5 Days Before Christmas

It’s been a long while since I last posted.  Days are a bit tight as the day draws nearer to Christmas.  Despite the gloomy economic outlook these days, December still proves to be the happiest month of the year for the Filipinos.

It may not be as exaggerated as it was before when malling is like a full-packed like sardines with people busy shopping still, there still a lot of people shopping but it wasn’t as many as it was before.   What is a big hit this season are the Tiangge and of course the ever famous Divisoria.   Money is hard these days so people are spending wisely.

Rumors say there are a lot of companies that are not holding Christmas Party and yet in my company alone we had 4 already not to mention the private Christmas parties that i attended and will be attending next week.  People still find time to gather and exchange gifts as they are used to.

I just noticed there are lesser lights than the previous years.  Well aside from the Christmas decor being bit expensive,  Christmas lights are additional power consumption therefore translates to bigger electric bill.

It’s 5 days before Christmas… things may have changed yet a lot of people take time to give at this time of the  year.  Gifts may be more practical or lesser yet dear friends and people you have established relationship with remember you — i hope it stays that way.


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