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Washed Out

Last week Ondoy struck the Philippines particularly Manila like a thief in the night.  I have not seen the metropolis gets devastated this way.   People were so helpless… even your strength is not enough to keep your things in place.  It did not spared even the rich or the famous.

A lot of my friends were terribly affected.  They lost house, car, clothes and household appliance.  Two weeks ago i felt so washed out with losing the opportunity to go to the US.  But now, after seeing what other people lost in this storm, I felt foolish thinking about the piece of cheese I lost.

Now, another storm is wrecking havoc a bit south of Luzon.  How I wish this is the last for this year.  The economy is not good this year and these catastrophic event is not helping people heal their lives from the difficulties.  People now fear even the slightest rain pour.   Lord, we learned things the hard way, please save our country from further being washed out.

Goodbye President Corazon Cory Aquino

Today, the Filipino nation paid their last respect to one great Filipino President — Corazon Cojuangco Aquino.   From 8am in the morning till 8pm we are tuned in to our TV watching the necrological services for her at the Manila Cathedral.   I couldn’t help but cry and I am sure there are more other Filipinos out there who shed their tears as we send the people’s President to her last destination.


At this point I am very proud to be a Filipino.  It also allowed me to reflect on how selfless she is.  Her story will always be an inspiration to all of us.  A true example of a leader who was never greedy of the power vested in her hands.   President Cory we will miss you.  Your advocacy will remain in every Filipinos heart…i hope not just in memory but in deed as well.  The Filipino nation love you!

Looking Back at May

May was a super busy month for me.  My life has never been the same since I opened up my Vanilla Print (my small print shop).  I almost work 7 days a week and had very little quality time with my family.  It’s really very tiring.   This likewise affected my bloggin habit… I almost had little time for my extra curricular activities over the internet. 

A lot of events hapenned in May and one of the biggest not just for the month but I guess for the entire entertainment history of my country, is the Hayden Kho Sex Scandal with Katrina Halili and other ladies he got a relationship with.  It was an awful scenario and the sex hungry people are feasting on the said scandal.    I am in no way a fan of Katrina Halili, in fact I don’t like her as an artist because she seems to have this insatiable need to have cosmetic surgery done on her face.   Right after the scandal broke out, I could only emphatize with the sad faith she had with her failed illicit affair with Dr. Hayden Kho (yes he is a doctor who filmed his intimate moments with these beautiful  celebrities).    Even if I am not a fan, I just wish Katrina will be strong enough to face this humiliation.   I fully condemn Dr. Hayden’s act.  This is the worst thing that you can do to a single lady.

The other big news is the sudden death of the South Korean President, Roh Mu Hyun.  Since I am a big admirer of South Korea’s nation and culture,  I am saddened by this event.   What is more trivial is that the death is actually a suicide.  The former South Korean President could not longer bear the humiliation of being dragged into the graft and corruption scandal he is into.  Being one of the prime movers of the Korean economy,  he is strongly remembered as a good leader but such scandal has tarnished his name deeply leading to suicide.  I  have known Korea to have high suicidal tendency…. even a former strong man submitted himself to such act.    I just couldn’t imagine how they value their image and moral status — I wish that our politicians get inflicted with such shame.

Such a big busy May… and its June now.

East Knocked Down West

East did meet West yesterday over one of the biggest boxing fight of the year.  Our very own Manny Pacquiao hailed as the ‘best pound for pound’ boxer at this period of time made another mark in the history for climbing up the boxing weight level and reaping the titles.   Yesterday, Pacquio made me and the whole Filipino nation proud of their blood and race.


Prior to this fight there were a lot of analysis that Hatton will be the Hitman who will stop Pacquiao from his glorious boxing career.  The Englishmen were all trash talking Pacquiao underestimating him.  There are even harsh comments on how third world the Philippines is but look at what happened to Hatton… Pacquiao knocked him down at round 2.  Yes, at round 2 the best English figther laid flat on his back on the ring after a left crossover punch from Pacquiao.   It was a great move from Pacquiao faking Hatton with a right jab only to hit him hard with his left.

The crowd in MGM was I guess 70% cheering for Hatton and they were all silenced by how Manny knocked their bet down.   Shame on all the Brits who had to trash talk Manny and even the Filipinos and it’s culture in general.  So what if your skin is as white as snow and if your English is the best in this world… matter of fact, it did nothing on the fight.   I hope their arrogance humble them, don’t look down on other race.    Color or Language is not a determining factor of who is superior than the others. 

Congratulations Manny Pacquiao — YOU MADE ME FEEL VERY PROUD!

Happy Valentines

It’s February 14 and it’s the love month.  Happy Valentines everyone!  I spent this day going to the supermarket with Yobo.  Funny thing is that after buying our favorite toothpaste brand ‘Close-Up’  a supermarket staff approached me and said he is going to give something to me if I buy Close-up.

Guess what i received…..

A lovapalooza ticket to be held at the SM Mall of Asia. hahahaha i almost died laughing my ass out.  I could not imagine attending that big Valentine event.

Charice Pempengco

I was too busy updating this personal blog lately as I am trying to keep my Daily Dose of Hangul site updated everyday.  I couldn’t help but share my thoughts on the popularity of  Charice these days. 

I was teary eyed watching her awahile ago in a local entertainment show.  I just could feel how sincere she was in saying she is glad that people is now recognizing her talent because for quite a long time she has been trying to catch their attention.

I first saw Charice when she joined the Little Big Star.  It was amazing how a little girl could belt like a full grown lady when she sings.  Honestly, I did not find her really attractive or cute but I know that her talent is priceless.  I was so impressed with her singing that she has been my bet to be the champion on this contest.  Unfortunately, the show is actually looking not just the singing abilities  but the overall ‘star’ potentials of the contestant which she lost against rival Sam Concepcion.   The votes of the televiewers via SMS also pulled her down.

Being a victim of the Korean Hallyu, I am so addicted watching Korean Shows on-line that i was surprised to see Charice performs in a Korean Show called Star King.  I just couldn’t believe how she was so warmly accepted by the Korean viewers.  I guess she has purely gained their respect because of her talent because I know how they can be so discriminating  in relation to looks even to their fellow Koreans.    Moreso, she performed a duet with a member of the very popular boy group in Korea called Super Junior.  She sang a Whole New World along with Kyu Hyun.

The guesting in that Korean show sparked the now flourishing career of Charice.  Videos from You Tube were posted and awesome comments are everywhere.  The rest of the events followed her guesting at Oprah and Ellen De Generes Show which launched her into an International Star. 

At this point in time, I am so happy for this little girl whom I betted should have been recognized as the best in the defunct show Little Big Star.   I know it’s unfair to say Sam is not deserving for the award but I think Charice just got that natural talent.  She had few exposures  from the TV station afterwhich, only starred with fellow runner ups in the Lucky Me commercial.

I am a bit disappointed but somehow happy that ABS CBN is at least doing some ‘make-up’ with the exposure that they are giving her right now (not until she became an instant star).   I am disaapointed because it took others to have the talent recognized before she is even given the attention she deserves.  Reminds mo of that bible passage about prophets who are unpopular on their own town… just so like her.   

Maybe its a wake up call not just for the people in the entertainment business but likewise for the Filipino viewers.  It’s a shame that she only started to fill-in  nice spots on shows when she got all these US exposures. 

But what is more important is I also realized how I can be so proud of my Fellow Filipino,  making it big outside th Philippines.  I have always been proud of Filipinos who are being known worldwide for their great talents and skills.  When some Korean stars (who are in the same league as those of my favorite Korean artists) are taking years to be recognized by a substantial fraction of the American Market, Charice moved in leaps ahead of them.  

Charice I may not be a crazy or die hard fan of yours, but at this point in time — you just made me feel TOO PROUD that I am a Filipino.  I earnestly wish you make it big in the US.  Show them that big surprises come in little packaging.   Please continue to be good in what you are doing.. little prayers from people like me will keep you there on top.  Goodluck.

5 Days Before Christmas

It’s been a long while since I last posted.  Days are a bit tight as the day draws nearer to Christmas.  Despite the gloomy economic outlook these days, December still proves to be the happiest month of the year for the Filipinos.

It may not be as exaggerated as it was before when malling is like a full-packed like sardines with people busy shopping still, there still a lot of people shopping but it wasn’t as many as it was before.   What is a big hit this season are the Tiangge and of course the ever famous Divisoria.   Money is hard these days so people are spending wisely.

Rumors say there are a lot of companies that are not holding Christmas Party and yet in my company alone we had 4 already not to mention the private Christmas parties that i attended and will be attending next week.  People still find time to gather and exchange gifts as they are used to.

I just noticed there are lesser lights than the previous years.  Well aside from the Christmas decor being bit expensive,  Christmas lights are additional power consumption therefore translates to bigger electric bill.

It’s 5 days before Christmas… things may have changed yet a lot of people take time to give at this time of the  year.  Gifts may be more practical or lesser yet dear friends and people you have established relationship with remember you — i hope it stays that way.

Intro to Bull Fighting and Christmas Drama

It’s September despite the financial struggles of most Filipinos as a result of economic performance… this month will always mark the start of the Christmas season in the Philippines called the -ber months.  We are not one of the happiest countries for nothing.  Funny how some people measures the warmth and happiness of celebrating Christmas if they have a boyfriend or girlfriend beside them. 

I am back doing marathon viewing of dramas.  I am still happy recalling some scenes of They Kiss Again (TKA).  While waiting for another Korean or Taiwanese drama to watch, I have been feeding my cravings for Asian dramas with Japanese ones which are relatively shorter compared to Korean and Taiwanese dramas.  I recently bought another Mike He drama entitled Bull Fighting.  The same main guy on the hit dramas Love Contract, Devil Beside You and Why, Why, Love to name a few.

Bull Fighting...another flick which may fall on my drama roll

Bull Fighting...another flick which may fall on my drama roll

Unfortunately, the DVD i bought, lacks few of the last episodes grrrrr.  Although I know what the ending would be, watching it was like eating rice cakes without water.  Bull Fighting is how street basketball is referred to in Taiwan, the drama revolved around this as main point.   The usual ingredients to a ‘manga-type’ of drama is here… rich people, power, good looks, fashion and romance.  Just like in the drama Devil Beside You, Mike He plays the role of a rich son of a contruction mogul in Taiwan who becomes the love interest of Hebe (member of famous Taiwan group SHE).  From Shen Rou He (Mike He) and Yi Sheng Xuo (Hebe) struggling to co-exist peacefully the story twisted to falling in-love but cannot be together case. The best ingredient to this?  Credits to the ‘arrange marriage’ culture of Chinese which as always is an effective spice to a love story about to heat up.

Mike He joining the rosters of hot Taiwanese idols like Joe Cheng and Wu Zun

Mike He joining the rosters of hot Taiwanese idols like Joe Cheng and Wu Zun

Honestly, I like this drama more than Devil Beside You… there is something missing Deveil Beside You although it was one of the few dramas that I like to watch.  Well, Bull Fighting neither beat my favorite Ariel Lin & Joe Cheng team up nor exceeded TKA standards, but I find the story addicting or  Mike He addicting? I think Mike is versitile enough to be paired to any other leading lady so unlike Joe Cheng whom I can only always imagine being paried with Ariel Lin.  I watched this drama because I heard good reviews about it and secondly as I mentioned of my addiction, I like watching Mike He. 

The story while being ‘manga-type’ (therefore not even an inch closer to reality) keeps you glued with its simple conflicts.  The love story angle was cheesy but it worked, I think Hebe was not in any manner awkward being girlfriend to Mike He.  I just realized that I am interested watching guys whose role involves extreme talents in fighting, snob attitude but kind hearted inside (reminds me of mentos candy) and interesting fashion style. 

Now I really wanted to finish the this drama, i just could help to leave an unfinished business 😛

Back from Melbourne

Finally back to Manila last Sunday. For the first time my ear hurted so bad when we are about to land.  If there is one thing that I miss from Australia… specifically Melbourne — its the cool air.  Being in Melbourne was like being in London.  The British influence is so evident in Australia not just by the names of places and streets but the structures as well. 

This is where we stayed... The Windsor Hotel.  Does it reminds you of London?

This is where we stayed... The Windsor Hotel. Does it reminds you of London?

So what did I like from Melbourne Australia?

  • The thought of experiencing winter is really something new so I enjoyed it but not the occasional rains during winter.
  • Structures are so European very gothic… these are so pleasing to the eyes.
  • City tram is such a big help for newbies in Australia not to mention its free.
  • I simply like how they are preserving their natural resources and treasures may it be forest or animals.
My favorite city link red tram. Who cares if its old? Its FREE anyway.

My favorite city link red tram. Who cares if it's old? It's FREE anyway.

There are also lots of things that surprised me while staying  in Melbourne

  • Mall closes at 6pm except on a Friday when it extends up to 9pm.  I wonder how some shop-a-holic Pinoys could endure living in this place with this.  Even restaurants closes at 6pm.
  • Sign warning that there might be kangaroo or wombat crossing in the next few kilometers.
  • Unbelievably slow internet connection… Jinmyung was so right in ranting about how bad their internet connection is considering its ‘broadband’ quality.
  • Airport is not so comparable with that of Hongkong and Singapore…its not so first world.

Boxing and Learning Korean on a Sunday

This is one happy Sunday for most of the Filipinos out there.  Now the best pound for pound boxer Manny Pacquiao winning in the WBC lightweight division is another achievement not just for the Philippines but for the entire Asia.  The first to have 4 titles in different weight division. Congratulations Manny  you made every Filipino proud of you — proud of their roots.

This day I also took chance of joining another language exchange site in my pursuit to be good in Korean.  I came across this website called there are lots of members who are on-line wanting to have someone to exchange language learning with.  The site features webtalk, it also allows messaging but on a limited basis.  It encourages its members to voice chat which I guess is too intimidating for someone who is beginning to learn a new language.

Who knows I  might be getting someone to practice Korean with.  Now I miss my old language exchange partner 진명. I got to know him through  I don’t know what happened to this guy but he suddenly went off, I visited his cyworld hompi and it seems he is a little depressed nowadays.  I missed exchanging mails with him in Korean and English. I wonder how is he now.

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