Intro to Bull Fighting and Christmas Drama

It’s September despite the financial struggles of most Filipinos as a result of economic performance… this month will always mark the start of the Christmas season in the Philippines called the -ber months.  We are not one of the happiest countries for nothing.  Funny how some people measures the warmth and happiness of celebrating Christmas if they have a boyfriend or girlfriend beside them. 

I am back doing marathon viewing of dramas.  I am still happy recalling some scenes of They Kiss Again (TKA).  While waiting for another Korean or Taiwanese drama to watch, I have been feeding my cravings for Asian dramas with Japanese ones which are relatively shorter compared to Korean and Taiwanese dramas.  I recently bought another Mike He drama entitled Bull Fighting.  The same main guy on the hit dramas Love Contract, Devil Beside You and Why, Why, Love to name a few.

Bull Fighting...another flick which may fall on my drama roll

Bull Fighting...another flick which may fall on my drama roll

Unfortunately, the DVD i bought, lacks few of the last episodes grrrrr.  Although I know what the ending would be, watching it was like eating rice cakes without water.  Bull Fighting is how street basketball is referred to in Taiwan, the drama revolved around this as main point.   The usual ingredients to a ‘manga-type’ of drama is here… rich people, power, good looks, fashion and romance.  Just like in the drama Devil Beside You, Mike He plays the role of a rich son of a contruction mogul in Taiwan who becomes the love interest of Hebe (member of famous Taiwan group SHE).  From Shen Rou He (Mike He) and Yi Sheng Xuo (Hebe) struggling to co-exist peacefully the story twisted to falling in-love but cannot be together case. The best ingredient to this?  Credits to the ‘arrange marriage’ culture of Chinese which as always is an effective spice to a love story about to heat up.

Mike He joining the rosters of hot Taiwanese idols like Joe Cheng and Wu Zun

Mike He joining the rosters of hot Taiwanese idols like Joe Cheng and Wu Zun

Honestly, I like this drama more than Devil Beside You… there is something missing Deveil Beside You although it was one of the few dramas that I like to watch.  Well, Bull Fighting neither beat my favorite Ariel Lin & Joe Cheng team up nor exceeded TKA standards, but I find the story addicting or  Mike He addicting? I think Mike is versitile enough to be paired to any other leading lady so unlike Joe Cheng whom I can only always imagine being paried with Ariel Lin.  I watched this drama because I heard good reviews about it and secondly as I mentioned of my addiction, I like watching Mike He. 

The story while being ‘manga-type’ (therefore not even an inch closer to reality) keeps you glued with its simple conflicts.  The love story angle was cheesy but it worked, I think Hebe was not in any manner awkward being girlfriend to Mike He.  I just realized that I am interested watching guys whose role involves extreme talents in fighting, snob attitude but kind hearted inside (reminds me of mentos candy) and interesting fashion style. 

Now I really wanted to finish the this drama, i just could help to leave an unfinished business 😛



  1. Yim Nie Said:

    Dun u suppose to say Lee Wei is good too.
    HE looks good here.
    His act is good.
    The poorest one should be Hebe.
    After all, this drama get credit.

    I love this drama, not because of Mike He. But because of Lee Wei.
    Maybe he isn’t so famous at all.
    Mike He is famous because of his good looking, but act.
    His act is average.

    That is my view, thanks..!!
    i love Lee Wei. u can try to watch his old movie such as “the kid from heaven”. This movie so real awesome. U can watch it from Youtube first, then get the dvds.

    Yim Nie

  2. janeybei Said:

    i think he is good… i actually like him in Devil Beside You =)
    It just so happen i love those bad boy characters. Thanks for that suggested movie, i’ll check it our 😉

  3. oip Said:

    my name is oip…
    i love u 4ever….
    Devil beside you…..!!!!!!!!

  4. telly Said:

    i like mike
    i like hebe
    but i dont like they are colaboration in BF. i dont feel the chemistry between them..
    better mike with rainie

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