Charice Pempengco

I was too busy updating this personal blog lately as I am trying to keep my Daily Dose of Hangul site updated everyday.  I couldn’t help but share my thoughts on the popularity of  Charice these days. 

I was teary eyed watching her awahile ago in a local entertainment show.  I just could feel how sincere she was in saying she is glad that people is now recognizing her talent because for quite a long time she has been trying to catch their attention.

I first saw Charice when she joined the Little Big Star.  It was amazing how a little girl could belt like a full grown lady when she sings.  Honestly, I did not find her really attractive or cute but I know that her talent is priceless.  I was so impressed with her singing that she has been my bet to be the champion on this contest.  Unfortunately, the show is actually looking not just the singing abilities  but the overall ‘star’ potentials of the contestant which she lost against rival Sam Concepcion.   The votes of the televiewers via SMS also pulled her down.

Being a victim of the Korean Hallyu, I am so addicted watching Korean Shows on-line that i was surprised to see Charice performs in a Korean Show called Star King.  I just couldn’t believe how she was so warmly accepted by the Korean viewers.  I guess she has purely gained their respect because of her talent because I know how they can be so discriminating  in relation to looks even to their fellow Koreans.    Moreso, she performed a duet with a member of the very popular boy group in Korea called Super Junior.  She sang a Whole New World along with Kyu Hyun.

The guesting in that Korean show sparked the now flourishing career of Charice.  Videos from You Tube were posted and awesome comments are everywhere.  The rest of the events followed her guesting at Oprah and Ellen De Generes Show which launched her into an International Star. 

At this point in time, I am so happy for this little girl whom I betted should have been recognized as the best in the defunct show Little Big Star.   I know it’s unfair to say Sam is not deserving for the award but I think Charice just got that natural talent.  She had few exposures  from the TV station afterwhich, only starred with fellow runner ups in the Lucky Me commercial.

I am a bit disappointed but somehow happy that ABS CBN is at least doing some ‘make-up’ with the exposure that they are giving her right now (not until she became an instant star).   I am disaapointed because it took others to have the talent recognized before she is even given the attention she deserves.  Reminds mo of that bible passage about prophets who are unpopular on their own town… just so like her.   

Maybe its a wake up call not just for the people in the entertainment business but likewise for the Filipino viewers.  It’s a shame that she only started to fill-in  nice spots on shows when she got all these US exposures. 

But what is more important is I also realized how I can be so proud of my Fellow Filipino,  making it big outside th Philippines.  I have always been proud of Filipinos who are being known worldwide for their great talents and skills.  When some Korean stars (who are in the same league as those of my favorite Korean artists) are taking years to be recognized by a substantial fraction of the American Market, Charice moved in leaps ahead of them.  

Charice I may not be a crazy or die hard fan of yours, but at this point in time — you just made me feel TOO PROUD that I am a Filipino.  I earnestly wish you make it big in the US.  Show them that big surprises come in little packaging.   Please continue to be good in what you are doing.. little prayers from people like me will keep you there on top.  Goodluck.

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