They Kiss Again (TKA)

They Kissed Again (TKA), sequel to the popular It Started with a Kiss Taiwanese drama did not fail to my expectations.  The drama wrapped up last April which was periodically uploaded in mySoju.  It was equally worth watching. Now it can be said that Joe Cheng (Zhishu) and Ariel Lin (Xiangqin) chemistry is a tandem to beat.   There is still an excitement regarding Zhishu and Xiangqin tandem despite being a couple already in the drama.  They are one of the best taiwanese screen couples i saw on TV.

They Kiss Again... sequel to It Started with a Kiss from the Japanese Manga 'Itazurana Kiss' by Kaoru Tada

They Kiss Again... sequel to It Started with a Kiss from the Japanese Manga 'Itazurana Kiss' by Kaoru Tada

A local channel in the Philippines is now airing TKA, the same time slot that ISWAK had before (right before Wowowee and ASAP). Unlike Meteor Garden 2 which i just watch because Jerry Yan was there, TKA story will get you glued on screen.  The plot and twist remained simple.  The drama is the life after marriage of Xiangqin and Zhishu; their struggles in their relationship as couple who are still finishing college.  

Story Highlights:

ISWAK ended with Zhishu giving in to Xiangqin’s wishes and just when you thought he has fully transformed his character from the cold-hearted heartrob wait till you see the first few episodes.  Zhishu who is naturally popular among girls caught the attention of a Japanese couple with the girl ending up infatuated over Zhishu.  It was quite hilarious, Ariel Lin trying to guard Zhishu from ‘girl-predator’.  Despite Ariel’s comical portrayal of Xiangqin, I really like how little romantic moments are injected in the drama.  Like when Xiangqin is lost looking for a pharmacy in Hawaii ( that is where they had their honeymoon), Zhishu went looking after her and when finally found her, I just thought that scene when he hugged Zhishu was so sweet. 

The story progressed with Xiangqin’s insecurities as Zhishu’s wife as topic or point of twist.  Despite Zhishu marrying her, she still sometimes doubts that he loves her because he is still the unusual husband who sometimes leave her or turn a cold face to her but surprisingly…it’s not just Xiangqin who gets to portray a jealous partner.  For the first time Zhishu’s confidence over getting that full hold of Xiangqin has been put to test when a suitor (who is brilliant unlike Ajin) came into picture –Qi Tai a guy who is seriously proposing happiness to Xiangqin who seemed to be troubled with Zhishu’s coldness.  This part of the story is just one of the many high points of this drama, brings back to old snob Zhishu.  One of the memorable scene was when Xiangqin is trying to reconcile with Zhishu who apprently is jealous of Qi Tai.  He has not been staying in their room (yes they share a room since they are couple anyway). She cried in front of Yushu’s room, helplessly telling Zhishu why he has been too cold to her and why he has married her.  I think Ariel was very good in this part transitioning from the stupid her to a serious insecure wife.  What adds punch to the scene is with the puzzled look from Joe Cheng asking her to just calm down.   His facial expression tells the viewers ‘i love you Xiangqin but i don’t know why I feel this way…’

just love Joe Cheng's hair this way...

just love Joe Cheng's hair this way...

Another highlight of the story is when Zhishu decided to render military service in a hospital from a far away island.  This is the portion of the story where most of the interesting kissing scene happened, at least on my opinion.  First is when Zhishu is about to leave,  i thought it was cute when he twisted Yushu’s head to kiss Xiangqin. 

one of the the most interesting kissing scenes in the drama

At this point of the story is when Xiangqin sneaked in to the island to see Zhishu, she has been of course exposed.  At the time when she has to go back he asked Zhishu a kiss (this is one of those cute kissing scenes as well) not knowing that the kid patient was watching over them.  It was so funny when the kid is in denial of Xiangqin being the wife of Zhishu.  I somehow find it cute and funny when they were like arguing.

There were also a lot of cute scenes of the couple together in the hospital but the hottest i suppose is the Hawaii honeymoon scene.  Zhishu was all over Xiangqin and they had a ‘bed-scene’ tastefully done. As a viewer this is when I realized that Zhishu loves Xiangqin — the story in most parts revolved with such insecurities from Xiangqin and even the final conflict deals with her insecurities as a person.

The Jang Family... (look how Yushu has grown)

The Jang Family... (look how Yushu has grown)

Side stories intoduced added flavor to the entire drama.  Ajin falling in love to a foreigner from a European country named Christine (funny how they pronounced the name similar to how Koreans would say the name Kurisutin — with sound of ‘u’ very abrupt).   Another side love story is that of the gown up Yushu (who is looking like another Zhishu in the making) and Hao mei (a younger version of Xiangqin except that she is a real beauty).

The story ended with Xiangqin fully realizing that Zhishu loves him more than she knows.  After learning she is pregnant, the biggest twist is that she learned that her night blindness could lead to full blindness.  This caused her much panic that she began to regret getting pregnant and run away from home.  This time Zhishu showed a strong desire to look for her and bring her back home (normally when Xiangqin runs away, she comes back without Zhishu doing much effort).  Towards the end Zhishu ended his character as a loving husband who will always be there for Xiangqin. 

Jang Family with Cutie (the dog)

Jang Family with Cutie (the dog)

It was also quite a happy induction with regard to Yushu showing how he truly cares for his siste-in-law.  He used to be a partner in crime in teasing Xiangqin but the story allowed him to evolve into a dear brother-in-law who in his own way wants to watch over his big sister.  He was a replicate of Zhishu’s character in milder mode.  It was very touching when he promised to keep Xiangqin in company at times she wants to go out and buy food (this is after learning that she can be fully blind in the future).

How’s TKA for Me?

As I mentioned, this sequel is equally interesting as the initial season.  The story has never been boring, in fact it was equally hilarious as the first.  Unlike Meteor Garden which had twist that did not unravel well, TKA was light, funny and romantic in almost every episode.   Thanks to Ariel Lin’s acting, Xiangqin’s character live to what is expected of her.   I just love the scene when she is almost like hallucinating when Zhishu is serving military duties.  She keeps on seeing Zhishu from Yushu… now I am having this idea that a smaller ISWAK will happen between Yushu and Hao mei.  I just doubt if their tandem could beat the Ariel-Joe chemistry.

Sweet Zhishu and Xiangqin in couple shirt

Sweet Zhishu and Xiangqin in couple shirt

I love happy ending story and this is one reason why I love ISWAK,  TKA ended not exactly as happy as ISWAK but fulfilling for Xiangqin’s character who seems to be secure at the moment of Zhishu’s love and affection.  I don’t know what other story plot can be cooked up after TKA but the ending gave me an impression of looking forward part 3. 

Unlike ISWAK, TKA boasts a lot of kissing scenes which will make you realize they kiss over and over again (hmmm sounds like a good title for the 3rd part if there will be).   Towards the end of the drama all the kissing scenes from the awkward but funny ISWAK kisses to the countless kissing they made in TKA were flashed.  I was like smiling recalling specific scenes to which those kisses belong to.

Room to the baby in part 3?

Room to the baby in part 3?

I think the introduction of 4 more friends to Xiangqin was neatly done.  It does not really conflict to the characters of the original Xiangqin BFFs (Chun Mei and Liu Nong).  They were like friends that brings little troubles and fun to the story.  Unlike the BFFs they were true to their comments about Xiangqin — they keep on bashing her but they do care.  The contrast was somehow cool.

Qi Tai, Xiangxin, Nina, Gan-gan, Ziyi

the new set of friends (fr. left: Qi Tai, Xiangqin, Nina, Gan-gan and Ziyi

If there is something missing in this drama, i guess its the good set of OST that ISWAK had.  It wasn’t really that bad but I just love the songs from ISWAK.   Ariel Lin sang the song that is being played at the end of each episode, it was nice but not really as catchy as any of the nice songs from ISWAK but nevertheless overall, TKA is a great sequel something that you will love to watch over and over just like the first one.


  1. anne Said:

    all i can say……..talgang may chemistry sila……OMG!!!!!!GWPOOO NI joe cheng……..!!!!!!!

    • charlene stacey c. asuncion Said:


  2. shamay Said:

    i love every part of it…i wish that they are real lover and live happily ever after..

  3. zhem Said:

    arjoe are so meant for each other…. i can’t w8 for their next project, the “LOVE or BREAD”. I’m so glad when i found out that ariel is replacing barbie for the lead role because of the schedule conflict… ariel is so meant for this role…
    about TKA… how i wish they would soon make the 3rd part of ISWAK… the TKA ending is a cliff hanger… fo sure they will make the 3rd part in the future… i want to know wat will happen to Xiang Qin & Zhi Shu after discovering Xiang Qin’s sickness & pregnancy… i’m soooo excited… i can’t wait…

  4. cariza Said:

    ,hi poh im cariza Lucas im your fun sana makita kta in personal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. janeybei Said:

    thanks for dropping by =)

  6. jing Said:

    ang sweet nila grabe sana my part 3 at sana mas sweet ung part 3 todo na nila

  7. Gaby Said:

    i love your summary .. well Done!!! …
    I just love ISWAK and TKA… i watch over and over… hehehehe
    and of course.. i’m praying for the 3rd part ….
    they need to use that baby’s room!! hehehe .. and we need to know what happened w/Ah jin & Christine…
    and Zhi Shu still has not give flowers to Qiang Xi… so there’s some stuffs they need to clarify…
    for our mental’s health!! hihihhihih

  8. jill Said:

    i have been hooked on TKA and ISWAK…never saw such good chemistry on screen as with ARJOE…it’s like they’re not acting!

    i love how it makes me feel when i watch it….i have a stupid grin pasted on my face the whole day…it’s something you’d like to watch over and over again and you’ll never get bored watching it…the excitement never dies down. i watched it three times already, both series..I never thought i’d love it this much..

    can’t imagine watching them with different acting partners..i won’t allow it!! LOL…

  9. rizza Said:

    i really love ariel lin and joe cheng.

    i am one of their greatest fan….

    keep up the good work..

    and make other people crazy with you

    i love each chapter of the story….

  10. rizza Said:


    your so cute joe cheng…

    i hope to seem you in person

    same to ariel lin


  11. MARYA Said:

    Im still on a high from watching They Kiss Again. I keep on thinking about Michael if there’s someone like him. haha! I dont want to be a nurse but if he’s my husband I think… hmm.. I’ll still chose not to be a nurse. I’ll nurse him at home na lang. haha!

  12. joann Said:

    im still no # 1 fan of joe cheng cos so handsome than other for me he is the most hansome in my world, but i hope ariel lin is his GIRL FRIEND FOREVER and they good to be a true couple coz they like a 2 birds with the tree at the nest and they kiss so long ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nakakakakakakakakaakakakakakilig ang bawat momentds nila

    a love him so much and so much more

  13. joann Said:

    im still no # 1 fan of joe cheng coz his so handsome than other for me he is the most hansome in my world, but i hope ariel lin is his GIRL FRIEND FOREVER and they good to be a true couple coz they like a 2 birds with the tree at the nest and they kiss so long ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nakakakakakakakakaakakakakakilig ang bawat momentds nila
    ive never feel this so long time now immmmmmm so very inlove with him

    sana po ibgay nyo 2 kay handsome joe cheng

    a love him so much and so much more

  14. joann Said:

    im still no # 1 fan of joe cheng coz his so handsome than other for me he is the most hansome in my world, but i hope ariel lin is his GIRL FRIEND FOREVER and they good to be a true couple coz they like a 2 birds with the tree at the nest and they kiss so long ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nakakakakakakakakaakakakakakilig ang bawat moments nila
    so long time ive never feel this na everyday i see his face 2 my mind and im smiling para daw akong baliw kasi im smiling naiisip ko kasi sya eh now immmmmmm so very inlove with him
    i always remember you everyday im going to taiwan 2 find you joe cheng and ariel lin your always in my heart
    sana po ibgay nyo 2 kay handsome joe cheng

    a love him so much and so much more

  15. joann Said:

    your always be my baby

  16. Leny Said:

    I Love Joe Cheng in my first time to look him at Is Started With a Kiss.
    He look so cute n cool.
    and i like all caracter in the film.
    so i love ISWAK and TKA.
    Just it……. Thanks

  17. Leny Said:

    Sorry… I’m from Indonesia. and my English not Good.
    T _ T

    LOve U Joe

  18. apher Said:

    ganda tlaga ng they kiss again sana tpsin hanggang last episode

  19. janice Said:

    ilove the story of iswak it so nakakakilig for both of them!! good chemistry because they have the qualities of true lover!!!
    i hope will the 3rd part will so different and i will wait for that!!!

  20. joan Said:

    huh!!joe cheng!!cnu bah un!!

  21. janine Said:

    hi pfo ang sweet nakakakilig

  22. janine Said:

    ang ganda pfo tlaga!sana may third episode pa pfo!

  23. melay Said:

    i love TKA..nkkaadik!..sobra!..

  24. noemi Said:

    sobrang nakakahook silang dalawa, mas maganda pa to s a meteor garden

  25. chi Said:

    super guwapo tlga ni joe cheng!! ang galing ng tandem nila ni ariel!! sana may part 3!!!! luv u joe cheng!! pwd apply na personal assistant wewewe

  26. kona Said:

    luv it lotz!!!! xo so romantic!!!!

  27. Vivien Said:

    i love u so much joe n ariel . .
    i’m from indonesia-medan . .
    i really fans with all of ur movie ..
    i really waiting 4 your 3 part(a perfect kiss)
    i already read half of the story in your fiction and
    i really love it very much . .
    so please have a 3 part faster , ok ??
    thank you . .

  28. heartsmeneko Said:

    I LOVED Jin and Christines side story I thought it was sooooo cute and romantic. And how Zhi shu and xiang qui helped them get together.

  29. naoko Said:

    I LOVE THEY KISS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. al-lin Said:

    you’re always in my heart. joe zheng and ariel lin

  31. Icynth Cal Said:

    pahingi ng cd nila pls part & 2

  32. Icynth Cal Said:

    pls give me a cd part 1 & 2…my adress 10165 san pablo st cabilang baybay carmona cavite

  33. maries Said:

    gnda tlaga ng its tarted with a kiss & (TKA) supper na ka2kilg,,,,i hope both of you will be together in the future,,,he,,,

  34. Len Said:

    Im in episode10 now but I’d like to know if Number 2 and Nina ended up together. Did they? Ü

    • janey_bei Said:

      No they did not =)

  35. mharicar Said:

    an swit aman nla

  36. alvin Said:

    i love started with a kiss rather than they kiss again……this story are sooooooooo cool because of innocent love especially when michael or joe cheng seems to care for jeanie im excited to see the last part im addict to their love team

  37. chita Said:

    hahaha… joe with ariel you are so sweet and the best couple…
    love you all..

  38. miqa raj Said:

    OH MY GOD!joe cheng and ariel lin make such a good couple.
    i hope the can be a real couple in reality.
    TKA’s bed scene was unforgettable! joe cheng seems to be enjoying it. i love both of you.

  39. jazmae Said:


    may i know if there’s a 3rd part??
    pls replay anyone!!!!!!!!!

  40. sheryl suminguit Said:

    hi…im sheryl from philippines…i am also a fan of ‘ they kiss again’…but i dont know what is the realy name of michael and jenny…..please reaply…

  41. vanessa Said:

    joe cheng and ariel lin look soooooooooo cute together, i love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. vanessa Said:

    joe cheng and ariel lin look soooooooooo cute together, i love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. lala' Said:

    hai…. im lala’ from Indonesia
    i like this romantic drama also…
    oh…. becoming crazy because of this movie……
    i can’t close my eyes after i saw that show…
    luv zhe su and Xiang qin a lot……muach

  44. lala' Said:

    they kiss again part 3……… pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………..
    can’t wait for that season…. hu…hu…hu….

  45. cesia Said:

    ggguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa para mi esta nobela fue lo maximo felicitaciones chicos dieron su mayor esfuerso yeso se reflejo en toda la producsion

  46. aravis Said:

    they’re on their taping on the last kiss, right?

  47. MICA Said:

    I love this drama…
    especially every time they kiss!!!
    i wish me and my future partner will be that sweet too..

    in part 3 of ISWAK
    xiang qin will die

    just kidding

  48. REGINA Said:

    TKA Yang ke 3 dah keluar belum,, dah gak sabar nonton yg ke 3,, pasti seru nih,,,,,, cepat dunk dikeluarkan CD nya,,kapan yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa keluarnya…..

  49. ren-ren Said:

    i realllllllyyyyyyy love this drama…..specaiillllyyyyy the leading man……so gwapohh…

  50. rean Said:

    hope their is part 3333333333 pleaaaaaaseeee……
    this drama is really great!!!it can really touch our hearts…

  51. RG Said:

    I first saw this in the year 2006 here in the philippines and im still just a nursingstudent that time. Iswak was my most favorite taiwanesse movie,. I never bore watching it again. I like the set of chracters because they are in good chemistry,, that it makes me so kilig to the max, when i saw joe cheng kissing ariel,..i just love how ariel act kinda immature and hallucinating most of the timw with joe,,.


  52. Chew Ally Said:

    I like it they kiss again……

  53. puteyna nyoooooooo

  54. anieren Said:

    sana palagi nato?kasi kung mamatay na ako dala-dala ko parin ang kanilang sweet moments jejejeje hindi ko talagang mapigilan ang they kiss again and started with a kiss bye i love you joe cheng and ariel lin?

  55. kristel Said:

    the story is really great!!!it’s all worth watching,from the manga to adaptations..esp.the taiwanese version,of course.Arjoe 4rever…even though i had watched it for several times i still crave to watch every episodes…hope’ there will be ISWAK 3…if so,my life is complete!!!!:))))

  56. glhendamharie Said:


  57. lyka26ish Said:

    wow i wish to that iswak & tka had a part 3!!!

  58. daniella alexis jallores Said:

    its very intersting drama…

    i luv it so much…

    i love they kiss again… 🙂

  59. Nard10311 Said:

    I’d like watching they kiss again (tka) Zhiu shu and Xiang qin 🙂 ❤

  60. Crush ko si Nina even If I’m a girl haha 🙂

  61. rose mia Said:

    part 3 plss

    nakaka miss na tlaga ano ba ang mang yayari mag kaka baby ba cla ??? sana may part 3 oh

  62. sheela Said:

    bagay sila grabe :)))) hahahaha knililig ako sknila

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