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Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the wonderful mothers out there, today is  a special day recognizing your efforts to be the best mom as you could be.  You deserve to have this special day.

Happy mother’s day!

Another Year

I can’t believe I am on my mid 30s now.  If there is one thing that i really afraid off — it’s aging.  Life has been good to mea lot of my wishes came true.  I am blessed with a happy family and wonderful career.  I really thank God for being so kind to me.

The fist quarter of the year ended and I have travelled 3 times out of the country.  I love travelling so much, looking around and doing some shopping.  I have been twice to Singapore and both stay were fulfilling.  I also get to buy my first Louis Vuitton bag in Singapore.  I am really not a bagaholic but getting to own one brought out the lady in me.  It was some sort of an advance birthday present from my husband.

my first LV bag =) a neverfull mm in monogram

I also had my first out of the country trip with my closest college friends.  We went to Macau and crossed Hong Kong.  It was a very wonderful experience.  God knows how tired our feet were but we had a really good time in Macau and HK.

Except for my problematic weight… i have nothing to ask for more.   I only hope that each member of the family stays healthy.  I am also looking forward to a winter in Korea this year.  Thank you God for a wonderful start of 2010.

Merry Christmas =)

Merry Christmas everyone!

여러분 성탄절 잘 보내요!

Note For You

The person who is suppose read this knows what I am talking about.  Before I list down my 3 wishes for you, I want you to know that I wish we will be friends until we both grow older .   Thank you for making life in the office better with good people like you around.

I got these 3 wishes for you…

  • I hope you stay healthy that you won’t need to avoid booze and your favorite food.
  • I wish that you enjoy every day spent with people around you.
  • I earnestly wish for you happiness that even if ties may have to be cut for one reason or another, we still can face each other like we always do and exchange a good laugh.

I also wanted to say i enjoy talking sensible and non-sense stuff with you.  Stay cool.

저 너에게 한상 친구를 되고 있어요. 만나서 행복해요…그래서 정말 고마워요 =)

Another Year…

It’s another year what used to be 32 is now 33. How time flies,  20 years ago, I was more than eager to be 18 to be able to vote.  I always thought being able to vote is a measure of one’s amturity.  I was in a hurry to age then, but now,  I am slowly having that fear.  It doesn’t mean I hate old people but I have this fear of not being able to do what I want to when I age so for this year it’s really part of my wishes:

  1. I wish to discover as much as I can the things that I want to do while I am still a bit younger.  Just like when I thought of learning  Hangul, it was  something i was thinking could have been easier when I did when I was still in college.
  2. I have made a big risk of investing our money with a new baby (My Vanilla Print)  I hope it goes well and returns back with fruits.
  3. I wish to travel more with my family overseas.  So far I have lined up going back to Hong Kong and visiting Macau for the first time.  I really hope to travel more =)

2009 started out good with me i hope it ends the same way.  I am trying to enjoy each day.   Thank you God for another year in my life.  You have been blessing me despite my shortcomings to you so I strive to be a good person all the time.

Welcome 2009!

In less than 2 hours we will be saying goodbye to 2008.  A year that brought so many blessings to me and my family. 

The year 2008 is so far the year when I travel out of the country the most.  These travel are all so memorable:

  • March 2008  – I am back to Singapore and attended my first out of the country training.
  • April 2008 – My first time to set foot in South Korea, fufilling my wish of seeing the country that amazes me a lot for the past months.
  • August 2008 – My first time to visit Australia, the first non-Asian country that I ever visited.  I am reunited to my cousin that I have not seen for the past 15 years.
  • November 2008 – My first out of the country with my 여보. I am back to Hong Kong after 4 years. 

I have officially fallen in-love with blogging in the year 2008 and has been maintaining 3 active websites including this one.   It was one of the most fufilling hobbies that I ever had. 

This year I a pleased to have enrolled in a university to take up Korean Language Class.   I have other reasons to look forward to Saturdays not just to oversleep and be with 2 cute little sinisters but to have 4 hours of formal studies.

I gained foreign friends and wishes to continue such meaningful relationship with them.  It was nice to exchange ideas and views with people who have different perspectives.  It also gave me the opportunity to learn more and practice my Korean Language skills.

Despite the negative impact brought by the collapsing US economy, I am still hopeful that 2009 will be a year to hope for better life not just for may family but for the entire Filipino nation.   I look forward to a different me in the 2009. The difference from now… I am yet to unravel.

Birthday Letter for Mikovmari

Dear Miko,

I am happy that you are celebrating your 4th birthday as a healthy boy.  I remember seeing you for the first time.  It was probably the longest day of my life.  My heart was both broken and happy to see you.  You were a bouncing baby boy with cleft palate.  I cried a lot because I was worried that people may look down on you as a baby… I fear that you will be sickly because of you were prone to respiratory infections.  I thought God was punishing me and Papa but we were wrong, you brought ten-folds of happiness and fortune to us.  You brought the family closer and made me appreciate even the simplest thing around me. 

Just now looking at you… you have grown to become a happy little boy who loves to sing and play.  You always smell nice like a new born baby to me.  And who will not love a kid who always say mama is pretty and that you miss me even if you see me everyday.  I am excited to watch you grow each day with love.

Mikoso mama is so proud of you!  Each day spent with you is craved in my heart as a beautiful memory.  Don’t get tired of saying you miss mama or mama is pretty.  You will always let me remember how to humble myself and be happy with the little things that I have on my palm.  Whenever I see you, my heart is filled with hope.  I love you Miko! God will always watch you because he loves you just like mama and papa. 

Always by Your Side,


Korean Class @ UP

Finally!  I got the go signal from 여보 to enroll in a Korean Language Class.  I have enrolled in an extramural class at the University of the Philippines.  I have so many reasons to be excited.  First, I am finally getting actual Korean classes from one of the most reputable schools in the Philippines.  Second is I will be back on school.  Even if its just once in a week…being back to school is something to look forward to.  Third is I am starting to realize this long dream to be good at this language.  This is like fulfilling one of my wishes last April.   I did not get 여보의 go signal the first time I asked so I am so happy to finally get it.

I am looking forward to the first class even if it means going back to basics like learning the characters and correct pronunciation.  I wanted to verify in the first place if I am understanding the lessons from  my Elementary Korean book the right way.

October 4 is the date to remember.  UP please welcome me! 너무 행복해요!

제인 파이팅!

32 Wishes

Given the chance to make a wish equivalent to the number of years being celebrated:

  1. Healthy Kids and  Oppa
  2. Financial Freedom
  3. Slimmer Me
  4. Sick-free 어머니 and 아버지
  5. Happy 운니
  6. Safe and Trouble Free 오빠
  7. Successful 동생
  8. Career growth
  9. Matured Oppa
  10. Accident free driving
  11. Good friends
  12. No more resignation
  13. 애기 to speak normally
  14. Support from collegues
  15. Improved neighbor
  16. Reduction of red tape in the government
  17. Prosperous SMART
  18. Good food
  19. More Travel (foreign please)
  20. Winning in Lotto
  21. 답장 from 진명
  22. Happy Trip to Korea
  23. Launch of CRM
  24. Nice appraisal
  25. Bettter traffic  in the metro
  26. Hope to those who are in the brink of losing it
  27. Lost of food craving
  28. New mobile phone
  29. A surprise call from an old friend
  30. Launch myVanillaPrint
  31. WORLD PEACE <the showbiz in me>
  32. Give another wish to make the 1-31 wishes come true

Do you have any wish on your mind?