Wheesung is Back… Was a Bit Soon.

Unexpectedly, my favorite Korean artist Wheesung did a comeback with a new single entitled Insomnia, a song orginally performed by Craig David..  This song is keeping my ears glued on my iPOD. 


It was so soon for Wheesung to comeback but it was one of those pleasant surprises.   He just launched his mini album last October and finished when 2008 ended.  A little over a month he is back with a blast.   I love that he is back with his polished style and the hair is just so nice.   I suddenly think that Wheesung is going after that Idol image after seeing his MV.

Wheesung gave this song a new lyrics and a little twist vocally and music wise.  It was totally refreshing to see him this way.  I must say i am now certified addicted to this new song of him.


  1. Dave Pandey Said:

    YOOO where do i download thisssss

  2. janey_bei Said:

    you can convert you tube file to mp3.. via catchyoutube.com

  3. Me Said:

    Insomnia is the best song i have EVER heard.. His version is so much better.. !
    Gosh.. i REALLY want to marry him 🙂

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