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Taeyang is Solar

Taeyang made his official comeback to the K-Pop scene last July 01, 2010 with the release of his full length album entitled Solar.  The official MV of the carrier single entitled I Need a Girl has been out for fan’s pleasure.

No doubt, Taeyang did it again.  The whole concept of needing a girl and hating to be single fits him.  I must say the beat of the song is a little light than his usual music and i love it.  It so refreshing to hear Taeyang sing this song.  The MV also shows a different side of him.  He looks a little naughty and playful this time while still showing that great bod (which makes the video Hot!).  Taeyang is definitely cute and hot  in this video — rare combination. I won’t be surprised if ‘I Need a Girl’ becomes a huge success, it has the support of GD and Sandara as his girl interest in the MV. 

The first live performance was made thorugh MNET.  He did not just sing one song but THREE!  He had an Intro, Just a Feeling and I Need a Girl.  Not everyone gets to comeback this big on MNET, I remeber Lee Hyori singing at least 2 songs when she came back but she is an MNET artist.  Though I think YG and MNET sort of have a close relationship, good to see Taeyang doing a big comeback on stage this way.

Lucky dancer, I forgot her name but she is always with Taeyag.  During the 나만 바라봐 (Look Only at Me) promotion, the girl gets the best dance routine with Taeyang.  She gets a good spot also in the Wedding Dress dance choreography.  This time she even gets to smack Taeyang.  I am also loving the dance routine, well it’s not much of a big surprise for a good production number from Taeyang and the YG dancers, it’s almost always expected.   Everytime he has a production number there is always a  signature step  this time I find the step sometime on 1:00 cool for Taeyang.   I remember how he danced Wedding Dress with that step where the count seems to be double compared to the beat.  I love that part and Taeyang executed it flawlessly.

I Need a Girl is definitely a feel good song.  Something that will make you groove a little while listening to it.  I like the whole idea of the production number for this carrier song, it’s like an MV on its own.   I will definitely have this album on my collection.  Good job Taeyang!

The videos are not mine credits go to You Tube account who posted.

Gucci this Time

I never thought designer bags could be addicting.   I have never been interested with bags, in fact i don’t mind the label of my bag as long as it is big and durable.   My first designer bag is a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM which was given to me as gift from my husband.  The first designer bag on my mind though is a Gucci tote.  I really like Joy and Jollie which actually looks a little similar with Neverfull.

While my sister and I were strolling at Eastwood last Friday.  I came across this shop in Eastwood Mall that sells a lot of designer stuffs like Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Furla, Tods etc.  I saw the first Gucci bag I fell in love with, Joy that is.

I know I splurged on this bag, i just thought this is something that I can handover to my daughter when she grows up.  I am loving my first Gucci bag =)

My First Designer Bag

I am really not a fan of bags.  In fact, most of my bags are gift to me.   My principle in having a bag is simple…it should be able to hold everything that I dare not leave the house without.  In short I go for big bags.  Recently, designer bags have been the topic in the office.  I said I will not buy designer bags because the price is too ridiculous.


The inner lady in me gave in…when I first saw this bag, i fell in love with it.  It’s really against my principle to buy expensive bags but this one I bought from another owner.   It’s a Gucci Tote Monogram in Black and Chocolate Brown.   It still on mint condition and well taken cared of so I never hesitated on getting it.  I  thought this one is a good buy =)

Taeyang vs. Seungri

Taeyang and Seungri are the two Big Bang members that I get to write on this blog.  First it was Taeyang who made me like Big Bang after watching that YG Christmas performance 2 years ago in SBS.  Seungri on the other hand amazed me with his piano cum song number in their Great Live Concert. 

Although I am biased with liking Taeyang more than Seungri… I will always love them as the ever charming and talented member of Big Bang.   I always enjoy their performances and a week ago I got to watch this MBC dance battle of these two fascinating members of the band.  (Thanks to Babybongaholic for the video)

It was Mastercard… priceless in short.  Getting to see these two hot dancers was just too much to handle.   They wore each others signature style in their solo album promotion, Seungri wearing suit which he has always did when performing Strong Baby and Taeyang in his R&B look that he also sported in the MV of 나만 바라봐 (the hat never leaves his head hehehe).

Honestly I don’t know both songs I can’t be biased by saying who did pick a  better song.   Overall I think Taeyang owns the stage than Seungri that day.  While the station I guess became a bit prudent in showing a 50/50 scoring, I think it’s really Taeyang who danced better.  I love the dorky Seungri and he got some grooves on his body but Taeyang just moves smoothly without that extra ‘clumsiness’.   He moves with precision and grace.  I don’t know if it’s just me but I think there is something awkward with Seungri when he dance… well it’s not off but it has something to do with that precision in movement (timing).  But it’s good that he is slowly showing the man in him by being a bit mature in his performances. 

To me, Seungri’s performance was like showing he is no longer a boy 🙂 just like his Strong Baby performances.  Taeyang on the other hand just leaves that consistency…too hot for everyone.  I saw those controversial dance moves once more when he performed My Girl in his 1st Solo Concert.  Aigoo… Yoona at 2:30 was amazed to see Taeyang in that thrust down dance move.

It was great of MBC to do something like this.  I know this is a speacial show in celebration of the Lunar New Year.  I just love face off performances…artists always give their best in such production number.  Congratulations to Taeyang and Seungri it was a number worth watching.  박스! 박스! Hmm I wish to see someone face off with Top on rapping…guy is the best on his league (including the looks).

Welcome 2009!

In less than 2 hours we will be saying goodbye to 2008.  A year that brought so many blessings to me and my family. 

The year 2008 is so far the year when I travel out of the country the most.  These travel are all so memorable:

  • March 2008  – I am back to Singapore and attended my first out of the country training.
  • April 2008 – My first time to set foot in South Korea, fufilling my wish of seeing the country that amazes me a lot for the past months.
  • August 2008 – My first time to visit Australia, the first non-Asian country that I ever visited.  I am reunited to my cousin that I have not seen for the past 15 years.
  • November 2008 – My first out of the country with my 여보. I am back to Hong Kong after 4 years. 

I have officially fallen in-love with blogging in the year 2008 and has been maintaining 3 active websites including this one.   It was one of the most fufilling hobbies that I ever had. 

This year I a pleased to have enrolled in a university to take up Korean Language Class.   I have other reasons to look forward to Saturdays not just to oversleep and be with 2 cute little sinisters but to have 4 hours of formal studies.

I gained foreign friends and wishes to continue such meaningful relationship with them.  It was nice to exchange ideas and views with people who have different perspectives.  It also gave me the opportunity to learn more and practice my Korean Language skills.

Despite the negative impact brought by the collapsing US economy, I am still hopeful that 2009 will be a year to hope for better life not just for may family but for the entire Filipino nation.   I look forward to a different me in the 2009. The difference from now… I am yet to unravel.

Post Christmas Marathon

This post wraps up all the thing that i wanted to say from Christmas eve to date.   This is the first Christmas that my kids asked for something from Santa Klaus.  They made some cute letter to Santa posted it along with their socks.



They even used an old socks hihihi.  Wanting these wishes to be granted really motivated them to behave nicely.

December 24, a few hours until early hours of Dec 25, connecting to Friendster is so intermittent.   If you get lucky enough to log in you will experience the longest page loading ever or will get that cute little message Friendster is experiencing problems right now try refresshing your page or re-logging in later.  Talking about social networking on a Christmas eve Facebook  just made my net greetings perfect.

Having to watch fancam videos of the recently concluded Soul Concert made my holiday net surfing fulfilling.   There were clips posted in You tube featuring  Wheesung’s performance in the concert but a lot has been that of Park Hyoshin. 

Hyoshin along with Wheesung and Jeongyeop gave 나만 바라봐 (Naman Parabwa – Look Only at Me) a twist.  It was a bit far from Taeyang’s well choreographed performance but the voices of these 3 great singers made it worth listening too.   For those who heard Hyoshin sing this song , which is not really his genre, it was refreshing.  To me it sounded like bit of a soul ballad rather than R&B.  Wheesung made it sound Soul/R&B, he was also the best dancer of the 3 performer.  It just goes natural the way he mimicked Taeyang’s moves.   Jeongyeop’s part was so right for him.  This was the bridge portion when Taeyangs voice is thin and crsytal clear.  Jeongyeop was perfect for it.  Wanting to see it?  See video below from kkrap22 of You Tube:

나만 바라봐 is a song that marked Taeyang as a successful solo artist.  Of course having these 3 guys sing this song is just too much of an honor for Taeyang who is a lot younger in age and career-wise.  I am just not in agreement that the 3 other guys collaboration is better than the one-man performance of Taeyang.  It was good in a different perspective but people should not undermine how good Taeyang was in singing this song.  Overall, the way he danced and sang the song was just perfect for its original genre –R&B that is.  He sounded like Chris Brown to me, a good singer who has distinct voice that characterize him from the rest.  That is how i view Taeyang.

Christmas passed just like that… despite the financial difficulties, Filipinos in the tradition of gift giving during this season continued with such cheer.  At the end of the day its not really how small or big the gift is but its how you managed to remember the person.   One observation that I had is that, there are lesser kids who went house to house to ask for Christmas presents.   I just hope this tradition won’t die the natural death.

Pacquio Makes Filipinos Proud… Again

Manny Pacquiao brings home the bacon after gloriously winning in the ‘Dream Fight’ with the Mexican Legend Oscar Dela Hoya.  He just made December feel so right and victorious winning all the rounds in their 8-round fight.   On the 9th round the Golden Boy No More just raised the white flag and conceeded.

Pacquio dims light of Golden Boy's boxing career

Pacquiao dims light of Golden Boy's boxing career

Congratulations Manny you truly made us proud being a Filipino.  You deserve to be called the best pound for pound boxer.

Wheesung Bashing

I am way too excited of Wheesung’s comeback end of this month.  After a year, he is releasing his 6th album from Orange Shock.  I am looking forward to this album, well I am actually looking forward all his forthcoming album. 

Recently, his official website has only this picture:

Initial photo teaser posted on his official website

Initial photo teaser posted on his official website

He earned too many mean comments because of this pic.  One entertainment website even compared him to Tina Turner and the rest have one common coment,  he looks gay in this picture.  I could forgive the stylist for putting that hat on but the photographer should have not taken a shot in that angle making that top (used for layering) looking like a haltered blouse.  Good thing the skin is so flawless… Why can’t people respect his looks? The style may not be the best or even good for some but it wasn’t that bad either. Then this picture replaced the first one:

2nd Picture Teaser

2nd Picture Teaser

And the netizen continued to be so cursing with their comments about Wheesung like comparing him to JYP (damn i wouldn’t post his face here) and even with Rain and Jim Jong Gook.  All these comments are so disgusting.  Everything about his voice and music has been completely forgotten.  All that matters to these people are the image, looks and style.  To hell with such comments. I would always be more happy to wait for his comeback than to stare and listen to JYP, Rain or Kim Jong Gook.  Blah!

Hana Yori Dango Korean Version

When news started spreading on this drama having a Korean version, I was so excited.  I love this drama.  This got me started on watching Asian Dramas and Meteor Garden (as titled in the Taiwan version) remains to be one of the best Taiwanese dramas for me.  Who can ever forget the fame that it brought to F4, conquering Asia by storm. 

I also had the chance to watch the equally good Japan version which is just a little less than the beautiful faces of F4 boys in Taiwan.   I love the Japanese version for the pacing that they employed in the development of the story.  There was never a dragging scene for both seasons 1 and 2 contrary to Meteor Garden  which became too slow on season 2.  I also noticed how the Japan version seem to be more elegant, extravagant and near ‘rich-like’ in their production design.

For some reasons I have high regards on the way Korean make their dramas so my expectations are likewise high on their version of Hana Yori Dango.  As news on the Korean  drama version of this famous manga heats up, the casting has been finalized.  Honestly I was a bit disappointed with it but nevertheless Hana Yori Dango is one hell of a story for a drama.   

  • Doumyouji Tsukasa – lead F4 member, the character that I love most of the four will be played by Lee Min Ho (K) originally played by Jerry Yan named as Dao Ming Sz (T) in Taiwan and Jun Matsumoto (J) from Japan version
  • Hanazawa Rui – the gentle character played by Shun Oguri (J) and Vic Zhou (T) went to Kim Hyun Joong of the boyband group SS501.
  • Nishikado Soujiro – this tea ceremony master cum playboy character is played by Shota Matsuda  (J) and as Ximen in the Taiwan version by Ken Chu (T).  Kim Bum will play this role in the Korean version
  • Mimasaka Akira – another gentle playboy character is played by Tsuyoshi Abe (J) and American-bred Vaness Wu (T).  Mei Zuo in Meteor Garden will be played by Kim Joon in Korea.
Comparison of My Cast versus the Original Korean Production Cast

Comparison of My Cast versus the Original Korean Production Cast

So why am I disappointed with the casting?  I was expecting for each Korean actor to surpass their Taiwan and Japan counterparts in terms of the looks and acting.  Well anybody who would play the role in this drama will surely become big… if there are criteria for selection of the character the looks will probably be more important than the acting.  Not that I am expecting for poor quality actors but the roles are simply easy and not complicated to portray, i just feel it does not really require too much effort.   So i think the looks will play a major part in portraying the character along with some acting skills.  
I have nothing against Min Ho really… i think his acting skills cannot be undermined as a soon to rise star it’s just that i think Top (탑) of Big Bang suits the role more having that bad boy look and image but at the same time could carry on a stylish look.   He  also played his role in I am Sam well so in terms of the acting skills he is not that bad.   Hyun Joong seems the only cast that I have no question of but this will surely post a lot of challenges to his acting skills as the Rui role has been played well by Shun (bravo!) and Vic
The two other chosen actors for the Akira and Soujiro seem to be okay except that given the chance to hand pick, i am choosing Ki Bum of Super Junior to play Suijiro and Seungri of Big Bang as Akira.    I think having them in the cast would draw more power to the casting of this exciting drama. 
The Korean Cinderella for Hana Yori Dango - Goo Hye Sun

The Korean Cinderella for Hana Yori Dango - Goo Hye Sun

Although I must admit that I like Mao Inoue as Makino more than the role played as Shanchai by Barbie Hsu in the Taiwan version, i think choosing Goo Hye Sun is a good idea.  She became famous with her role in the hit drama Pure Heart. 
Despite falling short on my expectations towards the cast…knowing its going to be Koreanized,  I am still looking forward to this drama.  I just hope these actors will turn out bright during their performance so the whole sweet success from its Taiwan and Japan counterpart can be equalled if not surpassed.  At the end of the day its still Hana Yori Dango plot.

3rd World Symptoms

Gasoline price has been going up every every week.  Today I heard it’s going to be up again at around Php 58.00 to 59.00 per liter.  Hardly imagineable as it may seem… according to some, oil companies will be raising fuel prices every week to hit a high of Php 80.00.  What does this translate to?  This is shorter blanket for Juan who already had a short blanket–not even enough to cover his arms.

Cost of living is getting higher each day in the Philippines.  The minimum wage earner is probably having a hard time keeping both ends meet.  I have a little dream, i say it’s little because I might not be able to enjoy it at the prime of my life.  I always dream that my home country will be as progressive as our other neighboring Asian countries. A status when people will no longer complain of poor service but push for further enhancement of services may it be government or private.  As it is right now the symptoms of being a 3rd world is everywhere around the corners of my Philippines…

Last Sunday, while doing our usual market activities the small path way to the vegetable section of the market seemed to be extra crowded.  People seem not to move at all standing along the way.  Market are usually crowded during Sundays but today it’s extra crowded in this area.  Apparently the queue is to purchase National Food Authority’s Rice (aka NFA Rice).   The price of rice drastically increased for the past month, it being staple in every Filipino home, those who are having a hard time budgetting their money find themselves waiting to get the Php18.25 per kilo rice. 

Not so far away from the NFA rice queue there is even a longer one near Mercury Drugstore.  Eavesdropping to those who are on standby, the queue is for exchanging some product wrappers for a GO BINGO card, a game show aired in GMA-7.   Filipinos are now relying on their luck from Lotto to Wowowee to Go Bingo.

In the midst of this crisis that we are facing, the government came up with a bright idea of giving away Php500 pesos to indigent families to help them in paying their electric bills. Very sustainable isn’t it?

Worst than relying on pure luck are people who have opted to use more drastic and evil ways to gain money instantly, that is through kidnapping or robbery.  The series of bank incidents (unfortunately involving killings) and the recent Ces Drilon and staff kidnap for ransom proves the existence of such greed.

Now its getting hard for me to think If my little deeds will be able to make a difference for this country.  We have tried to make drastic changes and we end up swimming in the fruits of corruption of this government.  And if now is the time to make a difference by doing the right ways on even little things we do…could we still see the fruits of such efforts? 

2008 is really far from 1978 or even from what used to be in 1988 but have we really progressed that far?  Have we benchmarked ourselves from the outside.  All the signs of a Third World still linger in this poor nation of ours.  People are migrating, people kill, people resort to cheapskate activities to have money, people die in vain… either because they feel miserable or they are already miserable living in this country.

Maybe we are waiting for some miracles to happen… i don’t know if we could ever start to aim high, of at least erasing these third world symptoms.  We are not the poorest but I hope we don’t intend to be happy running our country just this way.  How can we start a change revolution in being good if not best in everything we do?  Should we really do it in our own little way?  What can we offer to make a difference for our Philippines?  I am tired but I don’t want to lose hope that I may NOT have to die in a Third World nation.

Every Filipinos just got to learn how to truly LOVE our Philippines.  Love Philippines with all honesty.

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