this uncalled for security caused him much fear that he decided to reveal what he knows in the ZTE broadband scandal.  Again, this government is once again an international item for graft and corruption.  It seems that Mr. Lozada has been very consistent in his statements and I am inclined to believe this man specially that this present government has been tarnished with so much graft and corruption anomalies.

Ironically, when its supposedly the month of love there is so much hate in the hearts of people who are so disgusted with how bad this government has turned out to be.  Every project involves ‘bad money’.  Maybe February 2008 should be a month to commemorate the love for money of these government officials.  

So what’s new this Valentines, nothing to be exact.  I never celebrated Valentines day really. Its not that I am the un-romantic type but I simply believe that the most romantic day can be any day of the year.  I would rather spend a lifetime of little fun and love each day than just have a one big romantic day. 

Great Traffic at Greater Fairview

This day I am scheduled to attend a birthday party of my son’s friend.  Prior to going to this party which is by the way will start at 1pm, i came from my daughter’s school to have a short discussion on her current performance in school.  I am glad to hear that Marticia has improved so much in school.  The results of their first quarter exam is also excellent.  In the 3 test areas she got perfect score in Culture and Arts and for the two others (Math and Language) she almost got a perfect score — only one wrong answer.  This is still very good for someone who is just 4 years old.

I went to the party along with a college friend.  We left our old place in Sta. Mesa few minutes before 2pm thinking its a Saturday, traffic will be easy.  We did not bother texting our friend to surprise her but we were the one who were surprised with our travel time.  It took us 4 long hours to reach the house situated in the boundary of Quezon City and Caloocan.  Yes, we arrived at 6pm.  We had dinner in their house instead of the usual party merienda.   This is one of the worst traffic scenarios I have been in.  I could have rotten in my seat had I went there alone.

Traffic in our country really sucks!  Malolos is farther than that place but with the travel time I had, I could have made 2 full roundtrips from Quezon City to Malolos and vice versa.   As we are about to arrive in the place there was this arc GREATER FAIRVIEW, my friend jokingly said their place is probably LESSER FAIRVIEW.  I could not help but laugh.  Times as bad as that… a good and sensible friend balances the situation.

Perhaps it will take some time before I go back to that place.  It was a traumatic driving experience. 

Rain + Flood = Scared Me

It’s been raining hard since Tuesday.   The country needed rain because of the drought, farmers badly need water for their crops.  The church even made a special prayers for the rain.  God must have heard all these pleas.  It rained so hard that flood is the next thing that will happen. 

I was not able to report for work yesterday because of the flood on my way to the office.  This morning, i thought the flood has subsided because its no longer raining that hard.  Unfortunately the flood near the toll gate is still above gutter.  This is really scary.  Last month I experienced flash flood in Quezon City.  I must have called all the Saints.  I don’t know what to do if my car suddenly stops… I hate the thought of my car getting towed huhuhuhu.

It’s good to have rains.  It will help the farmers and will also help storing water in the dams but the flood is a totally different story.  Rain is normally followed by flood here so am I bad to hate rain?