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Facebook and Friendster

For the longest time I have been maintaining a single web social network account and that is Friendster.ย  Friendster is so popular in the Philippines aside from getting your friends mobile number next to email is probably friendster account.

I have been actively updating my friendster account and refuses to sign-up for any other social networking website until i tried facebook.ย  I really wanted to have just one since social networking is all about sharing your self with your friends.ย  Soon after joining facebook, i realized that I have more friends in this site.ย  I also find myself enjoying those fun applications, I am in fact a fan of SuperPoke ๐Ÿ™‚ย  But what get me started is the friends you may know portion.ย  After sending my first friend invite,ย  this application started suggesting for names of people whom I may know.ย  That was very convenient.

For once, my loyalty over my friendster account vanished on an instant.ย  I ate all those words that I would like to stick with friendster period.ย  I am enjoying facebook not just because you can share stuff with friends but you can virtually be closer to them by sending them not just words but gifts that can be posted on their wall.ย  You can share coffee with an officemate, send havaianas to your friends or send an LV or Gucci to your BFF.ย  Great isn’t it?

Since i don’t want to forsake my friendster account which I have been religiously updating before, now i had to maintain 2 social network accounts but honestly i frequent facebook more than friendster these days.ย  It’s so interactive!