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It’s Been a While

I was pretty busy the past weeks in the office and in forming my new baby.  I almost forgot this blog existed.  Of the 3 blogs I have I only got to update Wheesung stuff…


As I mentioned consuming my time other than my work is this new baby of mine called ‘my vanilla print’.  Yup, I finally fulfilled my dream of owning a business that I am passionate about.   It’s mainly printing and personalized items.   A Chinese friend told me its best to open the business on March 25 or April 15 based on Chinese Calendar.  I really wish this business flies 🙂

I am a little sad because I got small time to read on my Korean book.  I slowed down in my daily update of Hangul a Day.  Just too many stuff to look into even on weekends.  I feel so guilty deserting it for nearlly 2 weeks already 😦

My brain is processing too much and the physical state can no longer support the action needed so I ended up tiring my eyes (good excuse) by watching Boys Over Flowers (Korean Hanayori Dango) in the internet every weekend from midnight to early morning.   Four more episodes to go and I can make a write up on this drama and ultimately make a comparison along with the 2 predecessors.

Oh God give me more strength and power to endure things and be able to be more productive and still be a good 암마 at home.


First Day High

I am back to school today.  It’s been a long time since i had my last lesson from school.  I enrolled in a Korean Language Class at the University of the Philippines (UP).  God knows how excited I was that i am 30  minutes early in school.

Most of my classmates are teaching English to Koreans, some will be exchange students in Korea and I am the only one who enrolled who treats it like a hobby.  As expected we started out with the basics like understanding the characters and knowing how to read.   Exactly chapter 1 in my Elementary Korean book.  I must admit i am bored at first because I know these things already but somehow the pronunciation part is what really helps.

I am looking forward on the grammar and structure.  I wonder what kind of schooling did my teacher has that he is able to speak and write well –and he is not Korean.

My first korean lines live:

안녕하세요! 제가 이름은 제인 산터스입니다. 만나서 반갑습니다.

Korean Class @ UP

Finally!  I got the go signal from 여보 to enroll in a Korean Language Class.  I have enrolled in an extramural class at the University of the Philippines.  I have so many reasons to be excited.  First, I am finally getting actual Korean classes from one of the most reputable schools in the Philippines.  Second is I will be back on school.  Even if its just once in a week…being back to school is something to look forward to.  Third is I am starting to realize this long dream to be good at this language.  This is like fulfilling one of my wishes last April.   I did not get 여보의 go signal the first time I asked so I am so happy to finally get it.

I am looking forward to the first class even if it means going back to basics like learning the characters and correct pronunciation.  I wanted to verify in the first place if I am understanding the lessons from  my Elementary Korean book the right way.

October 4 is the date to remember.  UP please welcome me! 너무 행복해요!

제인 파이팅!

Boxing and Learning Korean on a Sunday

This is one happy Sunday for most of the Filipinos out there.  Now the best pound for pound boxer Manny Pacquiao winning in the WBC lightweight division is another achievement not just for the Philippines but for the entire Asia.  The first to have 4 titles in different weight division. Congratulations Manny  you made every Filipino proud of you — proud of their roots.

This day I also took chance of joining another language exchange site in my pursuit to be good in Korean.  I came across this website called there are lots of members who are on-line wanting to have someone to exchange language learning with.  The site features webtalk, it also allows messaging but on a limited basis.  It encourages its members to voice chat which I guess is too intimidating for someone who is beginning to learn a new language.

Who knows I  might be getting someone to practice Korean with.  Now I miss my old language exchange partner 진명. I got to know him through  I don’t know what happened to this guy but he suddenly went off, I visited his cyworld hompi and it seems he is a little depressed nowadays.  I missed exchanging mails with him in Korean and English. I wonder how is he now.

Trying Hard on Hangul

I don’t have plans on migrating to Korea but my desire to learn Hangul is so high.  After buying books (which is so scarce here)… the next thing that I wanted to do is enroll on a language school.  It’s been a couple of months since I started doing self study on Hangul.  I have learned basic reading and writing of the script but not necessarily understanding the words.  Well at least i learned how to write my name properly but my next ambitiuous goal… improving my comprehension.

Jane in HangulI know that Hangul is kinda difficult you have to be mindful on what word to use because there is such thing as honorific and casual but polite when you speak. This is driving me crazy.  I wanted to know how words are formed and how sentences are structured.  Recently I chanced upon this web site called MyLanguageExchange.  Whew it was such a wonderful website for a Language Enthusiast like me.  I immediately joined and started on emailing some Korean who wishes to learn English in return.Right now I have 3 language exchange partners.  Like a gas to a fire… they are fuelling my interest to learn more everyday.   It was a rich experience to learn another language and to be able to teach someone in exchange.  My first question was to solve my curiosity on why names are pronounced differently from how they are spelled.  I noticed that ‘ah’ seems to be a regular suffix to names during conversation (on dramas and movies that I watched of course).  My good friend in the language exchange told me that this is some sort of politeness by Koreans.  Names are pronounced with ‘ah’ sound in the end if the last letter is consonant (in the Hangul script that is) and with a ‘yah’ if the name ends with a vowel letter.  I was so happy to know this.  For the longest time I am so curious about it.  I thought I am reading the script wrongly. Recently, I have been head over heels listening to se7en. Until now the CD is played on and on in my car.  I started asking my language partner about some words from se7en’s song.  Since I am so into Wajuo (aka Comeback) I asked how it is different from Dorawajuo?  This is what I learned.  Wajuo means come back or come on while Dorawajuo means come back here. Interestingly,

Wa – means come back, it is the root word

Dorawa – means come back here

JUO which is common to both word is an honorific marker which in this case would translate to please (I have some theories in mind…well I have to establish the truth behind this so my quest to learn Hangul continuous).

Here is another learning… you can just say Dorawa or Wa but this is on casual conversation. You have to say Dorawajuseyo or Wajuseyo if you wanted to be polite. It’s really getting pretty exciting for me.  I feel fulfilled learning this bit of information.  I don’t know how many Kamsahamnida or Komapsumnida should I say to my language exchange partners they bring joy to me with their replies on my questions.