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Note For You

The person who is suppose read this knows what I am talking about.  Before I list down my 3 wishes for you, I want you to know that I wish we will be friends until we both grow older .   Thank you for making life in the office better with good people like you around.

I got these 3 wishes for you…

  • I hope you stay healthy that you won’t need to avoid booze and your favorite food.
  • I wish that you enjoy every day spent with people around you.
  • I earnestly wish for you happiness that even if ties may have to be cut for one reason or another, we still can face each other like we always do and exchange a good laugh.

I also wanted to say i enjoy talking sensible and non-sense stuff with you.  Stay cool.

저 너에게 한상 친구를 되고 있어요. 만나서 행복해요…그래서 정말 고마워요 =)

Trick or Treat

Its Halloween… Trick or Treat time. A lot of kids may have gotten treats today. I had a fair share of what Halloween has instored for everyone.  I had a few tricks received and some treats as well.

The biggest trick I had was to wait for the traffic to subside but in the end it took me nearly two hours to reach the toll gate going North Luzon Express Way.  There were too much cars on the road. 

Good thing I had a treat by watching Fun Fun Radio Show of MBC.  One way to get a treat is to be able to watch Taeyang on that show.  He was together with fellow Big Bang members. The show is different from the radio shows they had.  They were required to act as boyfriends to lucky callers and talk like one.  Taeyang was too nervous about it.  Being single till now its difficult for him to act as namja chingu to a girl fan.  He was cute and funny at the same time.  Watching that show I was laughing so hard with Daesung, Seungri and GD.  Overall, seeing Taeyang in his usual shy self was a treat!

Happy Halloween! Boooooooooo….

TGIF the 13th

If there is any scariest date of the year nothing beats the 13th of the month that falls on a Friday.  This year, June is again the host to this special day.  I heard a lot of creepy stories that happened Friday the 13th, but come to think of it this day is not that bad at all.

Today few of my closest collegues (the k-chenes) in the office decided to have a launch out in our favorite restaurant, TGIF or better known as Friday’s.  We simply love the food serving in this restaurant.  We never missed a single visit without ordering caesar salad but today it’s even extra special with grilled chicken topping our signature caesar salad order.  But this one is not the original order…it’s courtesy of some memory test from the server who did not bother getting our orders written in paper.  I guess the RAM of his brain is a little short, probably running on just 64mb.  The end result a whopping grilled chicken on what is supposedly plain ceasar salad. Oh this must be because its Friday the 13th…sloppy creepy(?)

We had extra fun this day, laughing so hard with our countless punchlines and walk back the memory lane.  We are missing 2 of our members, the other one who had to leave the country for ‘greener pasteur’ and the other one eyeing for some martyrdom award by staying at the office — our good old buddy with a playful smile, we fondly call senor.  Since senor was absent we had no choice but to talk about him along with the BIG R.  We had a good laugh at the cheese stealing incident and how the rat has been laughing even in a moment that should have scared it away (oh my do i really have to use the word it… and you think that is human).

So we spent our Friday the 13th at Friday’s…nothing creepy happened except that walk-a-TON from Glorietta to Valero.  Thanks to the taxi queues that never fail to make every Friday creepy.

Visiting Singapore

After almost two years I am back to Singapore thanks to the 2nd Annual OSS BSS Summit and SMART, I am able to see this small but wonderful country once more.  I arrived in Singapore March 26 for a 2-day seminar to be held at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.  Changi Airport still looks familiar to me.  The same cleanliness and 1st class airport service.

The Hotel is just at the corner of Havelock Road and Zion.  Copthorne Waterfront was fantastic, the security is awesome.  Visitors could not easily enter the premise as the elevator requires an access card (the room key) to be able to select the desired floor.  The room was so cozy and I specifically like the bathroom.  Its everything that I want in a bathroom, the glass shower makes it so classy not to mention the bath tub.

This is my first time to attend an international conference and its worth it.  Listening to those experienced leaders in their respective companies and countries are once in a lifetime opportunity.  Overall the seminar is good there were some boring parts where you could say 100% that the speaker is almost like selling their product but nevertheless their presentations give you an idea on how systems should be designed.

I met some old collegues who are happily working in Singapore.  Who will not love this country, its highly advance, clean and organized.  The transportation system in fantastic minus the ‘smell’ from the MRT trains but overall its really a pleasure staying in this country.  I will surely miss eating noodles from hawkers.

marches’ restaurant

my first pro shot

This time I did not missed checking Sentosa, the first time I visited Singapore I failed to see this main attraction.  It was way to convenient to visit this tourist spot and having a cable car ride to reach the place is a good start.  Now there is the Singapore Flyer.  I actually rejected the vendor’s offer to see this new attraction which is like a giant ferris wheel slowly moving around in circle while serving you some snacks.  I got to practice using my first DSLR camera which I bought from Funan.  It was a good buy and the images produced are rich and vibrant. 


images of singapore

Tomorrow I will be going back to my dear country.  I will surely miss this place but I know its easy to be back anyway 🙂

Happy Easter!

Am I qualified to say Happy Easter to everyone?  We have not been attending church service for quite a while so I feel guilty sending greetings to my friends.  Well nevertheless HAPPY EASTER.

Christ has risen on this day and I hope that 진명 will also show up his reply on my email.  I am a little nervous he is like sending me email once a month after that long no e-mail period.  I don’t know what’s keeping that guy busy.  We badly needed a friend on our visit to Korea this coming April.  I really wish it would be him so we will feel comfortable whew~  I also want to meet him.

Finally 답장 (a Reply)

After a month from getting email from 친구, finally I got 답장.  진명씨 is back in Korea.  He kept on asking for apologies for not writing soon but it’s okay.  What is important is he is back and I can write to him the usual.

He told me he has been travelling in Australia for the 3 months and it was difficult for him to get access to the internet.  Given the chance it was all for informing his family on his whereabouts.

Now I think its going to be more exciting to visit Korea this April. He promised to tour me around Seoul and I am really expecting it 🙂  Its really nice to know that he is actually attempting to write to me earlier, as he mentioned he will write back immediately when he return to his hometown which is January 31.

I find it funny when he said that he really wanted to email back earlier but couldn’t do so because his friends won’t let go of him. Well since I am really a second hand friend, I really wouldn’t mind. I am just too happy to regain contact with a friend.  I have been waiting for this reply since January 31.  I almost turned 바보 checking my mailbox every now and then.  Too many questions to ask but I had to reserve them as I might write a novel to him and he might get nose bleeds reading too much English.

I Pray You Meet Roger

I have known a person whom I seldom talk to but we connect well with each other.  She was like a sister to me.  I must say she has been an inspiration.  She may not be a typical pretty face but she is a beautiful soul.  It has been 9 years. 

She always see the good in everyone.  I remember how she has been an angle to my  grieving soul.  It was one of the lowest point in my career life.  I mas mad as a dog.  Her words made me feel warm inside.  Humble your self Jane — this is one of my most remembered words from her.   Made me realize how proud I am that I almost forgot to consider other people’s standard.  Then I started to be sensitive on how other people thinks and respect it as well.  

What made me look up to her is while humbling her self she even tried to love her critics.  She is always been like that.  Now wheels have turned, she is now in the same low point that I was in years ago.  I know her situation is far different from mine…. on greater level I must say.  It is sad that she is planning to leave.  How can an organization let someone as good as her go.  She is lost a BIG LOST. 

I wish she meets Roger. They will be lucky to have her. Goodluck my friend.  

I Miss Someone’s Email

I have been constantly exchanging email with a friend from another world.  It has been 2 weeks since I got 친구의 last email.  I wonder what happened to my 친구.  No longer interested to write? Got any problem? Whew~

I wish 친구 writes back.  딥장 기다럴게요.

Great Traffic at Greater Fairview

This day I am scheduled to attend a birthday party of my son’s friend.  Prior to going to this party which is by the way will start at 1pm, i came from my daughter’s school to have a short discussion on her current performance in school.  I am glad to hear that Marticia has improved so much in school.  The results of their first quarter exam is also excellent.  In the 3 test areas she got perfect score in Culture and Arts and for the two others (Math and Language) she almost got a perfect score — only one wrong answer.  This is still very good for someone who is just 4 years old.

I went to the party along with a college friend.  We left our old place in Sta. Mesa few minutes before 2pm thinking its a Saturday, traffic will be easy.  We did not bother texting our friend to surprise her but we were the one who were surprised with our travel time.  It took us 4 long hours to reach the house situated in the boundary of Quezon City and Caloocan.  Yes, we arrived at 6pm.  We had dinner in their house instead of the usual party merienda.   This is one of the worst traffic scenarios I have been in.  I could have rotten in my seat had I went there alone.

Traffic in our country really sucks!  Malolos is farther than that place but with the travel time I had, I could have made 2 full roundtrips from Quezon City to Malolos and vice versa.   As we are about to arrive in the place there was this arc GREATER FAIRVIEW, my friend jokingly said their place is probably LESSER FAIRVIEW.  I could not help but laugh.  Times as bad as that… a good and sensible friend balances the situation.

Perhaps it will take some time before I go back to that place.  It was a traumatic driving experience. 

안녕 진명

I am kinda sad.  Someone whom I considered a friend is probably in trouble these days.  He is currently in Australia and he is young.  I met him last month over a language exchange site.  He is a Korean studying in Australia.  I have been constantly exchanging mails with him, asking him Hangul questions and providing him English related stuff in return.

I think he is a nice guy.  He started writing to me in his broken English but eventually improved on it.   Initially he would write few sentences, according to him reading was a little easy than writing.  He has been progressing in his English as his recent letters become longer than the previous ones.   Until last Tuesday, I received a one paragraph email from my good language exchange partner.  He was saying sorry because he won’t be able to write in the next few days.  He also fear of untimely return to Korea.  I wish I could ask what could have happened.  I hope it’s not related to deportation.  

I remember in one of our exchanges, his friend got in trouble when his money has been swindled by a fly-by-night university.  They working on getting help but it was difficult for them to communicate as they are still in the process of learning English.  These are the challenges that every foreigner faces in a country that speaks a different language.  The mere fact that you are not in your own territory is something to be worried already.

진명 I hope you are okay.  You promise to write when everything is okay.  I hope it would be soon.  Consider me as you worried 누나.

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