X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I recently got the once in a year chance of watching a movie on big screen.  I hope this isn’t the last but yearly I only get to watch movies on big screen during our company’s Time Out program for birthday celebrants.

Fortunately just like last year, our eyes feasted on another good comics derived movie.  It was Iron Man previously and for this year it’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


Hugh Jackman stars as Logan or Wolverine in the movie just like its two predecessor X-Men Movies.  I couldn’t imagine another Wolverine actor other than him.  He suits the role well.  I can almost imagine the voice being the same as that of the animated version.   It’s been a long time since I have watched the animated series.  I know Logan has been searching for his past but never knew the details until this movie. 

I don’t know if I just could no longer remember it but what is more fresh to my mind is the love triangle between him and Cyclops with Jean Grey.   Surprisingly, Summer (or Scott) seems to be too younger than Wolverine in this movie.   The age gap was so evident compared to previous movies.


Another revelation to me is that Wolverine and Victor are actually brothers.  I am guessing that Victor is the Sabretooth.  Since this is origins, I suppose he has not transformed to that hairy creature with long strong claws.  Striker is suppose to put in adamantium to his body but did not happen in the movie yet. Perhaps Striker will do something different to him given how Sabretooth looks.


Another pleasing to the eyes is the Hollywood break of Korean actor Daniel Henney as Agent Zero, son to Striker.  He is a sharp shooter but ended up dead with Wolverine’s adamantiums.  He was ruthless there killing the old man and woman who cradled Wolverine after the adamantium implant.  I must say Daniel Henney performed the not so big yet not so small role well. He doesn’t have a trace of being a Korean in the movie. Well he looks very American anyway when he is starring in Korean Movies or Dramas.

The plot of the movie revolves around Wolverine running away from the sad thruth of being a mutant.  In the course of trying to forget his real identity, he went to Canadian country and lived with a woman whom he discovered to be part of Striker’s plot to keep an eye on him.   Kayla Silverfox actually fell in love with Logan after agreeing with Striker to live with him.  She entered this agreement to save her mutant younger sister.  Yes, this movie has 1/3 of love story with it =D  not bad though in my opinion.

Overall, just like Iron Man, I enjoyed watching this movie mainly because I like animation, comic or manga derived stories.    It doesn’t have much of the bloody violence so you can tolerate watching the fight scenes.    Hugh Jackman still got some hotness in him and that is a plus factor not to mention some butt exposure he he he.

It was a good choice to feature Wolverine as the first mutant in this origins track back.   He has the most interesting twist in his character so I wonder who would be featured next in X-Men Origins…

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