Taeyang…More of Taeyang

OMO Taeyang is really giving me a dose of his killer performance medicine.  I am loving every single performance of him.  I Need a Girl grew on me.  Even if it wasn’t my most favorite song in the album, I love watching him perform this song and for 2 straight weeks his Solar album has been playing on and on my car while driving.

You know when someone is good…love and recognition pours.  I Need a Girl has already took the place of the number 1 spot at MNET Countdown twice in row and now he also hit the same spot at KBS Music Bank.

I am so happy for Taeyang, the guy has really worked hard to come this far.  I am amazed that every performance is as interesting as the first one.  Since he started working on his solo activities he never failed to get my interest with his great performance.  I know he may not have that super great voice but he truly knows how to work on his craft. Overall his live performance and MVs always come out perfect.

I thought of buying his album in time for my December visit in Seoul but after knowing that I maybe left with just the regular packaged album, I grabbed the opportunity of buying the deluxe version over at KPOP Mall.

I can’t wait to get hold of this album, i hope it gets delivered next week.  Thanks to AA Chan blog site, I learned that there are so many nice freebies included in the deluxe packaging of the album.

Taeyang deserves a big congratulations for making this album…way to go — hit number one in Music Core and SBS Inkigayo.  태양씨 화이팅!

Credits on video goes to smalljewelry.

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