Birthday Letter for Mikovmari

Dear Miko,

I am happy that you are celebrating your 4th birthday as a healthy boy.  I remember seeing you for the first time.  It was probably the longest day of my life.  My heart was both broken and happy to see you.  You were a bouncing baby boy with cleft palate.  I cried a lot because I was worried that people may look down on you as a baby… I fear that you will be sickly because of you were prone to respiratory infections.  I thought God was punishing me and Papa but we were wrong, you brought ten-folds of happiness and fortune to us.  You brought the family closer and made me appreciate even the simplest thing around me. 

Just now looking at you… you have grown to become a happy little boy who loves to sing and play.  You always smell nice like a new born baby to me.  And who will not love a kid who always say mama is pretty and that you miss me even if you see me everyday.  I am excited to watch you grow each day with love.

Mikoso mama is so proud of you!  Each day spent with you is craved in my heart as a beautiful memory.  Don’t get tired of saying you miss mama or mama is pretty.  You will always let me remember how to humble myself and be happy with the little things that I have on my palm.  Whenever I see you, my heart is filled with hope.  I love you Miko! God will always watch you because he loves you just like mama and papa. 

Always by Your Side,



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