2NE1 is on Fire

After the hit CF single Lollipop by the YG girl group 2NE1,  they are finally going out with their first mini-album with carrier single Fire.  They created two versions of official MV the street version which looks like truly a girl Big Bang:

and the space version which is a bit sexier than the first which reminds me of the DISCO MV set up of Uhm Jung-ah, their nuna in YG:

I am not a fan of girl bands in Korea because they are exaggerated in their cuteness to some extent but 2NE1 makes a difference.   They do look crazy like Big Bang but at least they don’t have the crap songs like the other girl groups out there.

They resemble their Big Bang counterpart except that they are just 4.  CL their leader looks more of Taeyang to me than GD though her fashion sense seems to take on GD.  Sandara Park looks like Top minus the deep voice of the rapper.  Minji to me looks like GD but she is more associated with Seungri since she is the dongsaeng (youngest) of the group.   Bom I guess is Taeyang as well with the voice and sexiness. 

They will soon perform live at the SBS Inkigayo on May 17.  Got to watch out for that. 

Credits to wondersmurf for the video posts at You Tube.

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