Sunshine Green Peas

There are certain things that will surely remind you of your childhood.  I love reminiscing about my favorite snacks when I was kid.  This becomes an enjoyable topic during lunch and coffee breaks in the office.  Your favorite childhood snack tells what type of childhood you had =P

I will certainly not forget about ‘Wonder Boy’ and ‘Sunshine Green Peas’.  These are my favorite snacks but it seems this is no longer available in the market.   Just this evening as we were doing some rush grocery shopping, I happen to see this long lost favorite.

Sunshine GreenPeas

Nothing beats the right taste of this snack for the masa (mass).  It’s got the right mix of saltiness and spice, you will end up munching the tiny pack in seconds.   I remember buying it from ‘Cha Puring’ store for only 25 centavos then and right before it was ‘gone’  it costs 1 peso per pack.   It went out from distribution for quite a while and I am glad it’s back so I bought 6 packs with 20 pieces each pack, costs 34.50 pesos now.  It’s been like 7 years? And it cost just 34.50 per pack so maybe it still sells at 1 peso from retail stores.

Buying this little treat brings back happy childhood snacking days.  I hope so see Wonder Boy back… meantime i will keep on munching on my Sunshine =P



  1. ifoundme Said:

    I love sunshine green peas too! I remember how my tooth would ache due to eating too much of this. Now that makes me want to go to the supermarket and buy a pack for myself too!

  2. luaster Said:

    Where can you get Sunshine green peas?

    • janey_bei Said:

      there are stocks on supermarket these days (puregold)

      • george Said:

        meron din po sa SUPER8 supermarket 🙂 favorite ko din sunshine e. 😀

  3. luaster Said:

    Sunshine Green Peas is now on Facebook. Become a fan and receive updates and future promotions.

  4. TENG Said:

    Just reminded me Wonder Boy need to look for in Divisoria. 🙂

    • janey_bei Said:

      let me know if you found one i miss wonder boy.

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