Wheesung Is Back and So is Taeyang

Although a little earlier than Taeyang, Wheesung is back in the Korean Music scene with his 6th full album Vocolate.  Another album worth every single won of its price.   The album features 주르륵 (Chureureuk – Trickling) as its carrier single.

It  was really good to see Wheesung comes back in his polished and stylish look.  I just love the drama of the orchestra in the later part of the performance.  Not my 1st favorite amongst the 12 songs but this song started to grew on me.

What makes this October even more special is the come back of another Korean artist that I like…Taeyang!  He is performing his digital single Where U At which will also form part of his 2nd album.

Youngbae exudes hotness and great performance as expected. Very polished dancing while singing. Love it!

Credits to urasianpop for the Wheesung video and CodeMonmonSeason3 for the Taeyang performance.


  1. Nia Said:

    I’m so loving that Taeyang is back!
    His performances are always excellent so HOT&SEXY!! 😛
    I swear i love this man!! 😀

    Pd: by the way love your blog!

  2. xtravaganza Said:

    i love wheesung..of cos big bang as well..

    dis blog is cool..keep it up

  3. ginjiyana Said:

    wheesung n taeyang both are fantastic and gud singers.only difference is taeyang can dance really well

    • janey_bei Said:

      wheesung dances well too he is infact a back up dancer for Korean R&B singer J before he became a singer. though i must admit i like how taeyang dances more than wheesung but on the other hand, i love wheesung’s voice more =)

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