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ISWAK Korean Version Soon!

It has recently been out that the Korean version of my favorite Taiwanese Drama ‘It Started with a Kiss’ is on he works now.  Group Eight, the production team responsible for Goong (Princess Hours) and Boys Over Flowers, will be doing the Korean version of this Japanase manga ‘Itarazura Na Kiss’.

I am super in-love with the simple, funny and cute plot of this drama.   I think the Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin tandem made this drama a lot more interesting.  They were so funny and cute together.  I must say Ariel Lin did a perfect job with the character.

When Korea announced that they are doing a version of Boys Over Flowers, i knew it will be as exciting as the two other versions.  I was not happy initially on the casting but later on the artists grew on me that I like Lee Minho now but definitely Jerry Yan is still my favorite Domyuji.   For ISWAK Korean version, rumors says Kim Hyun Joong will play the role.  I really love Joe Cheng when he played Zhishu and at this moment I can’t see that character with Hyun Jung.

Kim Hyun Jung as Zhishu?

I know Hyun Jung’s fans will not like me for this, but i wish there would be someone else who has stronger features to act as Zhishu.  I have always associated Hyun Jung with his soft and loving character in BOF.   I was thinking maybe Jang Geun Suk can be that guy but he is already in another drama.  Nevertheless, I am pretty sure ISWAK Korean version would be something worth watching with just the story line, I can imagine the laughter and drama that it will bring me.

Autumn Concerto

I have started watching a new Taiwanese drama entitled Autumn Concerto,  it is also known as Next Stop Happiness. I came across this drama while looking at clips of Boys Over Flower in my Soju.  It’s still airing in Taiwan and I am actually waiting for subbed episode 8 to come out.

The drama stars former F4 Vaness Wu and Ady An ( I hope I got her name right).  Its got a typical plot but I just find it too addicting to watch.   Can’t wait for the rest of the episode to come out.

Love or Bread

I really came to like the tandem and chemistry of Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin in the two successful dramas that they starred with.  I think It Started with a Kiss (ISWAK) is one of my all time favorite Taiwanese dramas and it goes without saying that They Kiss Again (TKA or also known as ISWAK2) is another one.


The two is back with another TV drama called Love and Bread.  I got the DVD and it seems that they are calling this series ISWAK3.  I read the synopsis and it doesn’t seem to be a sequel to TKA.   Joe Cheng is shedding of fhis Zhishu image as his character will be more free spirited in this drama.

I am looking forward to this drama, I am so glad that it did not take that long for Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin to be reunited in a TV series.

It’s Been a While

I was pretty busy the past weeks in the office and in forming my new baby.  I almost forgot this blog existed.  Of the 3 blogs I have I only got to update Wheesung stuff…


As I mentioned consuming my time other than my work is this new baby of mine called ‘my vanilla print’.  Yup, I finally fulfilled my dream of owning a business that I am passionate about.   It’s mainly printing and personalized items.   A Chinese friend told me its best to open the business on March 25 or April 15 based on Chinese Calendar.  I really wish this business flies 🙂

I am a little sad because I got small time to read on my Korean book.  I slowed down in my daily update of Hangul a Day.  Just too many stuff to look into even on weekends.  I feel so guilty deserting it for nearlly 2 weeks already 😦

My brain is processing too much and the physical state can no longer support the action needed so I ended up tiring my eyes (good excuse) by watching Boys Over Flowers (Korean Hanayori Dango) in the internet every weekend from midnight to early morning.   Four more episodes to go and I can make a write up on this drama and ultimately make a comparison along with the 2 predecessors.

Oh God give me more strength and power to endure things and be able to be more productive and still be a good 암마 at home.

Hana Yori Dango Korean Version

When news started spreading on this drama having a Korean version, I was so excited.  I love this drama.  This got me started on watching Asian Dramas and Meteor Garden (as titled in the Taiwan version) remains to be one of the best Taiwanese dramas for me.  Who can ever forget the fame that it brought to F4, conquering Asia by storm. 

I also had the chance to watch the equally good Japan version which is just a little less than the beautiful faces of F4 boys in Taiwan.   I love the Japanese version for the pacing that they employed in the development of the story.  There was never a dragging scene for both seasons 1 and 2 contrary to Meteor Garden  which became too slow on season 2.  I also noticed how the Japan version seem to be more elegant, extravagant and near ‘rich-like’ in their production design.

For some reasons I have high regards on the way Korean make their dramas so my expectations are likewise high on their version of Hana Yori Dango.  As news on the Korean  drama version of this famous manga heats up, the casting has been finalized.  Honestly I was a bit disappointed with it but nevertheless Hana Yori Dango is one hell of a story for a drama.   

  • Doumyouji Tsukasa – lead F4 member, the character that I love most of the four will be played by Lee Min Ho (K) originally played by Jerry Yan named as Dao Ming Sz (T) in Taiwan and Jun Matsumoto (J) from Japan version
  • Hanazawa Rui – the gentle character played by Shun Oguri (J) and Vic Zhou (T) went to Kim Hyun Joong of the boyband group SS501.
  • Nishikado Soujiro – this tea ceremony master cum playboy character is played by Shota Matsuda  (J) and as Ximen in the Taiwan version by Ken Chu (T).  Kim Bum will play this role in the Korean version
  • Mimasaka Akira – another gentle playboy character is played by Tsuyoshi Abe (J) and American-bred Vaness Wu (T).  Mei Zuo in Meteor Garden will be played by Kim Joon in Korea.
Comparison of My Cast versus the Original Korean Production Cast

Comparison of My Cast versus the Original Korean Production Cast

So why am I disappointed with the casting?  I was expecting for each Korean actor to surpass their Taiwan and Japan counterparts in terms of the looks and acting.  Well anybody who would play the role in this drama will surely become big… if there are criteria for selection of the character the looks will probably be more important than the acting.  Not that I am expecting for poor quality actors but the roles are simply easy and not complicated to portray, i just feel it does not really require too much effort.   So i think the looks will play a major part in portraying the character along with some acting skills.  
I have nothing against Min Ho really… i think his acting skills cannot be undermined as a soon to rise star it’s just that i think Top (탑) of Big Bang suits the role more having that bad boy look and image but at the same time could carry on a stylish look.   He  also played his role in I am Sam well so in terms of the acting skills he is not that bad.   Hyun Joong seems the only cast that I have no question of but this will surely post a lot of challenges to his acting skills as the Rui role has been played well by Shun (bravo!) and Vic
The two other chosen actors for the Akira and Soujiro seem to be okay except that given the chance to hand pick, i am choosing Ki Bum of Super Junior to play Suijiro and Seungri of Big Bang as Akira.    I think having them in the cast would draw more power to the casting of this exciting drama. 
The Korean Cinderella for Hana Yori Dango - Goo Hye Sun

The Korean Cinderella for Hana Yori Dango - Goo Hye Sun

Although I must admit that I like Mao Inoue as Makino more than the role played as Shanchai by Barbie Hsu in the Taiwan version, i think choosing Goo Hye Sun is a good idea.  She became famous with her role in the hit drama Pure Heart. 
Despite falling short on my expectations towards the cast…knowing its going to be Koreanized,  I am still looking forward to this drama.  I just hope these actors will turn out bright during their performance so the whole sweet success from its Taiwan and Japan counterpart can be equalled if not surpassed.  At the end of the day its still Hana Yori Dango plot.

Why Why Love

I guess I am back… addicted to watch dramas the marathon way.  I bought this Mike He – Rainie Yang drama, entitled just the way this post is titled, long time ago but only found time to watch it last week.  I was a bit hesitant to go over the drama because I don’t really have much time to watch overnight (and this is what marathon watching is all about)

Another Mike He, Rainie Yang and Kingone hit series.

Another Mike He, Rainie Yang and Kingone hit series.

This drama stars almost the same cast from Devil Beside You, at least on the 3 major roles.  Rainie Yang plays Tong Jia Di, Mike He is the lead guy playing the role of Huo Da and Kingone Wang as Huo Yan, the second main guy.  Ye Min Zi is also present acting again as mother to Rainie Yang.  I had a breather of Rainie Yang and Mike He tandem when I watch Bull Fighting before this drama, so, I am quite surprised that this drama is something that I like more than Devil Beside You.  Well, I also like Devil Beside You but I just thought there were still awkward moments and scenes between Mike He and Rainie Yang.  Despite the plot being unrealistic, the acting should have been convincing as in-love couple.  I just thought Rainie Yang was a little stiff in Devil Beside You compared to this drama.

The story started with Jia Di meeting the two main guys of the story, Huo Da and Huo Yan who happened to be brothers in disagreement.  As usual the guys have opposite character Huo Da (Mike He) being the devilish one and Huo Yan (Kingone) being the tamed and composed one.  

Mike He as the devil boy... Rainie Yang as the special girl and Kingone as the tamed good guy.

Mike He as the devil boy... Rainie Yang as the special girl and Kingone as the tamed good guy.

Just like any Cinderella type of story poor Jia Di got involved to both Huo Da and Huo Yan the latter being the the initial guy of her interest.  Now this reminds me of Meteor Garden where SanChai likes Huatze Lei first than Dao Ming Sz considering Sz and Huo Da seems to have the same characterization (stubborn, devilish but warm hearted).  She soon fell in love with Huo Da, realizing he is the guy that she truly loves and not Huo Yan.

The twist of the story is that Huo Da initially loved Yang Yan Shu (played by Judy Qui) but she is actually in-love with Huo Yan.  Most of the conflict in the story revolved around this four cornered love story with Huo Da falling in-love deeply to Jia Di.   The height of the drama happened, on my opinion, when after realizing how they love each other Huo Da soon found out he is sick.  Having that much love for Jia Di he decided to push her away by falsely acting he doesn’t care anymore and that the devil in him say he only loved Yan Shu. 

In the end Jia Di found out about his sickness and relentlessly pursued to take care of Huo Da.  Huo Da whom almost died in need of liver transplat has been saved by his half brother Huo Yan.  While it almost seems they did not survive the operation in the end both guys lived and continued with their life.  Huo Da continuing his relationship with Jia Di and Huo Yan still refusing to give Yan Shu the chance to be his partner.  The good thing is Yan Shu has came to realized that she will not be happy following Huo Yan her whole life and decided to live independently.

My Review:

If I had to rate this drama I must say it was of a little advantage to Devil Beside You and Bull Fighting wherein Mike He has been the lead guy for both drama.  Rainie Yang and Mike He re-established their chemistry in this drama.  I guess they became more comfortable in their role as young couple in Why Why Love.  Rainie Yang is no longer the stiff girl who could just stand cold while having a romantic scene with Mike He.

The plot of the story seemed to have lifter some highlights from other famous dramas like Meteor Garden,  the love triangle between Dao Ming Sz, ShanChai and Huatze Lei is a mirror of the love triangle between Huo Da, Jia Di and Huo Yan.  The only thing unique is that Sz only loved ShanChai while Huo Da initially loved Yan Shu.   I also noticed that scene where the lead girl has been seen naked by the lead boy has been present from Devil Beside You and Bull Fighting.

Love triangle again...

Love triangle again...

Mike He truly earns the prince of devil charactered guy.  Right after Jerry Yan’s performance as Sz in Meteor Garden… he is the next guy who can easily give justice to this role.   Unlike Joe Cheng who is likewise good at portraying cold-hearted, Mike He fits the character of a naughty guy while being cold-hearted at the same time.

Though it seems to have been a mix of the plots and scenes from the various Taiwanese drama, it is still a nice drama to watch afterall.  Cinderella type of drama always catches my attention.   The love-hate relationship always works, and Rainie Yang and Mike He made it more interesting.   I also like the fact that there isn’t a devil mom or dad to deal with on this drama.

Overall I think it’s still worth the marathon attention, makes you want to see more of Mike He and Rainie Yang together.

Intro to Bull Fighting and Christmas Drama

It’s September despite the financial struggles of most Filipinos as a result of economic performance… this month will always mark the start of the Christmas season in the Philippines called the -ber months.  We are not one of the happiest countries for nothing.  Funny how some people measures the warmth and happiness of celebrating Christmas if they have a boyfriend or girlfriend beside them. 

I am back doing marathon viewing of dramas.  I am still happy recalling some scenes of They Kiss Again (TKA).  While waiting for another Korean or Taiwanese drama to watch, I have been feeding my cravings for Asian dramas with Japanese ones which are relatively shorter compared to Korean and Taiwanese dramas.  I recently bought another Mike He drama entitled Bull Fighting.  The same main guy on the hit dramas Love Contract, Devil Beside You and Why, Why, Love to name a few.

Bull Fighting...another flick which may fall on my drama roll

Bull Fighting...another flick which may fall on my drama roll

Unfortunately, the DVD i bought, lacks few of the last episodes grrrrr.  Although I know what the ending would be, watching it was like eating rice cakes without water.  Bull Fighting is how street basketball is referred to in Taiwan, the drama revolved around this as main point.   The usual ingredients to a ‘manga-type’ of drama is here… rich people, power, good looks, fashion and romance.  Just like in the drama Devil Beside You, Mike He plays the role of a rich son of a contruction mogul in Taiwan who becomes the love interest of Hebe (member of famous Taiwan group SHE).  From Shen Rou He (Mike He) and Yi Sheng Xuo (Hebe) struggling to co-exist peacefully the story twisted to falling in-love but cannot be together case. The best ingredient to this?  Credits to the ‘arrange marriage’ culture of Chinese which as always is an effective spice to a love story about to heat up.

Mike He joining the rosters of hot Taiwanese idols like Joe Cheng and Wu Zun

Mike He joining the rosters of hot Taiwanese idols like Joe Cheng and Wu Zun

Honestly, I like this drama more than Devil Beside You… there is something missing Deveil Beside You although it was one of the few dramas that I like to watch.  Well, Bull Fighting neither beat my favorite Ariel Lin & Joe Cheng team up nor exceeded TKA standards, but I find the story addicting or  Mike He addicting? I think Mike is versitile enough to be paired to any other leading lady so unlike Joe Cheng whom I can only always imagine being paried with Ariel Lin.  I watched this drama because I heard good reviews about it and secondly as I mentioned of my addiction, I like watching Mike He. 

The story while being ‘manga-type’ (therefore not even an inch closer to reality) keeps you glued with its simple conflicts.  The love story angle was cheesy but it worked, I think Hebe was not in any manner awkward being girlfriend to Mike He.  I just realized that I am interested watching guys whose role involves extreme talents in fighting, snob attitude but kind hearted inside (reminds me of mentos candy) and interesting fashion style. 

Now I really wanted to finish the this drama, i just could help to leave an unfinished business 😛

Melbourne…Big Bang Comeback… and TKA – Marathon Post

So many things happened yesterday.  First of all after all, 2 days from now I am off to Melbourne Australia to attend the eTOM Business Process Framework Training.  I am a excited as usual as this is a travel and learning opportunity for me. Well after the hustle and bustle of picking between Le Meridien Westin, Holiday Inn and Gateway Apartments… We are checking in instead at the Windsor Hotel.  Hmmm so who doesn’t want to be temporarily cribbing (new term hehehe) to this 5-star hotel?

This is where we are staying in Melbourne...talking about 5-star!

This is where we are staying in Melbourne...talking about 5-star!

Tomorrow is a date that some people maybe looking forward to 08.08.08 (August 8, 2008), some believes its a lucky date because its 888. I think YG is inclined to believe in this as their bread and butter 빅뱅 (Big Bang) will be doing a comeback with their new album ‘Stand Up’. I am pretty excited with this… what does Big Bang have this time for their fans out there.  The teaser that they released seems to have shed the cute boys image from them.  Are they going sexy just like how Taeyang did in his solo act?  Hmmm must be a good idea but not for 승리 막내 (read: Seungri Maknae – younger Seungri).

3rd Mini Album from Big Bang -- Go Big Bang!

3rd Mini Album from Big Bang -- who is not loving Taeyang (center) these days? would you not mind looking at Top (farthest right) too? Seungri and GD sporting that pose hehe. What's with Daesung?

Am i staring too much at 태양 (Taeyang) ?  Yes I am he surely deserve the crown after his successful 1st mini album launch.  My eyes could not help but look at Top (탑) too… effortlessly projecting.  Funny how 승리 (Seungri) wants to look cool with such pose… I couldn’t help but think he is still in his teens 😀  Is 대성 (Daesung) trying to do something? Like showing off some bod like Taeyang Hyung…

Lastly, I just made my 3rd addition to my Drama-roll.  I have finished watching They Kiss Again few weeks ago and promised my self to do a post about this drama.  Finally I am posting about this infatuation I have for TKA and the Joe Cheng- Ariel Lin tandem.   I love this drama both season 1 and 2 — it has all the ingredients of a nice to watch tv hilarious and will make you feel good after. Didn’t I mention I love feel good movies and dramas?

They Kiss Again... sequel to It Started with a Kiss from the Japanese Manga 'Itazurana Kiss' by Kaoru Tada

They Kiss Again... sequel to It Started with a Kiss from the Japanese Manga 'Itazurana Kiss' by Kaoru Tada

Seems to be a marathon post for me lots of things happening and to look forward to this week.  Oh my August barely started but looks like time is flying fast, the next thing you’ll know is its 2009 already.

They Kiss Again (TKA) Ended

They Kiss Again aired its last episode.  The complete episodes can be watched over at mySoju.  My estimates were just right, It will end by April so I will be constantly checking for the DVD release of this Drama which has been my all time favorite.

I couldn’t wait to watch it in marathon.  I will surely make a review after.  Oh my hope the DVD gets out soon.

They Kiss Again – Halfway

I have been constantly visiting mysoju for the timely post of They Kiss Again episodes (the sequel to It Started with a Kiss).  So far they are now staring with episode 17.  My last visit showed a preview of what will happen to episode 17.


Episode 16 was all about Zhishu’s return from military service.  It features one of the cutest scenes between Xiangqin and Zhishu where he showed how much he misses Xiangqin.  Zhishu is a different guy now too far from the very very cold one.  It is in this episode where his hair is featured this way:

I never thought that Joe Cheng could actually look good in short spiked hair.  I have watched ISWAK and I thought that long hair fits his chinese-godly look.  He looks naughty in spiked hair, maybe they had to do this hair style to highlight his entry to the military. 

I am not sure how long this drama will run but its already at episode 17… ISWAK if I may recall had 30 episodes so this drama is already more than halfway if it will follow the same pacing as ISWAK.  I am sure a few weeks from the last episode DVDs of the drama will soon be available in the market and I will surely be the first to grab one.  I wanted to watch continuously just like what I did with ISWAK.  MySoju is actually fast in uploading episodes but the problem is some parts are broken.   Nevertheless, by May this drama could be celebrating its success and I could be celebrating that I got my DVD copy.

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