Back to HK after 4 Years

I never thought it has been 4 years since I last stepped on Hong Kong.  After checking my passport for VISA i was surprised to see that it was October of 2004 when I last departed from Hong Kong.  It was the first MVNO project of the company and I had a big bump then. 

I was at first disoriented but the unique chinese scent of Causeway helped me bring back the good old memories of Hong Kong.  This is my first travel out of the country with 여보 and it was a great experience.  We did not stay on a hotel but experienced guesthouse accomodation.  It wasn’t bad in fact for a place to sleep it’s okay.  The room is small but its conducive for resting anyway. 

Busy street of'll never notice it's 12 midnight walking around.

Busy street of will never notice it's 12mn walking around

I just love how busy the Hong Kong streets are.  The city shines so bright at night specially in Causeway that you will be disillusioned that it is day time.  Everywhere you go there is a shop to look into.  Hong Kong is still a shopping haven in Asia.   Got the chance to see Symphony of Lights near the harbour just when our feet is so sored and tired walking all over Tsim Sha Tsui.  I never thought it could be so cold in Hong Kong so there is ‘winter’ indeed.  It was unusually cold (not as cold as Melbourne) but definitely layering of clothes won’t work — jacket is a must.

Symphony of Lights -- simply amazing...

Symphony of Lights -- simply amazing...

Hong Kong being a fashion capital in Asia, I am no longer surprised how they sell in exaggeration winter clothes and accessories.  It’s as if the mercury will go negative, nevertheless it’s fun to dress up like that.  The only thing that I hate is… i will quickly develop my carabao English if I will be staying any longer.  It was even random that one side walk vendor declared her store closed when we asked her in English how much the cigarette is… funny!



  1. nelsonyong Said:

    Just went back to Hong Kong, first time back since 2007. Loved the shopping!

  2. nelsonyong Said:

    By the way, I will be writing articles on Hong Kong food at . Check em out!

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