Met Big Bang Last Night

It was a pleasant surprise to meet every member of  Big Bang last night.  For once I was able to hug Taeyang and feel those muscles *giggling*.  I never thought of meeting them face to face.  I was so surprised to see Daesung followed by Seungri, Taeyang GD and Top.  Daesung was so friendly and even shook my hands. Despite having all of them present at that point in time, I still had the courage to say that it’s really Taeyang that I like the most.  Noona was just too happy to recieve a warm hug from Taeyang.

Big Bang hit it big last MNET Music Awards

Big Bang hit it big last MNET Music Awards

I had to go inside for a while and when I went back, GD and Taeyang were no longer there. I wish to talk to Taeyang still but all these things just happened in my dream. Holy Moly! I must be thingking of Big Bang that much that my subconscious mind thinks of them.  That’s what you get when you listen to their song over and over again 😛



  1. yennie Said:

    omg you met bigbang? how did you do it? omgomgomg!! take me with you the next time you plan on seeing them!!! T.T

  2. supervip Said:

    i’m so…jealous
    was watching the show using GOM Player and it was f**king laggy
    dae shook your hand?~~~omg~~~

  3. maud Said:

    omg unni hehe you are so lucky!!! i love big bang!! one day i hope to go to korea and meet them! ahhh

    your hangul a day blog is awesome. i’m a fan.

  4. Kpopislove Said:

    Omo! I thought it was real!! Keke. I was wondering why you haven’t mentioned the place where you met them. Keke, good one!

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