Korean Class @ UP

Finally!  I got the go signal from 여보 to enroll in a Korean Language Class.  I have enrolled in an extramural class at the University of the Philippines.  I have so many reasons to be excited.  First, I am finally getting actual Korean classes from one of the most reputable schools in the Philippines.  Second is I will be back on school.  Even if its just once in a week…being back to school is something to look forward to.  Third is I am starting to realize this long dream to be good at this language.  This is like fulfilling one of my wishes last April.   I did not get 여보의 go signal the first time I asked so I am so happy to finally get it.

I am looking forward to the first class even if it means going back to basics like learning the characters and correct pronunciation.  I wanted to verify in the first place if I am understanding the lessons from  my Elementary Korean book the right way.

October 4 is the date to remember.  UP please welcome me! 너무 행복해요!

제인 파이팅!


  1. aiko Said:

    hi! ^^ your from what country?
    i’m here in the Philippines..

    how many months is the Korean study thingy in UP?

    and how much is the tuition.. ♥

    just mail me or something..

    thanks! ^^

  2. John Mark-imnida Said:

    yeoboseyo. im john mark, im 16 years old. i dont really know about the Up systems and i dont really know philippines thta much. ive been living here in kuwait for 13 years. i have a question, did you just enroll for korean classes in UP? is that your school? me, ive taken the UPCAT there and i failed:-(.. but its okay.. i just wnted to know if i could study there too about hangul. im inspired by you while reading your blog and im Sooooooooo jealous.. i love korean.. the korean words your writing, i could read it but some of it i cant understand it.. i know how to read it except that im just confused in the korean vowels wa, we, wi, wu and ui. like the word shiro, i thought that youll put ch, i, r, (silent), and o. but when i had watched youtube, it spelled s, i, r, (silent), (silent), then o. it really confused me..

    i just want to know if you know korean classes in katipunan? im a filipino.. or can also study in UP and study korean there? im a filipino.

    last question, how much is the fee you must pay for it??

  3. John Mark-imnida Said:

    ahihi.. ate, just ignore my grammar.. i oftenly forgot words that i should have typed.. email me at jmark00meipia@aol.com

  4. janey_bei Said:

    안녕 존막!
    Hi John Mark!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. yes i only took Korean language class there at UP its every saturdy. I’ll send you the details of the enrollment.

  5. paolo Said:

    i would just to ask if who to look there at UP to enroll at korean classes? and when does enrollments starts?? is there age requirement?? pls answer back .. thank you ^^

    • janey_bei Said:

      hi you can go to the department of linguistics at the Palma Hall. you can visit their website from the University of the Philippines website. They have an email address there, they respond to email inquiry. I am no longer sure when is the next enrollment last enrollment was january. there is no age requirement i guess ( or at least you should be in college). You can ask them =) goodluck

  6. Frankie Tang Said:

    Dear Ms janey_bei ,

    Thank you very much indeed for your Korean Web http://hanguladay.com which is very very very useful for beginers to learn Korean.

    However, this morning when I log in your web site again, it was automatically switched to another web site (web address called http://hanguladay.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi?author=1 )

    Is there anyway that I can gain access to your web again to continue my learning Korean?

    Please help.


    Frankie Tang in Hong Kong

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