Big Bang is on Top (Again!) and Wears Marc Jacobs

It’s been 3 weeks since Big Bang released their 3rd mini album entitled Stand-up  The boys shed off their cute pop image in their MVs in exchange with a more mature one and edgy style.  Honestly, I didn’t feel like listening to the songs over and over compared to their previous song but when I saw them perform in their comeback… i just have to give credits to these guys who worked hard to give their fans a something fresh.

하루 하루 (Haru Haru or Day by Day) is their carrier single. The beat is not something new and their style of singing is very Big Bang but what got my attention is the live performance of Stand-up.  I love the beat and tempo, very catchy for an intro song.  I am glad they have this as opening piece when they performed.  After watching their live performances, I begin to get used to 하루 하루  it wasn’t bad but it’s not really far from their previous songs.  I heard they are number 1 now for 2 consecutive weeks from the time they launched their album.  빅뱅 축하해요!

Big Bang in Marc Jacobs (from left Top, Taeyang and GD)

Big Bang in Marc Jacobs (from left Top, Taeyang and GD)

With their more of a ‘rock image’ I am still surprised how they can always pull neat looks and style, just like when they participated in Marc Jacobs new collection show.  Three of the ‘Big’ guys from Big Bang came in style.  Taeyang definitely looks cool with that outfit.



  1. yb Said:

    YB’s so fuckable.

  2. vip Said:

    oh! I very love u “BIGBANG”

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