On-line Appointment Saves DFA

After successfully logging my yobo’s appointment for passport renewal via internet, I was just so happy that they came up with such brilliant idea.  Not having to queue outside that office with heavy people traffic gives much needed convenience to tax payers like me.  I should have been very happy with this development because its the only saving grace that DFA has.

My last visit to DFA was like 2001 when i first applied for a passport and the place did not change – only more people, fixers and unneccessary people (let me call them AP short for annoying people) pulling you to their stalls for application form or picture.  Such a mess still.  These APs are even scarier than the actual guards of DFA.  They have Harry Potter like wand as if checking your bags and giving false instruction to queue on their photo area.

I was able to go inside along with yobo but going outside seems to be a wrong decision because when i tried to enter again… there goes the uneccessary talks with these powerful guards.  My yobo did not have the wallet with him and I was just concerned on giving him the money. The guard told me that yobo should go out… how stupid!  After queueing for life there (because in an appointment there are like more than 10 people having the same schedule) how can it be cool to say that the applicant should go out… and miss the queue?!

I have no energy to waste talking nonsense to this power tripping guards who seems to guard DFA like hell… oh well who would want to be inside swampped with so many non-applicant (whom they say are not allowed by the way) and stand right behind the gates with all the heat of the sun touching your skin.  So I went out pissed off. Good thing yobo has money with him.

Just when I thought DFA has improved with such online service it did not change at all.  It’s the same government office that you would hate to walk in because the strictness it projects doesn’t match the service and facilities inside the office.  Why can’t they wipe out these APs outside whom I am pretty sure has victimized a lot of people already.  They act as if they are part of the DFA office.  I really wouldn’t mind the strictness when there is politeness and quality services to look forward to.  But it just disgusts me when guards acting like they are the DFA officials stand on your way not being reasonable enough and answering back like they are so mighty. Shut the fuck up you can only guard the gates and act like an asshole.   The tandem between these APs and DFA guards is really something… something that can easily TURN YOU OFF–so i then forgot how cool the online appointment is.



  1. ladydette Said:

    Hello. My passport has been expired for years now and I plan to renew it this week. Since I got my scheduled appointment on Dec 4, 2008, I am worried now that I might experience the same thing you had.
    Its 1998., the last time I was at DFA. So it must be really more annoying now with those guards.
    I just hope this online appointment system will work for me without those annoying cue or should I wait again like usual.

  2. Neil Said:

    How can i change my appointment scheduled.. I want to rescheduled on Saturday supposedly now. This is my transaction number. 08dp3-03 and here’s my riends schedule 08dp3-04. please give me a feedback on this and give me my appointment time on saturday dec.13,2008. thanks and more power

    • janey_bei Said:

      You can log in a new request to get a new schedule or reply to the administrator. I did that for my husband they replied back because we missed the schedule. Apparently the first schedule sent to us was spammed by yahoo so he missed it. btw you cannot schedule on a saturday their work schedule is mon to fri only.

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