Where is My Cheese?

Few days ago I was still in ‘high’ spirits reminiscing the good time that I had in Seoul of South Korea.  How time flies that the much awaited vacation has just concluded.  Admittedly this is one of the best things that happened to me this year, the other best is supposed to be near but its gone.

I just remember the book Who Moved My Cheese? It was about moving out of your comfort zone.   This post doesn’t have anything to do with that but I instantly made an analogy using it.

I heard the news of possibly going to the US on October for a conference  early this year.  This brought excitement for me this year and I was actually anticipating for it rather inspired by it.  I thought I was so lucky to be able to travel again to South Korea and 1st time in the US in the same year.   Few days before leaving for Seoul I had a feeling that the US travel is too good to be true. And my intuition served me right.

Yesterday I was informed that there is no slot for our team for the US tour.   The slots were all allocated to someone else’s team.   I thought geez those guys took my cheese…but later on I realized my cheese was not stolen.  In fact I don’t have a cheese to begin with.  When I was informed about it the cheese is out there in the open.  It will come and will definitely be given.   Now it came but unfortunately not for me to have but for someone else *sigh*

I was actually anticipating for a the good thing that the cheese may bring.  I am for once  almost sure I will have a portion of the cheese.   I have nothing to blame except my self for believing the cheese will actually be handed over to me.


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