Wheesung Bashing

I am way too excited of Wheesung’s comeback end of this month.  After a year, he is releasing his 6th album from Orange Shock.  I am looking forward to this album, well I am actually looking forward all his forthcoming album. 

Recently, his official website has only this picture:

Initial photo teaser posted on his official website

Initial photo teaser posted on his official website

He earned too many mean comments because of this pic.  One entertainment website even compared him to Tina Turner and the rest have one common coment,  he looks gay in this picture.  I could forgive the stylist for putting that hat on but the photographer should have not taken a shot in that angle making that top (used for layering) looking like a haltered blouse.  Good thing the skin is so flawless… Why can’t people respect his looks? The style may not be the best or even good for some but it wasn’t that bad either. Then this picture replaced the first one:

2nd Picture Teaser

2nd Picture Teaser

And the netizen continued to be so cursing with their comments about Wheesung like comparing him to JYP (damn i wouldn’t post his face here) and even with Rain and Jim Jong Gook.  All these comments are so disgusting.  Everything about his voice and music has been completely forgotten.  All that matters to these people are the image, looks and style.  To hell with such comments. I would always be more happy to wait for his comeback than to stare and listen to JYP, Rain or Kim Jong Gook.  Blah!



  1. Nabi Said:

    I agree!! He is an amazing singer, no matter how he looks~
    and right, the picture isn’t that bad.. it’s just really different from what we have seen of wheesung. And the more I see that picture, the better it gets. XD hehe~


  2. Moe! Said:

    Wheesung is such an amazing artist. He has a great voice and his style is impeccable. I personally think its petty when someone judges a person by what they wore once before. Wheesung is just talented, and lets leave it at that.

    BTW – His music is amazing! Feels like INSOMNIA ah~

  3. Me Said:

    The fist picture is abit … I must admit.. !
    When i first saw it i thought he was dressed as a woman.. But the second one is Hot… Hes Hot !
    I dont care what peopl say.. I think he is VERY good looking and i thing him Voice is Incredible.. FU to all the Haters 🙂
    I love Wheesung and always will 🙂

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