It Has Been Ages…

This is exactly how I felt writing this entry.  I almost forgot this blog =(  I was riding in a roller coaster for the past months embracing the changes in my daily routine as a result of putting up my small shop — my Vanilla Print.

August was pretty hectic for me.  I got to travel first time with my mom out of the country.  It was few of our bonding experiences.   I am sure my mom enjoyed every single day we spent in Hong Kong.  She was too energetic to walk like an energizer bunny and never complained.

I also started watching a comedy drama, Ms No Good.  It’s a Taiwanese drama starred by Rainie Yang. It’s like watching comics or manga.  I hope i will have time to write a review about it.  I kept on laughing on some scenes including the NGs.

I may be lucky to visit Seoul again this month.  I am so keeping my fingers crossed.   I just love traveling.   It’s September and the weather is good for traveling in most countries.   Another this is, September is when Christmas starts here in the Philippines… i hope it would still be the same despite the economic crises we just experienced.  For all you know Christmas will be just around the corner.  Busy streets and shopping malls — i hope people will have money to spend this Christmas.

How time flies few months from now it will be 2010.  I wish i could stop my age from incrementing…


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