Another Year…

It’s another year what used to be 32 is now 33. How time flies,  20 years ago, I was more than eager to be 18 to be able to vote.  I always thought being able to vote is a measure of one’s amturity.  I was in a hurry to age then, but now,  I am slowly having that fear.  It doesn’t mean I hate old people but I have this fear of not being able to do what I want to when I age so for this year it’s really part of my wishes:

  1. I wish to discover as much as I can the things that I want to do while I am still a bit younger.  Just like when I thought of learning  Hangul, it was  something i was thinking could have been easier when I did when I was still in college.
  2. I have made a big risk of investing our money with a new baby (My Vanilla Print)  I hope it goes well and returns back with fruits.
  3. I wish to travel more with my family overseas.  So far I have lined up going back to Hong Kong and visiting Macau for the first time.  I really hope to travel more =)

2009 started out good with me i hope it ends the same way.  I am trying to enjoy each day.   Thank you God for another year in my life.  You have been blessing me despite my shortcomings to you so I strive to be a good person all the time.

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